10 Fun Mason Jar Christmas Craft Ideas

10 Fun Mason Jar Christmas Craft Ideas

There’s some extra special about getting homemade gifts at the holidays, am I right? They are both fun to make & give as gifts and to receive. With the recent trend in mason jar crafts, I rounded up some pretty cool things to make and gift to your loved ones – or use for yourself. Check them out:

1. Winter Luminaries Snowy Pinecone Candle

Winter Luminaries Snowy Pinecone Candle


2. Elf Mason Jar Gift for Christmas

Elf Mason Jar Gift for Christmas


3. Frosted Noel Mason Jars

Frosted Noel Mason Jars


4. Mason Jar Lid Gift Tags

Mason Jar Lid Gift Tags

Mason Jar Lid Gift Tags

5. Mason Jar Gift Containers

Mason Jar Gift Containers

Mason Jar Gift Containers

6. Coconut Almond Granola Gift in a Jar

Coconut Almond Granola Gift in a Jar


7. 5 Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

5 Mason Jar Lid Ornaments


8. Glittery Santa’s Belly Jar

Glittery Santa Jar

Glittery Santa’s Belly Jar

9. Mason Jar Snowman

Mason Jar Snowman

Mason Jar Snowman – Monthly DIY Challenge

10. Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread House Kit

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Saidah

    I love crafts that are easy to make and these fit the bill. I love the Pine Cone candle holder.

  2. Jennifer Mercurio (@DoubleDutyMommy)

    Holy crap people have a ton of time. I wish I could be this crafty and cool. haha. I love the NOEL and Santa one

  3. Jaime Nicole

    I know! I wish I had more time to do all of these! I agree with you that the Santa one is great. We will see how it goes!

  4. joannavictoria

    Great post I love seeing loads of different activities to do each Christmas they will come in handy for when Blake is older. I really love the glitter Santa idea.

  5. Jaime Nicole

    These are so great! I have a case of Mason jars in the pantry and now I know exactly what to do to convert them into pure holiday awesomeness!

  6. Jessica Beal Harlow

    I love the idea of a Gingerbread House Kit in a mason jar! It would be tons of fun to hand these out to my nieces and nephews and have a “building” party! I love how all the ingredients are right in the jar!

  7. Jaime

    I love the glittery Santa idea! These would be fun for teacher gifts. My son has 3 teachers now in his preschool. I need to get busy!

  8. Fashionable Librarian

    I am so not a craft person…LOL…this is some great stuff right here….

  9. Liz Mays

    But most of these are super easy. Just think how impressive you’d look!

  10. mysocalledchaos

    Those are all adorable! You found some really cute ones!

  11. tara pittman

    I love the ones with cookie mixes in them. Great ideas for gifts.

  12. Crystal

    I would love to receive one. Holiday baking is my favorite thing during this time of year.

  13. Jennifer

    These are all so cute. I really love the glitter Santa Clause jar.

  14. amotherworld

    I have a ton of mason jars – these are all great craft ideas!

  15. Julie @ Running in a Skirt

    So freakin’ adorable! I’m feeling a crafty day in my future!!!

  16. Tonya

    I am seriously obsessed with mason jars right now. I have three on my table that I’m painting and after reading this post I think I need to make some of the Pinecone candle jars to line my steps for my next gathering. Great ideas!

  17. alissa

    I love mason jars. A few years ago I made a fake snow globe for my parents with Isaak inside of it. There’s some great ideas on here.

  18. Julie

    These are such cute craft ideas! Mason jars are seriously a crafters dream!

  19. Wendy

    Just bought a case of mason jars on black Friday. I knew I could do something with them. Thank you for the great ideas. Now I will just have to pick one!

  20. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I’ve got to make that coconut almond granola jar. In fact, I’ve got to make several of them for gifts.

  21. Jeanette

    I love all these ideas!! My favorite is either the frosted glasses or winter luminaries snowy pinecone candle! I have a few mason jars so this will be fun an easy to do!

  22. Ana De Jesus

    My favourite is the glitter Santa belly mason jar it is so cool!

  23. Liz Mays

    The snowman jar is for sure my favorite. I can’t resist its cuteness!

