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5 Ways to Help Your Child Transition from Elementary to Middle School

Is your child headed from elementary school to middle school this year? In the town we live in, our middle school has grades 6-8 and my oldest son is transitioning in to 6th grade at the middle school this year. It seems like there are a million things to do to prepare for the switch, but I have come up with a list of things that can help both you and your child make sure you’re ready without causing any extra stress. Just keep in mind that middle school is a more complex environment than elementary school.

1. Visit the middle school

I know this isn’t an “aha” moment but you might be surprised at what visiting a middle school can do for the middle schooler’s brain. Also, ensuring your child knows how the school works is important. Nothing raises anxiety more than the first day of school than not understanding where classrooms are. Sometimes it’s also nice to see a school that’s not crowded with a ton of children in the hallways. If your school doesn’t hold an open house or walk-through day like ours does, call up the school and see if there is a time when you can take your child in to tour the school.

2. Keep them leaning over the summer break

If your child is entering a new setting, a summer class might be a great opportunity to get your child involved. If your child is willing, have then sit through a few summer school classes. If summer school is not for you, my advice to you is to spend a couple of hours each week with your middle schooler on an academic level. The workload for the kids is going to increase by a lot once they get to middle school, so have them spend some time reading, writing, and working on their math skills. If you think you can skip the academic refreshers this summer, think again. It’s vital your child spends some time investing in their middle school education this summer.

3. Go clothes shopping


What your child once loved (style wise) in elementary school may no longer be a hit in middle school. As long as your child can pick out school appropriate clothes, it’s important to let them in on this part of the transition. Middle schoolers have their own taste and style and it’s important to let them have a say so in what they’ll wear over the next couple of months.

4. Make mornings magical

As corny as that sounds, it’s important to make mornings a little more magical than normal. Not only can you lure your soon to be middle schooler out of bed with their favorite breakfasts, you are fueling them up for their day. In our town, the middle school starts an hour earlier than the elementary school and it might be tough to get the kids out of bed earlier. You can get everyone in the house moving a little faster with a delicious breakfast.

During a recent trip to Walmart, I spotted these Jimmy Dean(R) Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches and as soon as I saw them, I knew my son would love them.

walmart jimmy dean

A breakfast sandwich is a delicious, filling breakfast solution for the perfect start to any morning.


5. Have a snack ready for them when they get off the bus!

Without fail, my son walks off the bus and tells me he’s starving. This is an every day occurrence, so I always make sure I have something ready for him as soon as he walks off the bus. While I was at Walmart, I picked up some State Fair(R) Classic Corn Dogs. They’re easy to spot in the freezer section and they always go over with both of my kids, especially my oldest.

State Fair at Walmart

State Fair(R) has a variety of delicious corn dogs that features a signature honey-sweetened cornbread batter. My boys love it and gobble them up 2 or 3 at a time.



They are a great after school snack solution,

For me, a big part getting back into the daily routine of school is being prepared with a great breakfast option and after school snacks. With these easy, delicious solutions from Jimmy Dean(R) and State Fair(R) corn dogs, I feel confident that my son will start smart and finish strong!


If you’re worried about the transition from elementary student to middle school student, you have nothing to fear. Your child will do just fine. I promise.

What are some of your favorite back to school tips and tricks?

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  1. kristimaloney

    These are great tips. Fortunately for us, we have an 8th grader who is just as excited as his brother about him starting middle school. That is a huge help with the transition. I love that they will both be in middle school for one year together.

  2. Janine Huldie

    Such great tips and will have to keep them in mind as my girls go back to school in the next few weeks now.

  3. jmanandmillerbug

    We’re going through that middle school transition right now and your tips are right on! For my son, clothes and a great breakfast are the most important things. Thankfully his “middle school” is at the same place his elementary school was (small town) so he already is comfortable with the school.

  4. Jacqueline

    Ahhh, middle school, the worst years of my life! I think it should be mandatory that kids go through some sort of compassion/sensitivity training before entering middle school. These are the years the normal elementary kids turn into nasty bullies, which is a sickness many of them will carry the rest of their lives and could have been nipped in the bud during early puberty. I love your list and would add having a MAJOR discussion about how to treat others, how to be treated, etc etc.

