6 Reasons to Hire A SAHM

6 Reasons to Hire a SAHM

I remember the day I interviewed a mom returning to work after staying home with her kids for three years. She was ready, she was assertive, she had skills. I thought she was perfect for the job, but my boss at the time disagreed. Her reason, “her skills aren’t relevant anymore. All she has done is stay at home with kids for three years.” I felt like I took a dagger to the heart that day on behalf of stay at home moms every where.

At the time I was only a few months pregnant, and had freshly announced my pregnancy. When I rebuked my bosses comments she insisted I must be feeling sympathy for my “future self.” As in, one day I’d find myself returning to work after leaving my career to “just” take care of kids. I’d also be out of date, behind the times and irrelevant. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I owe her comments a great deal of credit for pushing me to find value in my skill sets as a stay at home mom.

6 Reasons You’ll Want to Hire A Stay At Home Mom:

1. Multitasking– the very nature of being a parent requires one to perform several tasks at once. If I can change a diaper while making an appointment with the plumber over the phone, I can certainly handle more than one office task at a time.

2. Self Motivated– After my first year at home I realized I needed to bring in a little extra income. I relied on my previous job as a Marketing Executive to help me start my own small business and create a blog. For fun, I also started my own small charity. I think I will be properly motivated to finish my tasks at work.

3. Budget Savvy– large corporations once trusted me with their big budgets. That was helpful when learning to streamline my much smaller budget after we converted to a one income family. Thankfully, my husband has never had to take money from his pay check to pay for preschool, clothes, shoes birthdays or holidays. Trust me, I bring those skills to your company too.

4. Efficiency Expert– in my previous line of work I had to coordinate meeting schedules, create systems to stay organized and manage my time appropriately. Guess what? I’m doing the same thing as a mom!

5. People Skills– if I can persuade an obstinate three year old to give up a coveted toy with joy and glee, I can handle your worst customer.

6. Out of The Box Thinker- Pop Quiz: there’s a kid wearing a full diaper, you realize they are wearing the very last one. You look to your left and you see duct tape, look to your right and you see a roll of paper towels. If you don’t know how these two things add up you are not an out of the box thinker. You know who is? Any mom.

Stay at home moms are some of the hardest working people I know! Potty training during phone calls, couponing like it’s a full time job after spending the day cleaning up crumbs and reassembling the house. That all takes skills- valuable skills and hard work.

Dear Future Boss,

Please don’t discount the many years of hard work I put into developing my skill sets in a career outside of child care. That gap on my resume isn’t being filled with daytime TV and Bon-Bons while the kids take care of themselves. I am using everything I have ever learned in all of my careers. Although my current profession of Executive Twin Mom does not pay in actual dollars, it does pay off in the experience I bring to the table as a fully capable, ready to work human being. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

The Whatever Mom

About Roxanne Ferber

Roxanne is a full time wife, twin mama and part time crazy lady. She is a charitable giver and a former Marketing Executive turned write-from-home mom. Roxanne lives on coffee, wine and the pure rush of cleaning the potty between loads of laundry. In her spare time she enjoys meeting other moms who keep life real- crafting, organizing and hiding veggies in her kid’s food. Find her at The Whatever Mom.

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  1. Janine Huldie

    This is great and as a current WAHM couldn’t agree more if I tried!!

  2. NYC SingleMom

    I have never been a SAHM so havent had to explain my skills that were being used while I was home but I think you have done a a great job of articulating transferable skills for SAHM moving back into the work place

  3. Michele

    I agree, this was a marvelous job of “articulating transferable skills ” which can be used to transition back to the work place.

  4. Joanne T Ferguson

    I happen to agree and think the motivation to combine work and home is SAHM’s is more! It is my opinion SAHM are more attentive to what needs to be done!

  5. Liz Mays

    Woohoo, that’s what I’m thinking too. We SAHMs are pretty incredible and juggle a heck of a lot of balls and hold it together.

  6. Pam

    I agree! After all, you have to be pretty attentive when you have kids to watch.

  7. Michele

    The is a definite bias in the workplace for former SAHMs and also for those who have school age children! Although I do not have children I have seen it in action and I did say something when I was able to throw my opinion in there! Don’t even get me started about people who are getting “older”–they are thrown out like garbage to make room for the “younger” people who won’t have to be paid as much!

