Avengers Printable Valentines

Avengers Printable Valentines

This year Valentine’s Day is going to be a little bittersweet for me. While my husband and I boycott it choose not to celebrate it, my kids have always gotten excited to exchange valentines at school with their friends. This year my oldest son is in middle school and wouldn’t be caught dead handing out a valentine. Well, that and the fact that they don’t hand out valentines in middle school.

My little one is in third grade, so at least I still have one that’s little enough to get excited about handing out valentines to his friends. Since we love Hawkeye in our house, and by we I mean me, my little man is going to be handing out these super cool Avengers valentines featuring the very handsome Hawkeye and friends.

Or maybe just the Hawkeye ones.
Avengers Printable Valentines4

Aren’t they cute? If you want to use these this year, you can download yours right here!

Do you kids still bring Valentines into school or are they too old now?

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  1. Theresa

    These are so cute! Too bad my kids don’t pass them out at school anymore. I miss those days!

  2. Liz Mays

    I remember what a big deal it was to make a Valentine box too. Valentine’s Day was a big dang deal!

  3. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    Oh gosh I know. I had so much fun making my Valentine’s Day boxes and couldn’t wait to bring them home and show my mom how many I got.

  4. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Those were the best days. I remember when we used to do the whole Valentine’s day party thing.

  5. Liz Mays

    They’re adorable, and I think the kids at school are going to love them. Your oldest is leaving his childhood behind…. waaaaaaaaahhh.

  6. Toni | BoulderLocavore

    You and your husband do a fantastic job of making so many days a year Valentine’s Day for yourselves you deserve to take February 14 off! I love these AND that they are downloadable even more!

  7. Kelsey

    These are adorable!! How is it almost Valentine’s Day already?!?!

  8. Sequins in the South (@CarlsonLaci)

    Yay cute finally cute vday stuff for my son. Laci

  9. alissa

    I love the Hulk Smash one. That’s my favorite. We still have to make Valentine Boxes, or bags.

  10. Pam Wattenbarger

    I think that is my favorite too! But Hulk is probably my favorite Avenger.

  11. mommyjenna

    Those are way cute! I love doing Valentines for my kids.

  12. The Thought Card

    They are super cute, Hulk is my fav.

  13. Athena

    Very cute – my kids are getting a little too old for printable valentines but they would have loved these when they were a little younger.

  14. Carlee Colonneso

    These are so adorable! My oldest son would really enjoy a Valentine’s Card like this! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Dogvills

    Those are cute printables. I have nieces and nephews whon can pass them to their classmates.

  16. Miles Basilio

    I would definitely agree. I also thinking of the same idea. I have smaller cousins who would love these.

  17. Rebecca

    It a sad moment when kids no longer get excited about card exchange. At 15 son is over Valentines though he still gets his momma something every year.

  18. OurFamilyWorld

    How sweet. My son brings me a flower every Valentine’s Day.

  19. OurFamilyWorld

    Those are cute! The kids at our girls’ school will surely love this.

  20. thecraftysideofsarcasm

    These are too cute! I watched the Avengers last night while it was on. I don’t really do vale5 day either, hah I’m not just saying that because I’m single. I think loved ones should feel special all the time and not just pampered for a day.

  21. Jeanette

    That are TOO adorable! I love them! We needed an idea for this Valentines day and this might be it!

  22. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Those are so cute! I love the chibi look that these printables have. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Rorybore

    ok so I am low key pouting that there is no Captain America, but still…. you know I will be assembling (har!) these for my own use. LOL

  24. Brenda

    These are so cute, my Grandkids will love them, thanks for sharing.

  25. Fashionable Librarian

    I do not really celebrate the day either because I think we should be loving everyday to our spouses. Great idea for the kids

  26. Theresa

    My husband and I don’t celebrate it either, but we do buy small gifts for our girls.

  27. Catherine S

    These are so cute. My son is grown, but when he was in public school he always brought Valentine’s.

  28. Diana Elizabeth

    These are so cute! I’m not sure what our plans are but I did put up a “LOVE” banner over our fireplace. Chances are it’ll be a dinner at home to avoid the crowds!

  29. Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

    These are wonderful! Beats buying the store-bought kind that every child in the classroom already purchased! Now my son can have unique, one of a kind that the kids will love!

  30. tara pittman

    My son was already looking through the valentines cards that I bought last year. He loves making the cards.

  31. Pam Wattenbarger

    These are such cute little Valentines! So many kids love the Avengers.

  32. Carol Bryant

    Avengers are so very popular. I love this time of year and seeing all the cute Valentines!

  33. lisa

    These are super cute Valentines! I love these but I bet my girls would love them more!