  5. @SensiblySara

    I do have a kiddo starting middle school this year. I am pretty nervous and he is super excited (at least it’s not the other way around!!). He really likes fruit when he comes home from school, so I have plenty on hand. But those breakfast sandwiches are a MUST in our home each morning.

  6. Alli

    I rely on Jimmy Dean a lot during the week AND on weekends. It’s so important to send them off to school with a good breakfast. Looks like you’ve helped your son tremendously with the transition from elementary to middle school.

  7. Catherine S

    We love Jimmy Dean products for breakfast. I am all about a quick and easy breakfast.


    Great tips !!! I always had my children study and read books throughout the summer break. They always loved to go clothes shopping for school !!!

  9. thelesleyshow

    That transition from elementary school to middle school is a biggie. I’m glad you’re doing everything you can to give him a little extra love through this time.

  10. Jennifer

    These are great tips. I actually had a decently easy time of transitioning to middle school. I already knew about 90% of the kids.

  11. Robin Gagnon

    I have a few years before I have to deal with this particular transition. Being a special needs student my daughter gets juggled from school to school a lot though.

  12. Ourfamilyworld

    These are wonderful tips. May may feel a little nervous in the beginning, but they will get along just fine.

  13. patricemfoster

    A good Jim Dean breakfast is the key keep him strong and alert in class. Great tips tough year but he will make it.

  14. MJ.L

    Really great tips! I will have to remember these for when my kids start middle school!

  15. Stephanie R

    These are great ideas. Going from elementary to middle is a hard transition, but a good breakfast and treats afterwards sure help.

  16. Sarah Bailey

    These are some great tips – good luck to all those changing schools this year!

  17. Acadiana'sThriftyMom (@acadianathrifty)

    eeek! My son is going to be transitioning to middle school next year. I am not looking forward to it :/

  18. CandyO

    Getting enough sleep. I try to start the bed time routine two weeks prior to school starting. It’s rough, but it’s effective.

  19. Lois Alter Mark

    Sleep makes such a huge difference although it’s definitely hard to get back into that routine after summer.

  20. tiarasandtantrums

    have a snack ready for sure – you won’t believe how much middle school boys eat! My son eats all day and all night long!

  21. Seattle Travel Blogger

    I remember my transition into middle school. So scary! Going to the school ahead of time really helped. I took my schedule along and walked around to see where my classes were.

  22. Mykidsguide

    My kids love JImmy Dean’s for breakfast. Hopping from elementary to Middle school is a big thing. We need to do everything we can to make this as smooth as possible to our child,

  23. tara pittman

    Great tips for this transition time. A middle school can be tough but they do get used to it after a couple of days.

  24. Wendy

    Those State Fair corndogs look good for an afternoon snack for me too! Your boys look so cute in these photos!

  25. Shann Eva

    These are great ideas. We’re just getting ready to head to school for the first time, and these tips will help us too. Thanks!

  26. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    The most worrisome part of transitioning to middle school for my kids was the change in how classes work. They still knew almost all of the students.

  27. Kate K (My Mommy Brain)

    Great tips! I have two middle schoolers this year and hoping it is a smooth year.

  28. beckysbestbites

    These are great tips for Back to School!! We now have a kindergartener and that was a huge transition for him but he is handling it like a champ!!

  29. Catherine S

    These are great tips. My son was always looking for a snack as soon as school was finished.

  30. tamaralikecamera

    Oh hey – I did this shop too today! I’ll probably add it to the Team group tomorrow. My kids get way hungry after school. I always did too! Ok.. I still do.

  31. littlemisscant

    Our kids have it easy!
    The middle school is in the same school as they’re elementary so the only transition the will have is when they go to high school.

  32. Candia

    Great tips. Middle school is a fun time, I hope he has a good time.

  33. Melissa Pezza

    My kids aren’t to this phase in their school lives yet. I remember when I started middle school, though. I was so nervous!

  34. Lori Felix

    When my daughter was still in school, I use to have her take out her clothes the night before that way she could have a few extra minutes in the morning to adjust to getting up earlier. This was a big help for the first week back to school.

  35. aimee (@HouseofFaucis)

    We have 1 more year until my now 5th grader starts middle school. I am so nervous, already!

  36. toughcookiemommy

    I can’t stress how important visiting the middle school is before your child attends. Many things look good on paper but are different when you experience them in real life.

