5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Things Fresh and Organized

Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Things Fresh and Organized: Quick and Easy to get the jobs done! - sixtimemommy.comIt’s that time again! The weather is changing and it’s time to get things around the house organized and ready for the nice warm weather! At my house that job never seems to be done but, I find if I plan to do my Spring Clean out and Winter Clean out way ahead of time I usually get it done much quicker. Having a plan of attack is really necessary for me, I forget everything and seem to have developed a scatter brain the older I got, and the more kids I had! If you are anything like me this just may help!

These 5 tips have helped me get things done quickly and efficiently. No real tricks, but I go down the list in order and it works for me! Maybe it could work for some of you!

1. Clean out the Closets:
We have so many people in our house cleaning out closets can take a few days. But it’s necessary. Rotate the winter for the spring clothes. Put away the costs, hats and boots. I organize in tubs, label the lids and tuck away.

2. Go Through Cupboards:
I find over the winter months I get many containers that are winter themed. Snowmen, wreaths, even Santa. It’s time to tuck them away and organize all the Tupperware, food that’s been piling up (canned soups, etc!) inventory what you have, what you need and what can be tucked away or donated!

3. Switch up The Toys:
I take this time, during spring cleaning to rotate my kids toys. Bins of lego, blocks, dolls etc.. I switch them out. My kids forget about the toys I had tucked away and are excited to play with them again. I also scrub toys that can be scrubbed before putting them away or before bringing them back out!

4. Deep Clean and Organize Freezers:
I go through my freezers all the time but I find if I deep clean them in the spring (again right before winter) and organize them they generally stay that way until my next deep clean. Our freezers don’t get dirty, but the deep freeze tends to get really really cold in our cold room so the extra effort to defrost and clean makes a difference.

5. Change Furniture Around and Bring More Light to Your Space:
I love moving furniture around. I just did this last week in my kitchen and living room. The areas are now more open and bright. I added some real plants to my living room, and a vase of lovely leaves with bright pink and orange flowers for a splash of spring color. Changing drapes is also something I find helps brighten up my rooms, it isn’t so cost effective unless you have a set for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, otherwise just have your drapes open more during the nicer weather!

The littlest changes and storage can make such a difference when spring cleaning. I clean every single day, but i don’t organize, rearrange or get rid of things nearly enough. These little tips help me keep on track and reduce unnecessary clutter.

What do you do during your spring clean to keep things fresh?

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