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One of the reasons I love where I live is that it’s so rich in Native American culture here. I live in a town adjacent to where it all began – Plymouth, MA (you know, where the first Thanksgiving took place). Everywhere you go around here, there are reminders that the Native Americans left their footprint here first and I love finding ways to teach my kids about their culture. While there are many tribes, the Wompanoags are most prominent in this area.

This DIY teepee craft is the perfect way to teach your kids about the Native American culture here in the US. It’s easy to make & only needs a few supplies.

How to make a teepee kids craft:

Here’s what you need:

  • sticks of varying lengths but of similar thickness (average of 10 inches 10 1 ft. shown)
  • tape and glue to secure things to the tee pee
  • scissors
  • craft items to decorate your teepee such as various types of string and yarn, washi tape, fabric scraps, ribbon, construction paper, felt, feathers, etc.



1. Gather your sticks ( about 6 – 8)
2. Lay them on a flat surface and make sure that all the ends on one side are level with each other.
3. Near the top of the sticks (more than half way up) begin to weave string in and around the sticks so that they are securely connected.


4. Pull the string tight enough that they are in a bundle, but loose enough that the branches can be pulled outwards to create a teepee shape. Tie in a knot.



5. Spread out the sticks into a teepee shape.


6. Break some sticks to fit in between the tee pee sticks and use tape to secure them. This will make a stable foundation for your tee pee and keep it from sliding down.

7. Now it is time to decorate! Wrap your teepee with string, washi tape and other items, using glue to secure them where needed.



8. Once your tee pee is decorated to your liking, add some feathers on the top by placing a bit of glue on the bottom of the feathers and placing them in the top sticks of the teepee.


What are some of your favorite fall crafts to do with your kids?

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  1. Alli Smith

    The boys would love to help make this cute little teepee! I’m sure it would spark their imaginations and it’s so cute and colorful.

  2. Akhil Sharma

    DIY projects are always cool and they likewise incorporate many beneficial elements. DIY tasks are fun and allow you to be creative. Btw this is really a cute teepee

  3. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon

    DYI crafts with the kids are always fun -not only do we get something a keepsake-but the memories last forever. My favorite crafts were anything to do with their hand prints-because they are only small for so long!

  4. Vera Sweeney

    What a fun craft for kids!!! I know my oldest loves to do crafts like this, would be right up her alley with Thanksgiving coming up.

  5. Paula Schuck

    That’s so cute! I love doing crafts like this with the kids.

  6. Heather

    That’s such a cute craft idea. My kids would love making these and placing them all around the house.

  7. Dina demarest

    that is such a cute idea! This would be a fun craft to do on thanksgiving while the kids are waiting for the food to get on the table.

  8. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That’s so much fun. Crafts like this are a great way to get in some quality time with the kids.

  9. Tamika

    This would be the perfect craft to do when I take my Girl Scouts to camp. What a great way to use nature and the girls creativity. I’ll post a picture when my troop finish making these crafts.

  10. Colleen Lanin

    How cute! I love that you used sticks instead of store bought craft sticks. Great job.

  11. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    This looks like such a fun kid’s craft. I’d love to make this teepee with my kids. What a fun project for a rainy weekend!

  12. Jeanette

    Easy and fun! That is exactly what I am looking for! This would be fun project to do with my kiddo! Great idea!

  13. Jojo Vito

    It’s nice to teach kids some crafts that will not only develop their creativity but they will learn something from it like culture and history.

  14. Brandy

    That’s so cute and simple! I love doing DIY crafts with my kids and I love that you can teach them about the culture as well.

  15. jenna smith

    maybe i can also try doing a Christmas tree version of these with my kids.. i that case we can save and we can have our family bonding at the same time

  16. Mitch

    What an awesome DIY project! This would be perfect for a social studies unit on American history!

  17. tara pittman

    This craft could start with a nature walk to collect the sticks and maybe the feathers. This would be perfect for the cub scouts.

  18. Sarah

    What a super cute and easy craft idea to do with kids. I love teepees!

  19. Janalyn Sullivan

    What a fun craft! Sharing with my sister for her little ones.

  20. Debra

    My nephews would totally love this craft! What a fun things with falls sticks in the yard!