  37. Lindsay

    I remember transitioning and I was terrified. Mostly because of having to use a combination lock. I made my mom get me one to practice all summer lol. Great info.

  38. Lois Alter Mark

    These are great tips. It can definitely be a challenge to make that step from elementary school to middle school.

  39. Liz Mays

    It’s true. Helping them make the transition in little ways will make it much less stressful.

  40. Ginger Mommy (@Gingermommy)

    I wish we had these tips when my kids went to middle school. Some kids seem more easy to adjust and others really stress about this time. As long as you stay in the know and know their friends, things will be good

  41. Jennifer Pilgrim

    I love all of your ideas, especially #4. Happiness starts in the home so I agree that a good breakfast is key to any transition. Go Mommy!!

  42. Jeanine

    If my oldest decided to go back to school this year with his siblings he would be starting grade 7… Which would be middle school here. He is continuing on with Homeschooling though. These are some great tips!

  43. Amanda

    These are all such great tips. You are so right about starting the day off on the right foot–it is important for my preschoolers as well.

  44. Aileen

    I don’t have kids yet, but you put up some great points here! It really helps to guide a child from any kind of transitions in their life.

  45. Jennifer Clay

    My oldest daughter is in 4th grade so she has this year and next year and then she will be in middle school. I can’t believe it! Thanks for the tips.

  46. Liz Mays

    Visiting the middle school can be super helpful. Knowing where their classes are beforehand will make those first few days easier.

  47. Dawn McAlexander

    That is one thing that I have to say that I like about the school systems in NC. They have orientations that allow the kids to visit the school before the school year begins.

  48. Scarlet

    Great tips! My daughter is transitioning this year too so we are working on all of that!

  49. Kathy

    Great tips! Both of my daughters will be in Elementary school this year. I know when they go to a different school it can definitely be very hard for them…and by the way I love those two food products. Very yummy!

  50. Helene Cohen Bludman

    I agree that visiting the school in advance is a great idea. Part of the anxiety is worrying about getting lost, so getting the lay of the land is helpful.

  51. Aimee

    Middle school can be hard, but corn dogs make everything better! He looks ready to go!

  52. Marcie W.

    My oldest is starting middle school this year and despite her being in the same school (our school is K-8) I am still a ball of nerves. I agree that a hearty breakfast and filling after school snack are essential for learning.

  53. sheilarae71

    These are great tips. When my son was going from middle school to high school, it was a huge deal because the high school was brand new.

  54. Dee Mauser

    Our kids always liked visiting the school to get a feel for where everything was ahead of time and being introduced to their new teachers.

  55. LifeAsAConvert

    We homeschool so the whole elementary to middle school crossing never came across my mind, but my sister has her kids in public school and our oldest children are the same age. She made a post on Facebook about how her son was enjoying being in middle school now and switching classes.

  56. Kristi

    Some great suggestions. I have twins heading to middle school in a couple of weeks. Tomorrow they go to the school for the first of three orientation days.

  57. Brandy

    This is great! I just tossed her into middle school, no prep. LOL It wasn’t too bad though, we had quite a few visits at the school prior to her going and she wasn’t super nervous. It is a huge change though.

  58. Debbie Denny

    Very good advice. Perfect breakfast to start the day/

  59. Amy Desrosiers

    My kids are loving those corn dogs too! I had never tried them until now but love them!

  60. Nicole Lutzy

    We love Jimmy Dean’s. They are so good and very convenient for those super busy mornings.

  61. Claudette Esterine

    These are such great ideas for children – and me who is a serious lover of corn dogs!!!

  62. Autumn Blues

    Great tips. My son is going to go to a new school this year. Kind of looking forward to it, kind of leery about it.

  63. Veronica

    Great tips Robin! My son went through that last school year. Anything we can do to make it a better transition always helps

  64. Paula @ The Tween & Me

    These are some great tips! My tween just started 7th grade and I can vouch for the clothing taste changing!!! Oh, the hours I’ve spent outside dressing rooms…. But, you’re right, it’s important to develop that sense of style and body consciousness is high at this age. Good luck!

  65. Admin

    We totally did the corn dog thing for snacks after school with the older kids, I find them to be the perfect snack, not too heavy but filling. Great tips!

  66. Ann Bacciaglia

    My kids are transitioning to College this year. Having an afternoon snack available when they get home helps carry them over to supper.

