Date Night Idea: Bookstore Scavenger Hunt With Free Printable #rueyear2016

Bookstore Scavenger Hunt

Today is a special day – it’s Chris’s 41st birthday! Happy Birthday, Chris.

Since we had some alone time yesterday, I took him to do something fun in celebration of his birthday weekend. He loves to read & spend time at bookstores, so we went on a bookstore scavenger hunt.

rueyear bookstore scavenger hunt

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but it was a blast. Oddly enough, we ran into each other after about an hour and 15 minutes & each of us only had one thing left to find – so it was neck in neck. The good thing about something like this is that the answers are pretty subjective. Not only did we both end up winning since we finished at the same time, but there was one answer that neither of us could get (finding a book with exactly 394 pages. He found one with 395 and I found one with 393 – so we were both pretty darn close) – so we both had all the “right” answers.

If you want to head out on a bookstore scavenger hunt, too, just print these four pages out and you’ll have everything you need for a fun day with your main squeeze.

Here are the directions:

Scavenger Hunt Directions Photo

Download them right here.

The tasks are spread out over three pages, so make sure you print out all three!

Scavenger Hunt Tasks 1

Download page 1 here.

Scavenger Hunt Tasks 2

Download page 2 here.

Scavenger Hunt Tasks 3

Download page 3 here.

The year of Robin and Chris is in full swing and the #rueyear2016 fun just keeps coming. We have a fun show that we’re going to next weekend called Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare, so be sure to follow along with the fun on Instagram and Twitter, We’re always up to something!

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  1. edwardsmom/floridabloggess

    Happy birthday – It looks like you and the birthday boy had a great time. I love ideas like this. It requires a discussion after and some thinking! And way to go thinking outside the box like that. You know, the typical date box is – movie, dinner, bowling, yada yada. Love this!

  2. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    I agree. I love this because it requires interaction. How are you supposed to interact in a movie? You just sit there in silence. It’s dark and you sit side-by-side. Dont get me wrong, I love going to movies as much as the next person, but I would rather do something a bit more like this.

  3. MJ.L

    How fun!!I know so many people who would love to do this. Happy Birthday to Chris!

  4. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Great idea indeed. This would be a great activity whether you are a book lover or not. Happy birthday Chris!

  5. OurFamilyWorld

    Sounds like you had fun. My husband and I love going to the bookstore. Happy Birthday to your husband.

  6. Dogvills

    A bookstore scavenger hunt sounds like a great idea. I would like to do this, too.

  7. Pam Wattenbarger

    Me too! It sounds like a lot of fun and I have never done something like this before.

  8. Miles Basilio

    I would agree! It is a great bonding time as well with your husband. I would love to try this.

  9. Theresa

    This sounds like such a blast! Though Jason hates bookstores, we’d have to find something else that would be similar that would hold his interest. I love this idea!

  10. OurFamilyWorld

    It does sound like a blast. My husband on the other hand loves the bookstore. He loves to read; history books, especially.

  11. LifeAsAConvert

    What about having it at a movie store instead. The rules and hunt could be similar.

  12. Kelly Hutchinson

    My husband is not a fan of bookstores either. I bet he would love to do this in the sporting goods store lol!

  13. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    My husband is not much of a reader either, but I really love the idea too!

  14. Fashionable Librarian

    I heard someone talking about this on the radio the other night. Very nice date night activity. I have saved it

  15. Ai Sakura

    Such a cool idea and perfect for anybody who loves books!! Happy birthday Chris!

  16. TravellingBookJunkie (@t_bookjunkie)

    Being a complete bookworm I love this idea – definitely something I will be suggesting to others in the near future! Thanks for sharing

  17. Jeanine

    What fun! I’ve never heard of anything like this but I think its a brilliant idea. I love browsing around the bookstore so why not make it a little bit more fun!

  18. Sequins in the South (@CarlsonLaci)

    How fun and different! I love it and am definitely doing it !! Laci

  19. Jessica Beal Harlow

    I absolutely love this idea! I could literally spend hours in a bookstore. Now convincing my husband might take some work. He’s not much of a bookworm, but I think he’d have fun playing along (as long as our predetermined prize was a really good one)! lol

  20. Chanelle

    Haha. A good prize would definitely sway it your way!