  24. OurFamilyWorld

    It’s amazing how much you can do with a mason jar. I love all these ideas.

  25. Elizabeth O.

    It’s perfect, even as a gift! Or a giveaway during a Christmas party!

  26. Ashley

    Oh, those are all so very cute! I love mason jar crafts!

  27. Victoria Sconion (@MrsSconion)

    Ooo. I cant wait for christmas! Not so creative and festive like these items, but i love the pinecone candle. Gotta try and recreate it.

  28. Stacie

    These are all great ideas. You can use mason jars for so many crafts.

  29. milastolemyheart

    I love them all but I’d say it’s hands down the Gingerbread House Kit is my favorite

  30. Aimee

    Loving those lid ornaments! What a fun way to use those!

  31. Danielle

    The snowman is super cute. I wouldn’t mind making a few to add to my Christmas decorations.

  32. Pam Wattenbarger

    That was one of my favorites too! I love anything with snowmen, because it doesn’t snow here.

  33. Bri

    My little cousins would definitely love making a Glittery Santa’s Belly jar. I need to go out and get some mason jars.

  34. Rorybore

    You have saved me!! I got an entire box of mason jars because my MIL is a big time salsa and jam maker and just moved away without getting her old ones back! I am definitely doing the gingerbread house one – that’s too cool.

  35. Cindy (Prime Beauty)

    So cute! I love the Santa’s belly jar!

  36. Vera Sweeney

    I love the Santa Glitter jar!! That turned out so pretty, and the ornaments are really neat too.

  37. Elizabeth O.

    I’m loving the pine cone candle, the santa belly, and the gingerbread kit! Really cool ideas, thanks for sharing!

  38. Jeanine

    I love the NOEL ones. So pretty, and the Santa belly is pretty stinkin’ cute. Great ideas!

  39. Candice

    Oh your list makes me so happy its Christmas time. .. Wish I was crafty, out all me creative juices into cooking only but I still love looking and reading about all these little projects… thanks for making the world prettier.

  40. klg1982

    the jar lid ornaments. = totally my favorite one!

  41. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    Those are all so crafty and festive. I love using mason jars in DIY projects and I can’t wait to try your suggestions.

  42. OurFamilyWorld

    I love that there are so many things you can do with mason jars!

  43. Brianna George

    Super cute. I really liked the pine cone jars. They look so wintry and could be used even after the holiday.

  44. Amanda

    I love that mason jar snowman! I have a bunch of mason jars that we got at a garage sale this summer, looks like it’s time to craft!

  45. thedomesticbuzz

    The Santa is my favorite, too! Mason jars can be so inexpensive nowadays, so this is a great DIY.

  46. Brett Martin

    I am slightly obsessed with mason jars, so this post was just for me! I love the Santa suit and the snowman.

  47. Elizabeth Lampman

    These are great crafts to do with Mason Jars. I have a few jars i want to make into Christmas candle holders. Thanks for the ideas.

  48. Tammi Roy

    Mason Jars make great candle holders. I like the candy jar with the elf hat.

  49. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love these ideas. The ginger house kit is a great gift idea. I am going to do a few of these crafts this weekend.

  50. Amanda

    Although some may say that the mason jar craze has passed, I absolutely love them still! These are such cute ideas–will have to try them out with my boys all winter long!

  51. Anita Fonte

    I love the gingerbread house kit. With the holiday parties around the corner I definitely will have to bookmark to come back. I have friends that collect mason jars for homemade jellies.

  52. Amanda || Growing Up Madison

    Those are all truly neat ideas. I still haven’t gotten into the mason jar craze like most people but I do have a few in my kitchen.

  53. Amber NElson

    I have a ton of Mason Jars at my house to use. These are some great gift ideas!

  54. Eliza Ferree

    I love mason jar art especially around the holidays. Can’t wait to try some of these out.

  55. michelle

    the frosted noel mason jars are so cute

  56. mommyblogexpert

    All your holiday crafts with mason jars look so fun and easy. I think my faves are the santa and the pinecone candle, both would be pretty table decorations.

  57. tiarasandtantrums

    anything in a Mason jar looks good! this is my good to gift for teachers.