  34. keikilanij

    My boys would love these avengers cards! They love giving out cards in their class.

  35. Lady Lilith

    These printable are adorable. I bet any super hero fan will just love them.

  36. Ana De Jesus

    Robin I approve! I am a huge fan of Avengers and what better way to celebrate Valentines day than through the worlds greatest superheros?

  37. Heather

    So cute! How did you make the men?

  38. Terry

    Those are really cute, and they are going to be so much cheaper than going out and buying them.

  39. littlemisscant

    Those are totally adorable! My son is a huge avengers fan so he would be all over this.
    What program did you use to make them?

  40. abccreativelearning

    Oh, these are soo cute!! My girls would love to share them with friends!

  41. Gloria @ Homemade & Yummy

    I remember those days of passing out valentine’s to all my friends. Our friend’s little girls still send us some in the mail. Cute.

  42. Jenna Wood

    I’m so out of the Marvel universe loop, who is Hawkeye? I know, I know- but these are very cute none the less. Thor has to be one of my favorite Marvel universe characters!

  43. Katie @ Huff 'n Puff to Buff 'n Tough

    Those are so freaking cute!!! If I had a child going to school, I would definitely use these for their Valentine’s Day party!

  44. Bri

    This would be great for my little cousin to pass out to his classmates for valentines day. I really like that they are printable so we can make as many as we need.

  45. Aimee

    These are so cute! My kids don’t have to bring them to school but we always deliver them to friends!

  46. NotNowMomsBusy

    Love the cards. So cute. Reminds me of the ones we handed out at school as little kids .

  47. Megan Elford

    I can’t believe it’s time to get ready for Valentine’s again – where did the year go?? My older two are “too cool” for Valentines, but my youngest loves getting all the great cards from her classmates, as well as handing them out. It usually takes a few days to get them all written, so we’d better get started soon!

  48. mburbage

    oh this is awesome! My daughter would love these! Thanks for sharing them

  49. Erica Brooks

    My kids are still young enough to bring Valentines to school. My son is crazy about the Avengers. He’d like this.

  50. Miles Basilio

    What a great way to add fun to these greeting cards! I love Avengers and their upcoming movie.

  51. Jesica H

    My youngest son would love these!! He loves anything super heroes! We recently had a super hero bday party for him!

  52. Elizabeth O.

    Aww! Those are so adorable. I bet the kids love them. I wouldn’t mind getting a card like this for Valentine’s!

  53. alexandria

    Super cute. My daughter is into the girl super heroes right now. She tells us to just call her Wonder Woman. Lol. I’m trying to decide on Valentines for her class.

  54. Amber NElson

    This is perfect for my son. He loves Avengers right now!

  55. janeanedavis

    Printables are a great way for children to make their own cards and personalize them.

  56. irishred13

    These are super cute VDay cards. My son would love them

  57. jessicasimms

    These are so cute, I could definitely see my son’s classmates going crazy over how cool these are.

  58. Julie (xfallenmoon)

    Those are SO cute. My 3 year old is all about superheroes. I have no clue where he got that from though, we don’t even watch TV! Lol. He would love those though, especially the hulk one!

  59. teenybod

    Oh these are adorable. I wish my kids were into doing Valentine’s. This is the first year they’re not.. it goes by too fast!

  60. Kathy

    These are awesome! My youngest is really in to Captain America lately. I bet she’d love to get some of these to hand out to her classmates for Valentine’s Day.

  61. Katalina @ Peas & Peonies

    These are so cool and creative, I have to show them to my friends she would be obsessed with them.

  62. Valerie

    These are so cute! They are sure to be a hit with Avengers fans.

  63. Nicole Doumato

    These are so cute! It didn’t even occur to me to download Valentine printables for classroom exchange and I went and bough pre-made : /

  64. Crystal

    Those are adorable. My kids (and us parents too) are big ol’ comic book fans. They’d love to bring these to school.

  65. Ai Sakura

    these are so adorable!! I’d love to receive one myself hahaAi @ Sakura Haruka

  66. brandyellen

    These are super cute! I should print them for my sons, because they don’t like picking out Valentine’s but have to bring them in for class.

  67. Ann Bacciaglia

    I was always the Mom that forgot until the night before to pick of Valentines cards for the kids to give out to the class. I would have loved to be able to print them off instead of running to the store. These are so cute.

  68. gingermommyrants

    These are so cute. My kids need some cards to hand out at school. I will have to get some paper so i can print some off. Thanks for the great idea.

  69. [email protected]

    I haven’t gotten the Valentine’s yet for my son to pass out at school. I also have to get he craft for the school party.