  8. Jaime Nicole

    The conflict-resolution and budget management skills alone should qualify us for something if we choose to head back outside the home and into the paid workforce.

  9. crystal

    What a great point! I am keeping chaos at bay 24/7.

  10. Liz Mays

    Ugh, I hate that women are penalized for that SAHM choice. It’s true that SAHMs have remarkable skills when you think about it!

  11. Ourfamilyworld

    I totally agree! SAHMs are quick thinkers and they are at their best when they multitask.

  12. Nicole Lutzy

    I do not want to toot my own horn but I agree being a stay at home mom! Multitasking yes! We have too or we would not survive!

  13. tsosmmn

    I also agree with your points. If you can handle being a SAHM you can do so much and easily.

  14. Heather Swarthout

    I completely agree with this, as a fellow SAHM! I am always looking for a job so that I can be a WAHM but no one will hire someone like myself. Fingers crossed!

  15. Tee

    Love this post and I cannot agree with all the points more! SAHM’s juggle so much & are very savvy across so many different topics and skills.

  16. Tammy

    You are so right with this. I remember going back to work all those years ago and it was different after having a baby. My schedule was much better and it seemed my work was much better to. Great post

  17. alissa4illustration

    In our family we pretty much have a SAHD – Stay at Home Daddy. He only works 2 days a week right now. He’s been getting jewelery work that he does at night to. We’ll see how things go. He may pick up more hours in the fall.

  18. roxmom2

    I think any stay at home parent has a lot to juggle between care taking and making money! Good luck!

  19. vegetarianmamma

    Agreed, there are LOTS Of reason to hire a stay at home mom back into the workforce. Multitasking is a huge part of that. All the things that mom does on a daily basis! Phew!

  20. kungphoo

    that is great! moms are very efficient since they know how to run many lives at once!

  21. patricemfoster.com

    I wish I had the pleasure of being a SAHM a lot of people are not aware of how hard SAHM work…. Juggling and keeping orders in the house . I understand now thanks for sharing.

  22. ishouldbemoppingthefloor

    There is so much truth to this! I don’t think many companies realize the what an asset a SAHM can be! Eagerness for the job alone can have such a huge impact on an office!

  23. Krystal

    This is a fantastic article! I couldn’t agree more!

  24. Jeannette

    I totally think stay at home moms possess a unique skill set. So often companies thing if you’ve been out of the work force with kids you have lost all skills but in reality you’ve likely sharpened many of them in a very unique way!

  25. Amy Ditmore

    This is a GREAT post! It is so true, every bit of it. In addition, if they are anything like me they are so READY to come back to the work place and refreshed.

  26. SouthernMomLoves

    Love it! I tried to go back to work when my daughter was 5 and faced the same kinds of prejudices, even though I ran a freelance design business out of my home. A lot of employers didn’t take that seriously and only saw a 5-year-gap. SMH. The crap women get in the professional world is ridiculous!

  27. Carol Cassara (@ccassara)

    Employers are very, very shortsighted. You are so right about the skill set!

  28. moesly15

    After only three years he/she thought her skills were outdated? Sometimes bosses aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box despite their role and title.

  29. alexisakamom0616

    SMH people are so crazy. I’m a WAHM and know that ppl think all I do is sit here. Taking care of kids is a lot of work and you have to have some mad skills to keep everything running smooth.

  30. starknotes

    Amen, my sister. Fellow WAHM here! Never thought I’d get the “What do you do all day?” question, but it somehow awkwardly comes up, like a fart in church.

  31. starknotes

    What a great piece. I’m a work-at-home mom (WAHM), so I get a lot of both worlds when my daughter isn’t with a sitter. On a conference line while baby wearing and stirring a pot of soup while checking on a presentation upload? Yep, I can handle that. That’s why Bluetooth and Tulas were invented. Thanks for the shot in the arm reminding us that parenting is hard work that involves keeping our skills sharp. Also, thanks for the MacGyver tip when my kid runs out of diapers right before an online professional development presentation!

  32. Britney Mills (@princesscowboys)

    I totally agree! These are all things that I think have helped me in professional and mom life!

