DIY Valentine's Day Banner

DIY Valentines Day Banner

I am going to be honest, we’re not big on Valentine’s Day around our house. In fact, my husband and I refuse to celebrate it, but that doesn’t mean that the kids can’t have a little Valentine’s Day fun. I generally adorn my house with a few small decorations to acknowledge the “holiday” and this year I decided to make a fun Valentine’s Day conversation heart banner to hang up.

The banner is wicked easy to make and it will make a lovely addition to anyone’s decor. You can get as creative with the sayings on the conversation hearts as you want and believe me when I say, it can be real fun to come up with some out of the ordinary sayings. Because of the kids, I kept mine family friendly, but you can go in just about any direction you want with yours.

Here’s what you need to make your Valentine’s Day Banner:

  • Pastel card stock
  • Wilton heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Red marker
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon

Valentines Day Banner

Here’s what you do:

1. Trace your heart shaped cookie cutter onto your pastel card stock.
2. Cut out your card stock hearts with scissors.

Valentines Day Banner1

3. Use conversation hearts as inspiration for what to write on to your hearts with your red marker, things like love, text me, I love you, etc.

Valentines Day Banner2

4. Using a hole punch punch two holes in each heart on the top two humps like so.

Valentines Day Banner3

5. Now you can start weaving in your ribbon through the punched holes starting from the back ,through, and in the top of the other side.

Valentines Day Banner7

6. Once you have weaved through all of your hearts tie a knot at the ends of your ribbon then hang up to display!

Valentines Day Banner6

It’s super easy to make and your new banner will make a great addition to your Valentine’s Day decorations.

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  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I will share this post with my cousins and sister. They have little kids who would love to make their own banner just like this one.

  2. MyTeenGuide

    What a cute banner. I would love to surprise my husband with this.

  3. Elizabeth O.

    That would be such a sweet gesture!

  4. Miles Basilio

    That’s a great idea! A DIY project done by the kids and wife would be a sweet surprise for the husband.

  5. Liz Mays

    You can’t get easier than that for real, and it’s just too darn cute. Conversation hearts are always fun!

  6. Chubskulit Rose

    How cute is that! I will show this to my daughter, I am sure she would like to make it.

  7. Liz Mays

    I think choosing the messages will be half the fun! It’s a seriously cute idea!

  8. Jennifer

    That’s so adorable. The thing I love about this is how easy it is to make. Easy is always a winner when it comes to projects like this.

  9. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    This is such a cute Valentine’s craft! I love the simplicity of it, but I also love the adorable factor. This is so perfect for crafting with the kids.

  10. Annemarie LeBlanc

    So cute and easy to make. Valentine’s day in my household is spent with family. We and the kids gather together for lunch on that day. They are all grown ups now and they have their own dinner parties/dates to attend to.

  11. Shaun

    Wicked cute! This will be a fun project with my daughter!

  12. Ourfamilyworld

    This is a super cute idea. I also love the cute messages.

  13. tara pittman

    I love the colors in this. I need to make this with my boys.

  14. Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

    I love this! And you could always add the letters of your last name to adorn the wreath on the front door! Also a great fine motor skill for the little ones (using safety scissors and tracing!)

  15. Tessa S.

    I’m totally making this with the kiddos this year. I’m thinking I’ll change it up a bit and incorporate some super hero action into it.

  16. Jeanette

    This looks like an easy project that my son and I could do together. Might be fun to make and have him bring it to school to help decorate his classroom.

  17. Catherine S

    The banner is really cute. Now that my son is grown I don’t put up as many decorations. We don’t do gifts, but we usually go out to eat and see a movie.

  18. irishred13

    very cute and definitely looks easy to make. the kids would love it

  19. maria @ closetohome

    Who needs to spend a lot of money on decorations when you can make these look so easy.

  20. michelle

    this valentine’s day banner is so cute! i love easy to make projects that add the holiday spirit to homes

  21. Gloria @ Homemade & Yummy

    What a cute idea. The kids will love making these for sure.

  22. lisa

    This is such a cute craft idea! I would love to make this with my girls (they love crafting)!

  23. Swa-Rai (@swaraimedia)

    This is so cute! I’ve been looking for something to do with the boychild. This is right up my alley. thanks love.

  24. Seattle Travel Blogger

    Like yourself, my husband and I are not into Valentine’s Day that much.
    But I could see how this banner would be fun for children during this time.

  25. alissa

    That’s cute! I kind of did that with cookies last year. I never thought to make a banner.

  26. Jennifer Van Huss

    That is very cute! That would be easy for the kids to do and would show off their individual style.

  27. Karissa @WithOurBest (@withourbest)

    What an adorable and easy to do craft! The colors are just perfect too!