  58. Claudette Esterine

    I have some of these jars – can I send them over and you do them up for me? LOL Just kidding but I am so not a crafty person! These are really beautiful though.

  59. Theresa

    They are all so festive! I think my favorite is the Winter Luminaries Snowy Pinecone Candle!

  60. victoria

    What a cute jars! its a fun gifts for my friends i bet they like this jars so much

  61. lisa

    These are all such great ideas. I love mason jars and these are perfect for Christmas!

  62. [email protected]

    The snowy pine cone one is definitely my favorite. Very classy.

  63. Clo Nevaeh

    Oh how cute are these! I can’t wait to give these a try. I love the santa hat one.

  64. Jeanette M

    I love the mason jar lid ornaments! That’s a great craft to do with the kids!

  65. MyTeenGuide

    The pine cone candle and the noel mason jars would be my favorites. I love your ideas!

  66. Valerie

    Mason jars make the best crafts. These are all great ideas.

  67. thedomesticbuzz

    These are all great ideas! I think my favorite has to be Santa’s glittery belly! So cute!

  68. Nicole Haas Etolen

    These would be perfect this coming Christmas. I love all of these very creative.

  69. Travel Blogger

    These are beautiful ideas! My sister used Mason Jars as decorations for her wedding so she has about 100 of them lying around. I am going to have to steal some and use them for these ideas!

  70. Chubskulit Rose

    I love these great ideas. I have mason jars here that does not have lids so I love to make the Noel.

  71. aimee (@HouseofFaucis)

    I am trying to come up with a craft idea for my daycare kids. I love mason jar crafts so this has inspired me!

  72. Erica

    I pinned this to my Christmas board. I’m going to be making some of those snowmen mason jars! Snowmen are my favorite holiday decorations!

  73. Crystal

    I normally just use the jar so I’ve got tons of kids lying around! Love that I can turn them into something adorable!

  74. Melissa

    These are all great! I love a good holiday craft this time of year. We are having so much fun with all of these ideas we are finding. Love this!

  75. Pam Wattenbarger

    I love how versatile mason jars are. I mean, you can drink out of them, cook in them, craft with them. Is there anything they can’t do?

  76. MyTeenGuide

    The Gingerbread House Kit would be my favorite. They will make perfect gift ideas. I love mason jars.

  77. Lynndee

    They’re all nice and very creative, but I think I love the first one most of all. I’m going to make me one too.

  78. Seattle Travel Blogger

    All of these look great to me.
    I plan on forwarding this information to my mom, who loves this type of stuff.

  79. Alicia

    These are such cute and fun crafty ideas! I would love to try out the Santa one for sure. i am not very crafty but am trying to become that way.

  80. Bonnie @wemake7

    Those are such great ideas for Christmas. I want to try making some of these.

  81. Rebecca

    WOW!! such fun and creative ideas. I am liking the frosted jar with the pine cone so pretty.

  82. Nicole

    There is a lot of things to do in the mason jar, This mason jar Christmas craft is so cool and beautiful.

  83. Amy Desrosiers

    I really love how versatile mason jars can be! You can decorate with them, store food, and even cook with them!

  84. Ashley Sparks Mullins

    I love love love the Winter Luminaries Snowy Pinecone Candle one! So pretty! I’m going to add this to my craft list! Mason jars are so versatile!

  85. Amber c

    I love mason jars and these crafts are super cute!! It’ll be hard to decide which ones to do

  86. Eileen xo

    Love the mason jar gifts. These are awesome. I USUALLY DO COOKIE MIX, LOVE THAT FIRST ONE – SO ADORABLE

  87. Sarah Bailey

    There seems to be so much you can do with Mason Jars, I really need to try and get crafty with them. x

  88. Kelly (@KickingWKelly)

    I just bought a flat of mason jars, so this is perfect timing. I love the NOEL idea. So pretty.

  89. Mimi Green

    These are really cute ideas, the Santa suit is my favorite. This would be a great gift for teachers.

  90. Pam

    I love them all and you make it very difficult to pick one. I guess it would be Mason Jar Lid Ornaments. These would make cute gifts for co-workers.