  21. Pam Wattenbarger

    This is super cute. What a perfect craft for the Thanksgiving season!

  22. Amber Myers

    This is so neat! My daughter would absolutely LOVE to do this.

  23. Foodie Finds Home

    While I can’t say I have any favorite fall crafts, #NotCrafty. I will say I’d like to try this one. It’s absolutely adorable and I know my kids would totally enjoy creating it.

  24. Jessica

    This is such a great idea to share with kids! I can’t wait to try it out with my daughter. Thanks for sharing this!!!

  25. Catherine S

    This is such a cute fall craft. I am always looking for fun craft ideas to do with my niece and nephew. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Chavonne Harvey

    I like the teepee craft, it’s very unique. I know the kids will have fun making it. Right now we’re crafting holiday decorations.

  27. Cindy Ingalls

    You always share the most creative crafts. I just love them all, and how they spark creative ideas in me. This is another great one to help teach kids about Thanksgiving and our Native Americans.

  28. Marcie W.

    This craft would be a wonderful way to incorporate some hands on fun while learning about Native Americans. Even my older children would enjoy a project like this!

  29. karen

    Love this DIY for a mil reasons! Its simple, its creative and its so perfect for the fall! I love your step by step process – always make it so easy to understand!

  30. Jena Proctor

    What a simple and cute craft! I love that it involved using nature in the craft as well. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Dee

    This is a cute craft project that kids and do to help celebrate the Thanksgiving. I like that it is simple to make and it won’t cost a lot.

  32. Melanie Smith

    That is so cutee! You have a great imagination. Congrats!

  33. heather s-g

    This is a very cute craft idea for the season. Love the items that you chose for colors and textures.

  34. Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    What a fun project. I remember, years ago, when my kids studied native Americans during homeschool and they created the most amazing village. Just so much fun

  35. Theresa

    Aren’t you just a ball of craftiness!? I love this idea and want to make a few of these with my girls!

  36. MarciaF

    We always did things with leaves. My kids loved being outdoors so collecting them was their favorite part.

  37. shalama

    That teepee is a cool project to make with kids.

  38. Amber Nelson

    Oh for fun. I can see how this would be a great history lesson for kiddos too. I love this idea!

  39. Elizabeth O.

    This craft is awesome! I like that it’s easy enough for kids to make and it’s a great way to introduce them to the Native American culture. There’s nothing like learning while having fun!

  40. terristeffes

    That’s a cute craft. When brown paper bags were given away more freely we used to make old leather looking maps from them or leather vests to wear decorated with Native American symbols and designs.

  41. Kita Bryant

    This is so dang cute! I don’t think I’ll ever be creative so it makes me happy to find people like you who are!

  42. Janell Poulette

    We love anything that has to do with pumpkins for crafting, but this is a super cute idea! My husbands family is native American, so this would be a great craft we can do with the grandparents to learn about their ancestors!

  43. Michelle @ Sunshine and

    I love how easy and mess free these are! So great for each place setting at Thanksgiving!

  44. Daniel

    Great idea. Anything to keep them off the computer 24/7

  45. Bella

    This is such a cool craft! Even better, they have to go find the supplies first.

  46. Taylor Mobley

    I would have been all over this as a kid. I was totally obsessed with all things indian. I made my own tee pees all the time!! So cool!

  47. Kiwi

    This was pretty easy. I am actually really into Native American culture the older I get and thats so interesting you live near so many of the culture history (well in a sense we all do).

  48. Rebecca Swenor

    This DIY teepee craft is indeed an awesome idea for kids for the fall. I used to do the hand turkeys along with the tracing the leaves with my boys when they were little. This teepee craft will be something I can do with my niece’s kids. I know they would love to do craft these for sure. Thanks for sharing the craft.

  49. Amanda

    Oh what a cute little craft! I love this, and I’m sure many kids will too! Perfect for teaching them about Native American culture!

  50. victoria

    Wow, this is so creative! and I love the ideas

  51. Megan McCoig

    This is such a cute idea! I love all the multi-coloured feathers to ! I might make one and use the same colours in pastel!

  52. Toni |

    That is so cute! My kids and I love making Halloween crafts. Now I know what our next project would be!

  53. Rebecca Bryant

    what a cute craft. this is perfect fro thanksgiving time.

