8 of the Spookiest Places in Massachusetts


If you’re a regular around here, you know that I am fascinated by all things spooky and haunted. In addition to going on ghost tours on a semi-regular basis, I drag my poor husband to as many reportedly haunted locations all over New England. Today, I am going to tell you a little bit about eight of the spookiest places right here in Massachusetts! I’ve visited four out of the eight and only had an experience at one of them – the Lizzie Borden House, if you can call it that. No, I didn’t see a ghost, but all my batteries (phone, camera) that were fully charged drained as soon as I entered the house. I can’t wait to check out the other four.

1. Old Yarmouth Inn, Yarmouth Port, Mass
The Old Yarmouth Inn was established in 1696, making it the oldest Inn on Cape Cod. It stands to reason, then, that there are a few ghosts here. The ghosts are not mean or scary, though; they seem to have a sense of humor and actually enjoy being irritating to the guests. Since the Inn also served as a post on the underground railroad, one of the ghosts may be a woman who visited the Inn in that manner. The other is a benevolent spirit of a grandfatherly old man.

2. USS Salem, Quincy, Mass
This gunship was built in 1947 and commissioned in 1949. Her guns were never fired in anger, but she did serve as a flagship for other U.S. ships in the Mediterranean during WWII. It has since been turned into a museum to the industry of shipbuilding and the wonderful marvel of this type of ship. Although this ship was never fired upon, it does seem to have its fair share of ghosts. They are seen roaming the decks going about their work, as if it’s just another day.

3. Fort Revere, Hull, Mass
This spot was key in protecting the Boston Harbor during the Revolutionary War. There are still remnants of the original fort here, along with a water tower and museum. Noises and whispers are heard throughout the fort. There are also unexplained shadows and one doorway where if an object is tossed toward the doorway it seems to be thrown back at you. The steps leading up to the fort are also a little scary since they are placed at alternating angles, making it hard to walk up and down.

4. Longfellow’s Wayside Inn, Sudbury, Mass
This hotel remains largely unchanged from how it looked when it was first started in 1707. This home became a meeting place for the militia during the Revolutionary War. There are multiple ghosts that also reside here. One is the wife of a former owner who still moves through the rooms that she occupied while alive, what is now Room 9 of the Inn. Men have reported that this ghost can get a little flirty at times and they have been caressed or they feel like someone has kissed their cheek. She also plays waltzes on the piano when the Inn is empty and quiet.

5. Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Mass
The unhappy home life of the Borden’s is well know, probably owing to the rhyme about Lizzie and her alleged ax murder of her step-mother and father. The guilt of Lizzie Borden remains in doubt to this day even though she was acquitted in court. Too bad there wasn’t real crime scene investigation in those days so we will never really know. The ghosts of the entire Borden family still wander the home from time to time – Andrew Borden going about his business, Abby Borden making her happy home that didn’t exist in life, Lizzie Borden searching about the basement as if making sure she got rid of all the evidence, Maggie Sullivan, the Borden maid, still trying to tell what actually happened.

6. Knox Trail Inn, East Otis, Mass
The restaurant at this hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Revolutionary War soldier. This young man pulls at your clothes and messes with lights. He will disappear if you try to make contact with him. The spirit is benevolent but seems to be destined to wander here forever.

7. Omni Parker House Hotel, Boston, Mass
This hotel complex is haunted by the ghost of Harvey Parker himself. Mr. Parker was a perfectionist who attended to almost every detail of the working of the hotel. It makes sense, then, that his spirit would still be attending to those needs. The elevator seems also to always stop at the 3rd floor without a guest waiting or the buttons being pushed. Lots of noises have been heard as well – one is reportedly someone rocking in a rocking chair, but there are no such chairs in the hotel. Bright orbs of light have been seen traversing the hallways, especially on the 10th floor.

8. Joshua Ward House, Salem, Mass
This home was built as a private home for a sea captain, Joshua Ward. It later became a hotel and now houses businesses, including a book company. This home was built on the site of an old jail, where the sheriff had taken it upon himself to commit many bad acts toward his prisoners. Many of the hangings that occurred during the Salem Witch Trials occurred here. Because of their vicious deaths, these ghosts aren’t particularly happy either. One picture taken shows a scowling image in the background. The sheriff is also said to haunt his former jail, even attempting to strangle some people to regain his control.

Have you ever visited any of these locations? If so, did you encounter any spirits while you were there?

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