  91. Marcie W.

    I love the look of plain ole mason jars but these adorable crafts take things to an entirely new level. I think the Glittery Santa’s Belly Jar is my favorite!

  92. Britni

    I love these ideas.My favorite is the very first white jar with pinecones! Such cute ideas.

  93. Kristi

    Some really fun ideas. I think I like the Glittery Santa’s Belly Jar the best but it was hard to choose. My kids would have fun making most of those!

  94. Krystal's Kitsch

    The Santa mason jar is my favorite. So jolly and festive. I LOVE and collect mason jars.

  95. Claudia krusch

    Love your mason jars! So creative! I wish I was as crafty as you are!

  96. milenabarrett

    So many unique ideas here. I don’t know which is my favorite!

  97. kimberlydickerson

    I think the mason jar Snowman is my favorite. It’s original and festive!

  98. Amber NElson

    The Mason Jar snowman is really awesome. I love snowmen!

  99. kleebanks

    Great post! I always enjoy seeing how creative people can be with their own ideas and relatively simple, inexpensive supplies.

  100. Amanda

    That Santa mason jar is adorable! I might make those for gifts this year!

  101. Crystal McWhirter-Lopez

    These are great for the holidays. I love how versatile mason jars are. You can really do anything with them. I love the luminaries ideas with the pine cone.

  102. Carol Bryant

    That Santa one is on my must do list, Robin. I just did a dog treat Mason jar and wish I did that up – so cute – thanks!

  103. Katarina K

    Oh my those jars are beautiful! They’d be such great presents, and I simply love love the Winter Luminaries one!

  104. Lauren

    My favorite is the snowy pine one candle because it’s good for the whole season!

  105. Stefanie

    I love all the ideas and creativity… I think I need to go to the craft store ASAP!

  106. Rosey

    You’ve got so many easy, great ideas here. I like the cutout for the granola. That’d be great to make for teachers this year.

  107. littlemisscant

    So many great ideas but my favourite is the gingerbread house one.
    Adding that to my list!

  108. April G

    Yesterday, I received a mason jar filled with holiday items that when simmered on the fire smells good. It had an orange, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and rosemary. I love these ideas.

  109. Shanéy Maharaj

    I went to the store yesterday and looked at them but didn’t purchase any because I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Now looks like I need to go back tomorrow.

  110. Patty Leonard Woodland

    Such clever ideas. Heaven knows I have more mason jars than a girl can can – now I know what else to do with them

  111. Dhemz

    how cool! those are definitely some fun ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  112. Rachelle

    All of these are SO cute! I love the idea of making a granola mix in a festive jar!

  113. toughcookiemommy

    These mason jars are so beautiful and perfect for the holidays. I am always amazed at how they can be used for so many things.

  114. JanetGoingCrazy

    I love mason jar crafts, but I can’t handle the ones that have glitter on them. I like the one with the trail mix and the tree cut-out.

  115. Shell Things (@shellthings)

    Such great ideas for mason jar crafts! I like the Santa suit and the Noel ones especially.

  116. Kendra

    These are all too cute! Now, I know what craft I’m going to work on this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

  117. @SensiblySara

    SO many cute ideas but Santa’s Belt is my fave! I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

  118. Rebecca Swenor

    These are indeed great mason jar Christmas craft ideas. I love the snowman and the jar lid ornaments ideas. Thanks for sharing the craft ideas.

  119. kristimaloney

    These are really cute. I really like the first winter luminary…so pretty.

  120. tonyacoleman

    Great ideas. The mason jar with the Santa belt is my favorite.

  121. The L's Mum

    What fabulous ideas. Especially the elf gift and the glittery santa.

  122. Terra Heck

    Those are awesome. The Coconut Almond Granola Gift in a Jar would make a great gift for my oldest step-daughter. I actually made a mason jar craft for a Christmas gift. It’s amazing what you can do with a mason jar.

  123. CourtneyLynne

    One so may cleaver ideas!!!! Mason jars can be so much fun to glam up!

  124. indah nuria Savitri

    look at all those cute mason jars. I love it..especially the winter luminaries…

  125. Shannon Gurnee

    Those are some awesome ideas! I love mason jar crafts!

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