  54. OurFamilyWorld

    This is so cute. I love doing crafts with my twin granddaughters. They’ll love this, for sure.

  55. Kimberly

    Where has this been for all of my son’s school homework projects? This is awesome. Perfect before they start learning about the MayFlower story.

  56. Teresa Kunberger

    Hmm this looks fun! I live in WV so I am sure we can find tons of cool stuff for one! Mission time!

  57. haleybop

    Best childhood memory was when my dad built us aREAL TEEPEE. he got wood, some “fabric we could paint” (canvas from walmart) and set it up, and then got us some paints and let us paint it. I think we still have the canvas somewhere. So awesome! this is so cute.

  58. haleybop

    Best childhood memory was when my dad built us a REAL TEEPEE. he got wood, some “fabric we could paint” (canvas from walmart) and set it up, and then got us some paints and let us paint it. I think we still have the canvas somewhere. So awesome! this is so cute.

  59. Jeanine

    Love, Love, Love this! What a great idea. Would love to do something like this with my kids. Especially my younger ones and get them introduced to different cultures early!

  60. Bill S

    This looks like so much fun to make!!! What a fun idea to make Thanksgiving decorations like this.

  61. Kathy

    That is such a cute craft. I’ll have to get some of these items so I can make them with my girls. I know they’re going to love it too.

  62. Kathy

    That is such a cute craft. I’ll have to get some of these items so I can make them with my girls. I know they’re going to love it too.

  63. Shell

    This is such a cute idea! I bet we have almost all the materials already. Maybe we’ll try it this weekend!

  64. Ann Bacciaglia

    This is such a cute craft. I will have to make this with my friends kids when they come visit me. We love to do any craft with paint.

  65. Sheena Tatum

    My kids would be all for this craft. Some of them are learning about this culture and era in school as well. Perfect timing!

  66. Krystel @ Planning The Magic

    No way! This is awesome, reminds me of this movie I loved as a kid called Indian in the Cupboard

  67. Ave

    What a fun craft! I’m sure my daughter would love to create a teepee for her little dolls!

  68. Kelly Hutchinson

    What a great craft! It is so cool that the kids can learn about Native American culture and have fun at the same time!

  69. Karlyn Cruz

    Oh, it is so cute. I love making DIY crafts since I was a kid, hope my son will like making too.

  70. natalie

    Oh my this is so fun! I bet my boys would love to make this with me!

  71. Ricci

    What a great craft idea! This is perfect for fall really!

  72. Ourfamilyworld

    Oh, nice craft. This looks interesting. We will make it at home.

  73. Nicole Etolen

    Wow, this craft is so nice. My son will be surely amazed by this.

  74. Kelly Reci

    I haven’t done anything DIY for a long time. This is a great idea.

  75. Rachel The Everyday Mom Life

    That’s cute! I bet my daughter would love looking for the sticks for this and making it for her toys.

  76. Blythe Alpern

    Learning about other cultures is so important. I love how you paired the education with a fun, engaging craft.

  77. Dana Vento

    This is a nice craft. You are so creative, I haven’t done anything like this.

  78. Wildish Jess

    Wow, what a cute idea! We will definitely have to do this!

  79. lauren happel

    This would be an awesome craft for homeschoolers! I love it!

  80. Jasmine Watts

    What a fun craft for kids!! I’m sure kids would love making these. Thanks for sharing!

  81. Taty Pradilla

    This looks so cute and easy!! I am going to have to give this a try with my kids.

  82. adriana

    Such an easy and fun DIY for kids! I love this idea, they look easy to make too! Perfect for a rainy day inside.

  83. Marielle Altenor

    That teepee is too cute!! I love Fall crafts. I saw one on Pinterest of a candy corn made out of buttons!

  84. Reesa Lewandowski

    This is such an adorable craft. My kids would love to make these!

  85. Denea

    So cute and creative. My son would love to do this, crafts are a big hit in our house! Thanks for sharing this!

  86. Caroline @ The Caro Diaries

    This looks like such a fun and easy craft! I’m sure your kids enjoyed this craft!

  87. Leslie Hernandez

    This looks like a really cool DIY project, I love creating things and doing fun projects too!!

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