  67. Elizabeth Lampman

    The transition to middle school can be a stressful time for your child. These are great tips to help. A good snack after school is a must.

  68. shaunatorres

    Oh my goodness, that croissant sandwich was from the freezer aisle? NO WAY? It looks delicious. That is totally going on my shopping list. Thanks for sharing.

  69. susannabarbee

    I truly think that transitioning from elementary to middle is harder on the parents than the kiddos. These are excellent tips. Thanks for sharing!

  70. Ricci

    Good luck on the transition, I’m sure your son will do great!! Great tips!!

  71. Vera Sweeney

    Mornings are so crazy in our house!! I need to pick up some of these for when our school starts back up! Good luck at middle school!

  72. Tonya Prater (@travelermom)

    Transitioning from elementary school to middle school can be such a stressful time. Looks like you’re prepared to handle it and have great solutions.

  73. Crystal

    Getting them through the first few weeks is hard, but a yummy snack when they get home is a great reward.

  74. Annie M

    I remember transitioning pretty well to middle school. It was a bit daunting to go from a small elementary to a way larger middle school!

  75. socialite123l

    These are such great Tips. I’m sure you Son will transition well into middle school. I loved the Jimmy Deans at the end

  76. Crystal

    The transition to middle school is a tough one! I know my kid needed a refresher in organization.

  77. Lady Lilith

    We like to remember all of last years positives. By bringing back the fun, we are creating a brighter future.

  78. Krystal

    I remember this time of year for myself. It was so scary to start middle school with all new kids!

  79. Planet of the Apels

    I remember this time in my life. It was hard. My oldest nephew just went through it.

  80. aordinarylife

    Easy after school snacks while doing home work is always great, Also good fast bf meals when we are running behind are always good for me.

  81. Laura O'Neill (@LauraOinAK)

    Since my son has to catch a bus this year, we are packing lunches the night before school to make the mornings a little less stressed. Tomorrow is his first day at the middle school and I hope its a good one.

  82. Elizabeth O.

    Very nice tips! It’s often hard for kids to transition because there’s this daunting feeling of not knowing what to do or what to expect next. It helps to know that you have their back, and it’s awesome to make them feel that way.

  83. Jessica Beal Harlow

    Next year I’ll have a middle schooler and I will definitely be looking for ways to make the transition a little smoother for her. It’s such a sensitive age and it really can be stressful for kids (and parents). I like your ideas on how to make it a little easier…like visiting the school so that it’s more comfortable and less foreign and scary! Continued learning and ways to make the start of the day more fun is smart too!

  84. Carol Bryant

    I would be one of those nervous Nellie human kid moms – great tips here for a very pivotal time.

  85. Dawn McAlexander

    Not only did my daughter have to transition from elementary to middle school, she also had to deal with changing complete school systems and states. We moved to NC in the summer of her 6th grade year. It was tough, but she did it very well.

  86. miss (@thedealmatch)

    great tips.. changing school can be frustrating. my son transfer to a different school next year..

  87. miss (@thedealmatch)

    we love corn dogs and breakfast sandwiches.. My son will transfer to a new school next year, so excited

  88. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    Keeping kids fueled and comfortable will enable them to focus on their studies and work more efficiently!


    Right on! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But after having their fill I would prefer my kids learning self defense (Karate. Wushu or Taekwondo) to avoid getting bullied at school and of course I wouldn’t worry about them causing trouble themselves… I’m sure I’ve taught them enough values well and hard!

  90. leybainpublic

    You are quite right about it. Lots of adjustments will take place. Your tips will absolutely come in handy.

  91. moesly15

    Lots happen in middle school. Kids need lots of support when they start back to school.

  92. Nikki

    Thanks for your smart tips, my kids is in the middle school. I always give my whole support for them, and I really love that.

  93. Nicole Escat

    My child hood was annoying, changing school is really hard. Every year I”ve always need to transfer with another school.

  94. Christie

    Wow, how big he’s gotten! He definitely looks ready to tackle middle school!

  95. bree west

    Such awesome tips! My mom always used to have snacks waiting for us after school and it was awesome!

  96. Katarina K

    Those are really nice tips! I remember how it helped me to cope when I visited my school couple of times before it actually started.