  21. Amy Desrosiers

    That is super cool! I wish I had alone time with my husband to do something fun like this.

  22. Paula Schuck

    This is the best idea ever! I love reading, and so does my husband. This is perfect for us.

  23. Jennifer

    I think a book scavenger hunt sounds like a great date night idea. There’s nothing better than looking through great books. It’s such an adventure!

  24. Rebecca

    Sounds so fun. I love to read and hang out in bookstores as well. this is something i would have a blast doing.

  25. kwhiz84

    This is such a creative date night idea! So awesome! I love bookstores and my husband and I would have a blast doing this!

  26. NutriFitMama

    That is SUCH a creative idea! We are a bookstore loving family, so that would actually work for ANY of us lol!

  27. Catherine S

    This sounds like a fun date night. This would also be fun to do with my son. He loves to read and is always asking to go to the book store.

  28. Jeanette

    Now that is an awesome idea! I would’ve never thought of that. We are totally doing this with the entire family and maybe on a date night or two also.

  29. tara pittman

    My daughter and son in law are book lovers. They would have a blast with this.

  30. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This would be a fun thing to do on a date night! It will surely be a lot of fun. I just hope the people in the bookstore won’t think we’re crazy! LOL. Thank you for the idea!

  31. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Book and bookstore liver that I am, this is right up my alley. Love the idea!

  32. Jennifer Williams

    Some of those could easily be used for a fun homeschool field trip too. We love going to the bookstore so I will definitely be trying this with my little guy.

  33. Pam Wattenbarger

    What a fun idea for a date. My husband and I visit a used book store about once a week.

  34. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    Books, libraries, book stores of all types are my favorite places. I am going to have to bookmark this for my next date night. This could be so much fun!

  35. NotNowMomsBusy

    Such a cool and unique idea. I bet people who enjoy reading and visiting bookstores would love to participate in one of those.

  36. Ana De Jesus

    Aw this is adorable hun you guys are so cute together xx

  37. Amanda || Growing Up Madison

    Sounds like you two had an amazing time and what a great idea that is.

  38. Kelly Hutchinson

    I absolutely love this idea! My husband would not get into it, but my daughter would. This would be a fun mommy/daughter date thing.

  39. Seattle Travel Blogger

    This is a a creative idea.
    It seems like it would be a mini adventure combined with a game of sorts.

  40. Megan Elford

    What a fun idea! Before we had kids, my husband and I would often spend lazy Sunday afternoons browsing around Chapters and drinking Lattes slowly. Not so much anymore. This would be a fun way to remind us of those days!

  41. Diana Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday Chris! How cool is this? This would definitely make sure my skills were sharp when trying to find a title in a library – we have one right around the corner and I’m due for a visit! How fun!

  42. Toni | BoulderLocavore

    This is genius! Not only for a date night but for any birthday celebration. My kids love scavenger hunts and reading. Definitely bookmarking this. Happy birthday to Chris!

  43. sippycupmom

    Okay, so this is a really fun idea! My husband and I love bookstores and that used to be where we went when we started dating.

  44. Liz Mays

    This is such a fun idea. I love the tasks. That 394 page one must be pretty tough.

  45. teenybod

    Oh this is so much fun! (And Happy Birthday to Chris!) This is the perfect idea for me and my BF. We may make another couple do this with us as a fun double date!

  46. Urvi

    That’s super fun idea. Never thought about it

  47. milenabarrett

    OMG! This is hysterical! My husband and I would have a blast doing this, thanks for the awesome idea!

  48. Tisha

    happy birthday Chris! I am sure you had a blast! Thanks for sharing this really fun dating idea Robin

  49. Jenn

    This sounds like so much fun! Several years back we attended a meet-up at a bookstore and, at the end, we all had to grab our favorite book to pose with for a group picture.

  50. April Mims

    A scavenger hunt is always a great idea! My husband isn’t a book lover but I’m sure my girls would really enjoy this activity.