  33. Paula Schuck

    I wish I could like this a million times and broadcast all over the world! SAHM are some of the best workers you could ever employ!

  34. Michelle F.

    What a great list of reasons to hire a SAHM. I have been a SAHM since I was pregnant with my daughter and I have always worried about the gap I have on my resume as a former teacher.

  35. lpayoute

    Neer been a SAHM but when I do i pray my boss sees it as you do

  36. Jeska

    So many snaps for this! lol I worked full time then was a stay at home mom for 2 years then went back to work and now I’m a work at home mom. When I was leaving my company and told them I wanted to work from home I believe they doubted I could do it but here I am, 6 months later, still going strong!

  37. Allison

    Really great post and oh so true! I had to explain my skillset while I took time off to be a mom and finish school, even then employers were skeptical. They need to start doing their research and understand what amazing things a sahm has up her sleeve and can apply to her job!

  38. Amanda McMahon

    I am lucky that I can also say that during this “gap” I’ve also lived in a foreign country. But I worry if I don’t find a job soon that I’ll have more “explaining” to do.

  39. indah nuria Savitri

    so true indeed…and being a SAHM does not necesseraly mean you are not equipped with all those required skills needed. I’m a working mom but I have big respect to SAHM …

  40. Kim Delatorre (@shopwithmemama)

    That is right! All of the things you stated above and more! We do it all!! We are surely hard working, not to say other mama’s aren’t, but it is hard work!

  41. Mumseword

    I totally agree!! SAHM have best commitment levels

  42. thelesleyshow

    I love this post!! Stay at homes are a dedicated bunch! There are so many positive reasons to hire a stay at home mom and you’ve nailed a lot of them right on the head.

  43. Kero Pinkihan

    Bravo!! Let all the world note this. I too am SAHM and my clients love that I can beat deadlines every single time!

  44. Heather

    Thank you so much for this post!! I one day will be working again and I hope I’m not looked at as the mom that did nothing for six years. Nope, I plan on using all my blogging expertise on my resume and all my brand work as references during this time. I didn’t just stay home, I am working from home.

  45. Lisa Nolan at Monkey Star Press

    I agree, I’ve hired three stay-at-home moms in the past several years! It helps that I am one too, there’s an flexibility that we share because we have kids!

  46. mellisa

    This couldn’t be more spot on. I am a SAHM but I always do what I am hired to do, on time.

  47. fancygrlnancy

    I have never been able to be a SAHM or a WAHM. This is a great post to help people see all that those moms do. Although I am not or have not been there, I know they do work hard.

  48. Ai Sakura

    these are really great reasons.. and I’m sure there are many more too. Bosses that make comments like that are so irrelevant and out-of-date themselves for not using the best of their people resources.Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  49. YellowTennessee

    So very, very well said. I’ve been out of the workforce for 8 years now with another 14 in sight. I always worry that when the time comes I won’t be able to find a job.

  50. Michelle Hwee

    Definitely some great tips here! You mentioned some wonderful points. I will be sharing this with others!

  51. Jeanette

    Amen! That is awesome! You are right we are some of the hardest working people I know! Thanks for sharing those points!

  52. Lyndsey Jones

    These are some great tips! I love the description you shared about being an out of the box thinker.

  53. Rorybore

    It’s been 8 years now for me!!! and most look at me like — you will be useless and probably taking off time to go be with a sick kid every week. plus, I cannot work weekends or nights due to my husband’s shift work and no reliable babysitter. It’s tough to get back into the work force. I just gotta be patient for the right job… and clearly the right boss!

  54. upliftingfam

    These are excellent points and they are very true. Boo to your boss for possibly missing out on an excellent employee.

  55. manuela W.

    Hiring a SAHM is one of the best things an employer could do. You make excellent points!

  56. crystal

    My sister returned to the working world after over a decade at home with her children. I was so pleasantly surprised at the response she received. It can happen, but more employers need to recognize what stay at home moms offer.

  57. Debra

    Love this post! It was fun to read and COMPLETELY right!

  58. @SensiblySara

    LOVE THIS!!! It’s absolutely the truth. Moms are not only the best at what they do at home, but they can transfer those skills to any office setting.

  59. Sadie

    Moms are always great! These are all great things to consider when getting back into the workforce.