  97. Nickida

    Great tips, a good breakfast is the start to a great day at school any day of the week. Having and after school snack is great too.

  98. Tami

    Mornings really set the day, good or bad. Eating helps theor brains warm up.

  99. Jennifer Williams

    Thankfully we are homeschooling so the transition (when the time comes) will be easy. My oldest son loves those breakfast sandwiches, I think he would eat them all day if he were allowed.

  100. Ora Lee Gurr

    What wonderful suggestions for making the transition to middle school easier on kids and families. One spot we lived had the current 6th graders take the 5th graders through a tour. Everyone was assigned a buddy or two. It gave the new 6th graders an “established” schoolmate the following year while learning the new routine.

  101. lisa

    These are great tips! My oldest starts middle school tomorrow but they stay in the same school. Our middle school is the other side of the building.

  102. Chubskulit Rose

    He truly looks so happy. I think you have a complete list in here. My daughter transitioned pretty smoothly maybe because the school is the same.

  103. Rosey

    Elementary to middle is def. the area where tips could be oh so welcome. I thought that was way harder than the transition from middle to high.

  104. amittenfull

    These are great tips. My twins are transitioning to the middle school this year and we have been talking about all of the changes that are going to happen!! And definitely have some good fuel food in your belly is VERY important!

  105. alexisakamom0616

    We are going through this now, killing me!! Great tips my dear!

  106. Sicorra

    Excellent back to school tips. And I know my husband would love those corn dogs too.

  107. Nancy Lustri

    Awwww…What a cutie! I remember when my kids were at this age. It really is a delicate age as they discover who they really are and who their real friends are going to be. Love the foods you selected! Corn dogs are my fave!

  108. yumeating

    We just had open house last night. Here 5th grade starts middle school but they keep the 5th graders away from the older kids. 5th grade to the left, 6th stays in the middle and the 7-8th is to the right of the building. She is super excited to be going to the big kid school!

  109. Jesenia Montanez (@JeseniaMontanez)

    These tips are great for families going through this. I agree, having a snack ready after school is a must. Seems like they are always exhausted and starving at the end of the day. Thanks for sharing! #client

  110. Latoicha

    My son just started Middle School too. Some of my tips have been to be patient. It is hard getting info about how school is going. LOL! Also double check their homework.

  111. Bonnie @ wemake7

    My kiddos are all over the place going into different grades. These snacks and breakfast sandwiches look perfect for my kiddos.

  112. Theresa

    These are great tips to make the transition a little easier. Especially the clothes shopping. It’s amazing how much can change in the department from one grade to the next!

  113. Debra

    I just went through this with my sister. These are a great snack option!

  114. klg1982

    I love breakfast sandwiches. Having a good breakfast is so important for the middle school aged kids!

  115. HilLesha

    These are wonderful tips! I believe that a good breakfast is a surefire way to jump start any morning. Therefore, I’ll definitely have to get these breakfast sandwiches for my son. He’d love them!

  116. Carin Kilby Clark

    These are really great tips! My daughter transitioned to Middle School last year and she participated in the Lions Leap program which really made a big difference. She was able to attend orientation classes, explore the school, stock up her locker, etc. before the first day of school which was very helpful.

  117. Shell Things (@shellthings)

    My oldest has one last year in elementary school. I’m already nervous about next year. These are great tips!

  118. Julia

    Great tips. Is amazing how such simple things can make such a huge difference.

  119. Chanel Marie

    Making mornings magical? I’m in for that! Definitely something that makes me excited to wake up!

  120. Michelle Varga (@dustbunniesblog)

    Transitioning from elementary school to middle school can be hard for a lot of kids. I’ll be sure to pass this posts along to a friend of mine who has a child this age.

  121. Fariha N.

    We switch back to a school schedule for bedtimes and wake up times about 2 weeks before school starts. I find this resets everyone’s clock by the first day of school making for less grumpy mom and kids!

  122. Tiffany M Cutcliff

    I love your tips. We love corn dogs. These would be dangerous to have in our home! I would eat the whole box!

  123. toxict15

    I think these tips can be applicable to just transitioning back into school from summer for sure!

  124. mrsrkfj

    My son is nuts over both of these products. He loves the convenience and I like not cooking in the morning. He’s been coming to work with me a few days a week, and has track practice on the other days. I hope that he won’t have too much of an adjustment.

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