  28. Terri's Thoughts

    looks like fun for anyone to craft, and oh so cute

  29. Brett Beyer

    CUTE! This will be great for when the kids are decorating valentines boxes for school, too!

  30. Sherry Hudson-Smith

    What a cute idea. I haven’t been one to decorate for Valentine’s Day but if I did this would be something I would try.

  31. Chanelle

    Love conversation hearts. My kids will love this craft. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Vera Sweeney

    Love this craft!! This looks like a craft that my daughter would love to make and one she could on her own to!

  33. Amanda Love

    Super cute. What a great project for every one.

  34. Ana De Jesus

    Your banner is so cute and perfect for Valentines day!

  35. Marcie W.

    This banner idea is so cute! Since I prefer to make Valentine’s Day all about my kids, I would personalize the hearts with extra special messages and inside jokes.

  36. littlemisscant

    I wish we could go back 20 years and see what these conversation hearts had on them then. The “text me” one just makes me feel so old! LOL!! Love the banner…it’s super cute!

  37. Toni | BoulderLocavore

    What a fun and playful idea! I remember making Valentine’s in high school with conversation hearts and we’d create secret messages! So fun.

  38. Jeanine

    This is super cute! My kids would love to do something like this for my house. We plan to have some family fun on Valentine’s so this would be great to do with my kids

  39. milenabarrett

    Oh how fun! This is a great activity to do with the kids!

  40. Annemarie LeBlanc

    We’ll have to let teachers know about this. It would be a nice activity for the kids to make and take home to give to their parents!

  41. Brandy

    Really cute and neat idea! Will definitely have to try to decorate for Valentine’s.

  42. Aimee

    I love crafting for holidays. Such a cute idea, can’t wait to try!

  43. toughcookiemommy

    This banner is perfect for Valentine’s Day and it is so creative. I love that you can hang it up anywhere around the house.

  44. Rebecca

    What a wonderful DIY project for the kids. This would be great for family time.

  45. Rachel Cadaret-Akers

    This is adorable, and SO easy! I can’t ever think of cute stuff like this. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Elizabeth O.

    That’s such a cute heart garland! I love the idea of turning it into paper “candy” hearts. So adorable!

  47. Amber NElson

    That is so cute and so festive! I love the look of the candy hearts.

  48. Kathy

    This is such a cute idea. My girls love all kinds of crafts, so this would be fun to do with them. I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is coming up so soon!

  49. Bri

    This would be such a great easy craft to do with my little cousins. They can also enjoy the sweetheart candies afterward.

  50. Maryann Peik

    So cute and so easy! My girls would love to make these.

  51. 1stopmom

    This is such a cute craft. It looks easy enough for me to give it a try!

  52. travel blogger

    So cute! I love to do arts and crafts with the kids for Valentine’s Day.

  53. sabridalshop

    I love a quick and easy craft. My daughter would enjoy making this. She’s always leaving Post Its around the house.

  54. mommytalkshow

    I’m far from crafty and I think I could handle that. My son would want to gobble up the candies!

  55. Ann Bacciaglia

    This is such a cute craft idea. I will have to make one with my friends kids this weekend.It will look great on my mantle.

  56. Tammi Roy

    My kids are going to have fun with this craft. I will have to get the supplies i need to make this on the weekend.

  57. Lisa Bristol

    I love making banners. This one is perfect for Valentines day. My kids are going to love it.

  58. Nicky

    We aren’t big on Valentine’s day either. The kids could take it or leave it. This is a fun ideas and the kids would welcome the chance to get crafty.

  59. Censie

    This is so cute! And super easy. REminds me I need to decorate for Valentines Day soon!!

  60. Athena

    That is a cute banner that my daughter and grandson would have a great time making. Thank you

  61. [email protected]

    Too cute. What a fun idea that my kids would love to make.

  62. Ricci

    I love this DIY conversation heart banner!! So cute!!

  63. Coach Donna L Ward

    This is so cute and yep it would be a sweet gesture to surprise my hubby also –

  64. rochkirstin

    Pastel colors look cute! This is a great DIY art project for Valentine’s. The banner can also be displayed at the back of the door or on the wall.

  65. ciaoflorentina

    How cute is that ! I love the color scheme you have going ! Adorbs !

  66. Carol Bryant

    Robin, what an adorable idea with a cookie cutter. I bet this will brighten up your loved ones all day long!

  67. LauraFunk

    This would be great for my son to make to practice his writing skills too!

  68. thedealmatchmaker

    This is a cute Valentine’s Day craft! I love the color combination.

  69. Sarah Marturano

    What a fun craft. I’ll have to give this a try with my kids, they’d love it.

  70. simplybeingmommy

    Super cute! I am crazy about conversation hearts, so this is a way to enjoy my favorites without having to spend an extra hour at the gym.