  60. Virginia

    Awesome reasons! SAHM’s rock! People don’t give SAHM’s thr credit they deserve.

  61. Theresa

    Our radio station was just saying how more and more employers are actually going after the SAHM. They recognize that they take on so many tasks all at once, and that’s a pretty valuable skill in the workplace!

  62. tammileetips

    I think its awful that people are so harsh on stay at home moms! These are amazing reasons to hire a Stay at home mom!

  63. Holly @ Woman Tribune

    Wow, your boss sounds pretty horrible, but what a way to fuel those rude comments into success. You are so right about the skills stay at home moms have mastered over time.

  64. Kiwi

    I love this list! SAHM need to get the credit they deserve!

  65. Elizabeth O.

    Good points! SAHMs work really hard. They may be unemployed, but they can do so many things.

  66. You, Baby and I Blog

    Great reasons and so agree with it. I’ve seen more companies giving opportunities to SAHMs which is awesome!

  67. Karen W

    I love your points, they are so true. There is so much more to being a stay at home mom than sitting in front of the television.

  68. AJ @ Roaming Family

    SO true! SAHMs have SO many different skills. It’s not as easy as so many people think it is!

  69. [email protected]

    Excellent Points! More and more companies are offering positions to SAHM, they are realizing the skill packages and the dedication.!

  70. Crystal | The Poor Explorer

    It’s true. But it shouldn’t just be about mum’s. More and more dads are the ones deciding to stay at home – and what’s that going to look like when they have a 3-year gap in their CV too?’Crystal recently posted… 5 Life Changing Travel Tips

  71. roxmom2

    I think its great for any family to have one parent stay home, whether it’s mom or dad. But, sadly men still get paid more than women because women in general are not valued in the work place. I’d love to see some statistics or even blogs from dads who have to worry about getting back into the work force.

  72. Heather

    Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing? Sounds like your boss was pig headed!

  73. Jaime

    Moms (period) make great employees for all of the reasons listed here. A stay at home mom is more than “just” a mom and it’s not like staying at home and caring for children is a vacation.

  74. Debbie Denny

    Very good reasons. People need to choose more SAHM. They can be perfect for the job.

  75. Krysten

    Dude SAHMs are the hardest workers out there, seriously. I may not have that title but it’s a 24/7 job with NO BREAKS. SAHMs are hardcore.

  76. Nicole Lutzy

    I have been a stay at home mom for over 10 years. I was just telling my husband how hard it would be to go back into the work field after not working all these years, maybe I was wrong.

  77. Dawn

    Yes! I absolutely love this article! Stay at home moms are the McGuyvers of the family!

  78. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    SAHMs definitely have skills. I read somewhere that if they were paid for their time and effort, they’d make 100K a year.

  79. Catherine S

    What a great post. I love your thinking outside the box example that would so work.

  80. Seattle Travel Blogger

    Yeah, stay at home moms know a thing or two about work, for sure. Chasing kids around the house all day and cleaning up their constant messes is some hard work. I don’t envy them at all!

  81. tamaralikecamera

    This is so gorgeous! I’m a bit of a SAHM/WAHM.. both really.. and I do have skills I did NOT have before kids.

  82. hopscotchnjellybeans

    That is cute! Ha pop quiz! That is hilarious

  83. way2goodlife

    All are very good point and I would totally agree with that. Don’t they know how awesome we are?

  84. Lisa Nolan at Monkey Star Press

    I agree! I’ve only hired stay-at-home moms! They can multi task and are flexible!

  85. Jessica Beal Harlow

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Being a SAHM offers so many unique experiences and different ways of thinking! As an employer, I would definitely consider a SAHM as a potential employee. Their strengths would be a really valuable asset!

  86. Kathy

    Very great post! I agree with you. I’m a WAHM and I really enjoy it. I think if I went back to working outside the home I’d also want a SAHM as I think they know a lot about kids.

  87. kristin

    Starting as a SAHM it was something I hadnt exactly planned. Having come more to be a working mom, I know how much it requires taking care of kids. My husband and I split the duties, and he even knows how much it takes to take care of 3 younger kids.

  88. April G

    I completely agree. You learn so much about yourself and managing others when you’re a SAHM.