  51. Cindy (Prime Beauty)

    What a fun game and perfect for date night!!

  52. Katalina @ Peas & Peonies

    I love this idea and I love all the hunt tasks.

  53. travel blogger

    This is such a fun idea! My husband and I love books, and this would be perfect for us.

  54. Erica Brooks

    This is such a great idea. Maybe we’ll try this on our next date night.

  55. TaMara

    What a fun idea! We love date night and this is something I’ve never thought of before. You could even tweak this for different settings!!

  56. amotherworld

    You two are so adventurous! What a cute idea. Happy Birthday to Chris.

  57. keikilanij

    What a fun date night! I bet it produced a lot of laughs.

  58. Miles Basilio

    This seems to be a great game! I love books and any game about books would really be appreciated.

  59. alissa

    This looks like a whole lot of fun! I could see it even being a son/mom date – Mica would love this! Travis likes bookstore, but I’m not sure if he’d like a scavenger hunt as much as Mica would. I would have to change the rules a bit for him possibly. Happy Birthday to Chris!!!

  60. Chasing Joy (Arlett) (@Chasing_Joy)

    This is really cute. I am going to share this with my book club it could be a fun outing.

  61. Elizabeth O.

    What a really awesome idea! I think this is very adorable especially if you’re going to do it with your husband. By the way, I love the shirts! You look so happy!

  62. Bubby's Mommy (@BubbysMommy2014)

    OMG! This looks like so much fun. Definitely gonna do this with hubby very soon!!! Thanks <3

  63. michelle

    this sounds like such a cute date night idea i would love to do this at my local bookstore

  64. Ann Bacciaglia

    Happy Birthday Chris! This looks like it was a ton of fun. I will have to keep this in mind as a fun date night idea.

  65. Kathy

    This is an awesome scavenger hunt! I would have a lot of fun with this. Unfortunately I’m not to sure about my husband. He’s not in to books as it is..but this would certainly be fun!

  66. Rho

    How cool is that! This is a must try!

  67. Debra

    This is totally my kind of date night, but I would probably get distracted and sit down to read somewhere.

  68. Aubrey

    This would be a really fun group date idea too. We’re always looking for new date ideas.

  69. Sarah

    This is such a fun, budget friendly idea.

  70. [email protected]

    What a fun idea for a date night. I am always up for a good date night.

  71. Ricci

    Happy Birthday Chris!! What a fun game to play!! I need to do this!!

  72. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    That sounds like a graet scavenger hunt! I hope he had a great birthday!

  73. tauyanm

    looks like a fun thing to do with friends!!

  74. Miss (@thedealmatch)

    This is a very fun idea for couples! We love scavenger hunt and never done it at the bookstore.

  75. victoria

    Such a fun ideas, We never try the book scavenger but it looks fun for the couples.

  76. Sarah Marturano

    I love this date night idea! Probably one of the coolest date night ideas I’ve came across in a long time.

  77. Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    Oh my golly gosh! This looks like a very fun date night! This would be a perfect date night for the bookworm couples. We might want to try this. A very brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing!

  78. MyTeenGuide

    This is a perfect date night idea for book lovers like us. We have to try this.

  79. jillconyers

    What a fun idea! My husband and I almost always include a trip to the bookstore on date nights.

  80. RonRon

    Awesomely creative idea you got here. Love this!

  81. rochkirstin

    Waaa! This is a great couple activity to do to have some fun. My boyfriend also loves visiting the bookstore even when he’s not really thinking of buying new books to add into this collection. Because he visit the bookstore more frequently than I do, he may be able to ace this game.

  82. Rizza

    Cool idea! If I have the time, I’d introduce this to my friends!

  83. top5life

    Very interesting and full of fun. I would try to make this popular among our friends.

  84. kunzeallison

    This is such a fun idea!! I’m working on compiling a list of fun date night ideas. Would you mind if I included this with a link back here??

  85. ohnikkashae

    What a fun way to get your date night in with your spouse!! My husband and I love date nights!!!

  86. Nicole Haas Etolen

    I like the idea of Scavenger tips, I’d like to get this fee printable. This is really smart ideas.