  71. Miles Basilio

    This DIY project looks fantastic. It also looks easy to prepare. The kids would be thrilled to try this one.

  72. AnitaBreeze

    This looks like a fun family project! Thanks for sharing it!

  73. Nicole

    How cute is this. Such a great idea and it looks easy to make

  74. Fashionable Librarian

    I do not have a craft bone in me so this will come in handy

  75. Jessie

    this is such a great idea. i love valentines day, and who doesn’t love crafting?

  76. Kiwi

    This is so creative! I love you make the hearts with cookie cutters!

  77. Erlene

    Super cute idea. I love easy and budget friendly holiday craft ideas.

  78. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    I’m sorry you never got into Valentine’s Day, it has been so much fun for us! I’m glad you get to enjoy it with your kids though!

  79. Rosey Marie

    You did a great job with the banner. These kinds of decorations are fun. My daughter would be all-in with this one too.

  80. Kait

    So cute and fun! I think this would be a great craft for me and my nieces. Thanks!

  81. Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    Aww.. What a nice banner! I would make a couple of these and would let my kids help. A fun and loving way to bond.

  82. victoria

    What a fun decoration for valentines. Your so creative

  83. Lexie Lane

    Perfect for my daughter’s project this period. I will save this, thank for that.

  84. Nicole Haas Etolen

    This is totally cute and easy DIY for Valentine’s Day! I’m thinking to make a DIY Valentine banner and this would be perfect.

  85. Claudette Esterine

    Oh you crafty people put me to shame! Lovely, very lovely banner.

  86. Maddie

    So cute! I don’t even usually do anything for Valentine’s Day and I wanna make this.

  87. Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest

    This is such a cute idea! Conversation hearts are one of my favorite parts of the holiday anyway so this craft is right up my alley!

  88. janeanedavis

    That banner is such a cute idea. I like that it can be placed anywhere at home or even in the office.

  89. Melissa

    This is such a cute and fun project! I think the kids would enjoy doing this one for Valentine’s Day for sure!

  90. Amy Jones

    What a great banner its easy to make and beautiful for everyplace of the house! Thanks for sharing this awesome craft

  91. Brittany

    This is a great activity to do with the kids! Thanks for the idea!

  92. Paula Schuck

    This is going to be a fun craft to do with the kids. I will have to make a few to put up around the house.

  93. Brianna George

    Super cute idea Robin. I bet my 4 year old will like to make one for his brother.:)

  94. Ora Lee Gurr

    That is a clever idea to use the heartshaped cookie cutter for marking the shapes. The banner is really cute and lets them make the Valentine’s wish to suit their fancy.

  95. autumnreo

    I love when crafts are so easy and simple – and of course, as cute as it is! I love being able to decorate a little during the holidays like this. Thanks for the idea!

  96. Up Run for Life

    This is super cute and easy to make. It would look perfect on my mantle.

  97. Ana Fernandez

    Love this craft idea!! I’m on a quest for everything about Valentine’s Day and this is on my must make list

  98. Colette S

    Something easy and fun so uncrafty me could make it with the kids.
    I love it!

  99. tracey

    This is so cute! I want to make this to put up at my cubicle!!

  100. kristimaloney

    This is really a cute idea – love the conversation hearts!

  101. Janell @ Saving You Dinero

    This is so cool! I am going to surprise my kids and put it up for them.

  102. Lisa @bitesforbabies

    With all the horrible news going on in the world today this would be a great idea to do in a classroom…to fill it up with positive words and ideas!

  103. Crystal McWhirter-Lopez

    Love this sweet homemade banner! It looks really easy and I have most of these materials on hand. We must get to crafting!

  104. thecrunchymommy

    how fun and cute!!! it’s perfect for valentine’s day!!!

  105. Marielle Altenor

    Really simple diy! Just how I like them lol We have to get some Valentine’s Day diy going here at my house soon. This one would be perfect!

  106. Coralie

    This is so simple yet so very cute! I love it. My could will have a blast helping me make one for our entry way.

  107. Stephanie Pass

    This is such a cute idea! I love it! It looks just like conversational hearts.

  108. CourtneyLynne

    Omg what a cute banner!!!! This is totally something my daughter would have a blast crafting up!

  109. Miss (@thedealmatch)

    Very cute DIY Valentine’s day! I love the color combination and the idea

  110. Adriana

    Super cute and looks like it’s easy to make too! How fun to get festive!!

  111. Christina Aliperti

    This is too cute! My nieces are going to love this because it’s easy enough for them to help with.

  112. Rorybore

    Great minds! I just finished printing out all the hearts and x and o’s for my Girl Guides to make this banner at our meeting tomorrow. And we are playing a cool BINGO game with the conversation hearts.

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