  89. Jeanine

    This is great! I think it’s so important to consider who people hire. I know when I’m ready to hire a VA I will be looking for a SAHM to help me out! I know what it’s like!

  90. Chastity Beene

    Great article! Moms in general are great at managing others:)

  91. Pam

    I can definitely agree with this. Being a SAHM gave me some skills I hadn’t learned elsewhere.

  92. tonyacoleman

    This list is right on target! Who’s better at multi-tasking than a SAHM!

  93. Vera Sweeney

    I agree completely!! SAHMs are amazing at balancing so many different job responsibilities.

  94. Easy Going Mama (@simplemama2013)

    Being a SAHM can be very challenging! There are times when you have to be able to do many things at once and also have to come up with solutions to many different problems.

  95. touristmeetstraveler

    I can see how hiring a stay at home mom would be awesome, they are surely great at balancing things out!

  96. Lorane Rhoden

    It’s quite interesting how qualified women are passed over for positions because they are “stay at home” Moms … This reminds me of the TV series “Younger” where a woman in her 40’s was refused a job because she stayed at Home for over 15 years.

  97. luvabul

    Love this! I’m hoping to start my SAHM career, while baking. Getting to spend the summer with my daughter before she goes to kindergarten.

  98. Dee Mauser

    I’ve been both a working mom who leaves the home every day and one who has stayed home to maintain a home, and family and I have to say that staying home is much harder. You work way more hours, there are no breaks and you don’t get paid.

  99. Marcie W.

    This is such a great post and so very accurate as well. Stay at home moms truly do a bit of everything and somehow manage to succeed in it all.

  100. Libby's Library

    This list is PRICELESS! SAHM’s know how to “get r done”.

  101. Saidah Washington (@ApronsStilletos)

    I like hiring SAHMS because I like employing women who have opted to forgo a career and give them a way to earn money without sacrificing their responsibilities to their family.

  102. Amber NElson

    These are all great points! What a great post!

  103. Kristi

    A great post! As a current twin SAHM I can relate to all of this so well.

  104. shaunatorres

    These are all perfect. I think the main difference between me and hubby is that he does one thing at a time, I do ten, LOL… and that says a lot! Thanks for sharing this

  105. Debra Fazio-Rutt

    I always think moms are the best candidates. Multitasking skills are the best in my opinion!

  106. martinkadelux

    This is amazing! We mamas are kickass… especially when we’ve paved our own positions at home!

  107. MyKidsGuide (@MyKidsGuide)

    SAHMS are the best. They are great thinkers and perform well under pressure and little time

  108. Valerie

    Yes! Being a SAHM can teach you many lessons, all of which are good as an employee!

  109. Owen's Mom

    It is sad the traditional workforce sees SAHMs that way. I am much better at handling stress, multitasking (as you said) and thinking on my feet. I am a stronger person and I think all SAHMs rock!

  110. Shanna

    LOL, duct tape and paper towels. Totally been there. Thankfully I never had to actually make a homemade diaper, but I almost did once. After that, I kept an “emergency” stash of diapers way in the back of the closet JUST IN CASE I ever found myself in that panic again.

  111. Maureen

    I think that SAHMs definitely need more support and respect. These are true of all SAHMs though for sure!

  112. Krystal's Kitsch

    Seriously – if you can manage a household, you can hold down a job! I hate that sometimes sahms are judged for going back to the workforce.

  113. Marina John

    Yup, I can agree with each and every one of these qualities! SAHMs do it all!

  114. tiarasandtantrums

    Out of the box thinkers for sure! And isn’t that exactly what we are trying to teach our kids whilst we are at home as well

  115. Carol Bryant

    I am human childless but a stay at home dog mom – and we are for sure out of the box thinkers.

  116. Aubrey

    I have been a stay at home mom now for 12 years. My kids are all in school and I have gone back to school. One of my worst fears though is that I am now obsolete. I like your reasons to hire a mom because they are all so true! Makes me feel better that i’m not the only one who feel this.

  117. The Trophy WifeStyle

    I never understood why people never wanna hire sahm’s! With all the craziness they deal with during the day, they could run anything!

  118. Emily @ SoDamnDomestic

    haha yes. So many work skills used every day.