  70. Ora Lee Gurr

    Now everyone sends Valentine’s Cards to family and friends. The Avengers printables are very nice.

  71. Myrah Duque

    OMG those are so freakin cute! Me nephews would love these!

  72. Pam

    Those are just adorable and I am sure will be a big hit. I know a few little ones who would love them

  73. Swa-Rai (@swaraimedia)

    This is perfect for the boychild. I’m going to have to do this for him for his classmates.

  74. Sabrina

    Adorable valentines! Can’t wait until my little ones are old enough for these!

  75. Aubrey

    These are cute. I need to show my son and see if he wants them.

  76. Rosey Marie

    I am asking my son today if he wants to print some up too.

  77. RonRon

    Awesome printables. Love them all. Thanks for sharing it.

  78. Kiwi

    Super stinking cute! I love Vday and any boy would love to give these out for school on Vday this year! Love it!

  79. victoria

    What a cute printables for Valentines day. I can send it to my family

  80. wemake7

    My younger kiddos still bring them in and love exchanging them. These are really cute Robin!

  81. Rosey

    My youngest passes them out still. He thinks it’s fun to do it.

  82. Rebecca Swenor

    These are indeed adorable for Valentines Day. The Avengers printable Valentines would be perfect for my little nephew for his classmates. Thanks for sharing the printables.

  83. Jennifer Mercurio (@DoubleDutyMommy)

    oh my goodness these are too cute! I love the Thor saying so much. Both my girls would love these.

  84. Maddie

    These cards are really cute! I think I would have loved these.

  85. Jeanine

    These are amazing! My 6 year old will for sure want to hand these out for Valentine’s! Super cute Robin!

  86. Melissa

    These will be so fun for the kids at school to hand out this year. Thanks for sharing!

  87. Paula Schuck

    I love these. I will have to print some off for my kids. We love The Avengers.

  88. Amy Desrosiers

    These are super cute! My husband wishes I boycotted it LOL!

  89. Jessica Beal Harlow

    My 6th grader is too old now…she just rolls her eyes at me. lol But, my 9 and 5 year old love to bring in valentine’s for their classmates. We try to bring in a treat for the whole class too!

  90. Mrs. Emma Spellman

    These are so adorable! My little guys don’t celebrate yet, but things like this will be perfect when they are older.

  91. Chubskulit Rose

    Those are cute. I will have to print some for my kids.

  92. Seattle Travel Blogger

    These are cute little Valentines.
    My husband and I try to do something a little special for each other on that day.

  93. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    I LOVE these. My ex was a huge comic book person and was so in to Captain America since he was a kid. I didn’t get in to it like he did, but I sure loved Thor!

  94. Christie @ Raising Whasians

    How adorable are these Valentines? My son loves Avengers!

  95. Tonya C

    How cute are these! Obviously,we are all about Avengers over here!

  96. michelle

    these avengers valentines are so cute!!! i especially love the hawkeye one

  97. Shell Things (@shellthings)

    Those are super cute! I think my boys would like to give these out!

  98. Digna

    These are adorable, the kids will love them. As a child I loved exchanging Valentines!

  99. indah nuria Savitri

    it is cute indeed and thanks for sharing it, Robin. My boy started having all those cards and stuff since 3rd grade. well, well..

  100. April (@theaprilnoelle)

    These are way too adorable. My kiddos aren’t Avengers fans, but now I wish they were.

  101. Marielle Altenor

    These printables are adorable! I don’t suppose you can make some for me in French huh?

  102. Lisa Rios

    Such a cute & fun idea for valentines day. These Avengers printable’s looks really great & I am sure my kids are going to love it right away.

  103. Coralie

    These are SO CUTE! I love avengers – and they all look great! Did you draw them? My kids are going to love these.

  104. Carmela Pop

    OMG these are adorable!! I totally love them!

  105. Eileen xo

    Such a cute printable. My kids are now all to big. My youngest is now a middle schooler, I think they have a dance but no exchanging cards. I will miss these days

  106. seasidemermaid

    These cards are simply adorable! I know that my son would enjoy giving these to his classmates.– HilLesha

  107. rika

    Adorable printables for my kids! I love Avengers

  108. CourtneyLynne

    Omg what cute valentines!!! I will have to share these with my cousin! She has a little boy who would love these

  109. Amy Jones

    I like a lot the fact that kids celebrate valentine’s day with their friends!

  110. LauraFunk

    If those are not just the cutest things ever, then I do not know what is!

  111. LifeAsAConvert

    My kids are homeschooled, so we don’t do it at school, but we participate in a Valentine’s card exchange with our 4-H club. If I didn’t already have our Valentine’s I would print these out! My little boy LOVES Hulk.

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