  87. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    This is something my family would enjoy! It is not only for date night but for the entire family as well. We’d have to keep the noise down or else we might be asked to leave the bookstore. haha.

  88. Chubskulit Rose

    This sounds so much fun! I love to read but my husband isn’t much.

  89. kristimaloney

    What a fun idea to do together- plus it’s a great indoor activity too. Happy Birthday Chris!

  90. Claudia krusch

    This is a great idea! I can’t wait to try it with my husband! We’ve done Valentines at B&N two years in a row!

  91. Lexie Lane

    What a fun and cool idea! If I have free time, I will invite my friends or my family to do this ’cause we love reading.

  92. Rebecca Swenor

    Happy Birthday Chris. This sounds like an amazing time indeed for both of you and an awesome idea to have a bookstore scavenger hunt. I think this would indeed be fun to do. Thanks for the printable.

  93. Jaime Nicole

    This sounds like such a blast – especially since we are always at a bookstore anyway! I love the creativity and the fun – great idea!

  94. Debra Fazio-Rutt

    What a clever idea. I spend so much time in bookstores – just wandering around looking for a good book. This might introduce me to some new books I didn’t know were out there!

  95. Christie @ Raising Whasians

    What a FUN date night idea! I can see this for groups as well!

  96. CourtneyLynne

    Omg how fun!!! Makes me miss living where there is a book store! Haha yeah… 30,000+ people living in my town and no bookstore -_- guess that tells you how many awesome and smart people live here lol… Ughhhh lol…

  97. dawn

    oh this is right up my alley. i would loveee this. thanks for sharing. i may look for something like this in my area.

  98. Lynndee

    I have no doubt my husband who is a certified bookworm will not have second thoughts of doing that kind of hunt. Sounds super fun to me too!

  99. krystle cook

    I would of never thought of doing something so create as a scavenger hunt for my husband’s birthday. Thanks for the idea! My husband’s birthday is in a couple weeks!

  100. Yolanda @ Seeing It Their Way

    What a creative afternoon with the hubby. I would be sharing this post with my book worm friends.

  101. Adriana

    Interesting idea if you’re a book lover! Fun post!

  102. Kiwi

    What a sexy date! I would love to have a date night scavenger hunt…I am such a bookworm!

  103. Jennifer Pilgrim

    The competitiveness of this date excites me! This would even be cute for a best friend, or sister date.

  104. Quin B

    Now that’s what I call an inventive idea! I love books too and this sounds right up my alley!

  105. Janell @ Saving You Dinero

    This sounds like such a fun idea! Thanks for making it so easy to re-create!

  106. Kristina

    Very fun idea! I love books! My late husband would have loved this. Maybe I can turn it into something to do with some friends?

  107. Hannah Adkins

    This seems like such a fun idea! i’ve honestly never done a scavenger hunt in a bookstore, but I think I might now!

  108. wemake7

    What an awesome idea. =) I love it. Happy belated birthday to your husband. I can’t wait to try this idea.

  109. Lisa Rios

    Happy Birthday to Chris & you both are such wonderful couple, I am sure you had a great time out there. Such a good idea to go for a scavenger hunt, a perfect date night idea with loads of fun.

  110. Rorybore

    What a great idea!!! I fear I’d be tempted to sit down and read half way through.. especially if it is a book about food. ha.

  111. Becca Wilson

    This scavenger hunt looks like so much fun. I never would think to do something like this.

  112. Yona Williams

    This sounds like soooo much fun. I wish my sweetie would do something like this with me.

  113. Renee

    I really love this! I would love to do this in a giant book store to really make it work! This could be a great time with a bunch of book lovers.

  114. littlemisscant

    Love this! We are always looking for something fun to do that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and I’m adding this to my list!

  115. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    Happy Birthday, Chris. what a fun way to celebrate his day!

  116. Chenoa F4Family

    This is awesome! I absolutely love bookstores. If my husband took my to a bookstore for a date night, even without the scavenger hunt, I’d be stoked but the game is an even better idea!

  117. Alice Megan

    This sounds like so much fun! What a neat idea.

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