  119. Lisa Rios

    Such an informative post. In my view SAHM are very much dedicated, friendly & hard working as well who can take care of multiple tasks without any issues. Thanks for listing these wonderful reasons to hire an SAHM.

  120. Stephanie Pass

    What a great post! Employers don’t realize what they’ve got with a former stay at home mom.

  121. Dinner, then Dessert

    Stay at home moms get a bad rap in the work force but we have a lot to offer!

  122. candice

    Ugh, this is so frustrating. I wonder if this is the kind of brick wall I will face if I ever decide to return to the workforce.

  123. Debbie

    I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t have a gap on your resume, that you should find SOME way to fill it. If you were a girl scout troop leader, include that. Include volunteer work, or organizing swap meets, whatever you can to show some kind of skill usage.

  124. traceyzimmer

    This is a great post and you make some strong arguments! SAHMs are the queens of multi-tasking and why wouldn’t you want to hire one?

  125. dawn

    I am not a samh but but I do work remote. but yes sahm’s are masters at multi-tasking. It seems like it becomes second nature.http://www.simplysassystyle.comdawn

  126. Ann Bacciaglia

    I hate when i hear people say that phrase “just a stay at home Mom”. Being a stay at home Mom is a 24 hour a day job that requires you to be on your toes.

  127. gingermommyrants

    I would hire a stay at home Mom in a heartbeat. As long as she has the qualifications for the job i know she will be able to get back in the grove very quickly.

  128. mburbage

    Oh I love this! I’d write something like this. The skills we’ve learned can’t be learned outside the home or our kids, and it really should count as experience.

  129. Christie

    This is so awesome! Toddlers and customer service, I’m totally hiring you!

  130. Dhemz

    I couldn’t agree with you more! SAHM are powerful! Great tips.

  131. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    This is a fabulous post! I know lots of SAHM’s who will appreciate it!

  132. Onica (MommyFactor)

    I def agree that SAHM are out of the box thinkers. More companies need to tap into them as resources.

  133. Dawn McAlexander

    I can definitely agree that SAHM have great people skills. You have to, or else you would go crazy lol.

  134. Courtney

    THANK YOU! This is such a great post highlighting all the benefits of hiring SAHMs. People have an image of what a SAHM is and its usually totally wrong. Great post!

  135. Amber C.

    What awesome points! I was only a SAHM for about a year and a half but I enjoyed every minute of it!

  136. LifeAsAConvert

    Love the example on number 6. As a mom, I would totally use paper towels and duct tape to fashion a diaper if I needed one!

  137. M from The Stay-at-Home Life

    I love this so much! It is so true.

  138. Janeane Davis

    This post was an interesting read. It is sad when people think SAHMs don’t have anythig to offer in the modern work place. That is so far from the truth.

  139. censie

    What an interesting article. I am not a SAHM so it is good to rread this.

  140. XmasDolly

    Well, I must say when I was working my boss did look for people that was self motivating and was never idle. He was impressed with people who just kept on working as he use to say I like to get my money’s worth. lol I worked for lawyers can ya tell? hahaha

  141. Laura funk

    I love this! It makes me want to be a SAHM mom even more, especially when I am home for the summer.

  142. Miranda (Myrabev)

    I definitely agree with the skills and shame on your old boss for not recognising them. Great post

  143. Shell Feis

    I’m not looking to hire anyone for anything right now but I couldn’t agree more! Stay at home moms rock! {I may be biased, though.}

  144. Jhoveleen

    Interesting article. Now I know who to hire when I need a hand.

  145. Priscilla Hedlin (@WheelchairMommy)

    These are great and SO true. I’m always annoyed with “What do you do” “I’m a SAHM” “oh, so you don’t work?” HAHAHA! Yeah. Right.

  146. Racquel Bregg

    I’d like to think you could take the high road and say a company that looks for reasons to not hire a sahm is one you don’t want to work for anyway, but I also live in the real world, full of bills to be paid.

  147. Alison

    You know, I never really tought of it that way, but those are all totally awesome points and it makes perfect sense. I think that in some cases how hard SAHM mom’s work is becoming more apparent to those who work outside the home – maybe not always, but I think now more than in the past there’s more of a crossover there.

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