Fun Gingerbread and Friends Craft For Kids!

Fun Gingerbread & Friends Craft for Kids - massholemommy.comWhen the weather gets colder we like to find more things to do indoors. We are from Canada but that doesn’t mean we all like the cold or want to be outside in it, because we don’t – at all!

We like to do more crafts, make more sweets, and even watch more movies together as a family when we can’t be spending excess amounts of time outside. I think our favorite besides making (and eating!) sweets is doing crafts. Especially Winter or Christmas themed. Who doesn’t love having homemade crafts for decorations especially with a house full of kids? We do!

So, today I’m sharing this fun craft for kids to make Gingerbread and Friends!


Materials Needed:

  • Gingerbread man template
  • White paper
  • Brown marker
  • Brown construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Embellishments: i.e., scraps of paper, string, rhinestones, washi tape, buttons, string


  1. Print out and cut out the gingerbread man cookie template
  2. Use the brown pen to trace your gingerbread men cookies onto the brown construction paper
  3. Cut out (or have children cut out) the gingerbread men
  4. You or the child write the child’s name on the back of their “cookie”
  5. Have kids decorate the gingerbread man with the available embellishments
  6. Last, have children use the glue to secure the assembled pieces to their “cookie”





Fun, easy and kids can decorate their gingerbread however they want! They can make however many they want and they can do all sorts of things with the end results. Hanging them up together near the Christmas tree is one fun idea, or even getting a string to tie them all together and hang them around the Christmas tree could be fun too!

What type of crafts or things do you like to do inside when it’s too cold to be outside during the Winter?

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Jeanine is a 29 year old, stay at home mom to 6 kids living in Toronto, Canada. She loves everything about Babies and Kids! When she’s not blogging, she can be found testing products for review, babywearing, playing with her littles or her zoo of furbabies and baking from scratch! You can find out more about Jeanine by visiting her at

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  1. Michelle Liew

    This is so fun for kids. And delicious too.

  2. Liz Mays

    I can see an afternoon flying by with a fun activity like this. It’s just so darn cute!

  3. Claudia krusch

    Such a fun project to do with the kids! Love it!

  4. Mama to 5 BLessings

    What a great craft for little hands. Great for dexterity!

  5. Heather Johnson

    I will have to make some of these with my kiddos this year or next. Pinning to my Christmas board.

  6. Ana De Jesus

    These gingerbread men are so cool you are so creative. I love the attention to detail.

  7. OurFamilyWorld

    Yesm they are too cute! And the fun part is when you finish it off with “accessories.”

  8. Sherryl Wilson

    I can just imagine the giggles and laughter of the crew while decorating these. I think anytime you can spend time with the little ones is awesome.

  9. tinajohnson2

    This is a great idea. It’s simple so the kids won’t need much mom-help and it lets them be creative.

  10. Saidah

    This is adorable and great for little ones. I did this kind of stuff when my kids were little.

  11. creativesouthernhome

    So cute! The kids can get really creative with them too.

  12. tamaralikecamera

    I’m impressed with these! My mom is an artist/art teacher and she used to have us do awesome things like these around the holidays. And then with hearts for Valentine’s Day!

  13. Katie

    we had a snow day here in CO yesterday – this would have been the perfect craft to have done! Maybe over winter break!

  14. Tonya {The Traveling Praters}

    What a fun and easy craft. Perfect for those snow days that are sure to pop up.

  15. Alissa Apel

    That is really cute! I love gingerbread men.

  16. Terry

    Gingerbread men are one of my favorite Christmas decorations. There is so much you could do to decorate each one of these differently. What a fun craft for the Grandkids.

  17. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I think this is a super cute craft. This is the kind of thing that kids just love to make and we parents love to save.

  18. Liz Mays

    That’s adorable!!! I like the fact kids can pretty much do it however they want.

  19. tara pittman

    My son is making gingerbread houses at school today. These will add to the fun.

  20. Tiffany

    This is a great way to get those creative minds going in kids. Totally a craft that my boys would love to do.

  21. thriftychicmom

    These are super cute! I will have to make these over break with my kids!

  22. Sandy a la Mode

    this is too adorable! my son would love it!!xo,
    SandySandy a la Mode

  23. Ana De Jesus

    I love making gingerbread men they are so much fun don’t you think?

  24. Kori (@just_anothermom)

    We just bought a Gingerbread house kit this weekend. I don’t have the patience to bake the parts, so I figured it would be the best route to take!

  25. Emerald

    This is the perfect craft for anyone with younger kids. I think these would make adorable little present toppers.

  26. Travel Blogger

    Very cute! I need lots of fun ideas like this to keep little hands busy during winter break. We will have to make some of these.

  27. Shann Eva

    Love this! My boys would love to make these. Great craft!

  28. Jeanette

    That looks like a fun craft! I think that my son would love to do that for sure!

  29. Seattle Travel Blogger

    You have left good instructions and pictures in your post.
    I think this is a fun and do-able activity to do with my nephews.

  30. Chloe Marchant

    Oh this is super fun and cute! I love the step by step instructions.

  31. Tiffany Washko

    My kids are all older but I think they would find this very amusing. Love gingerbread men!

  32. meagan

    What a cute Christmas craft! My son would love that cute gingerbread man!

  33. simplybeingmommy

    I love doing crafts like this. You can see so much of each child’s personality when they are allowed to make it however they want.

  34. Stacie

    When my children were younger we loved doing crafts together. This would have been something they would have loved.

  35. Maria

    Cute idea for the kids – especially during the long break if they’re bored.

  36. Fashionable Librarian

    Good way to pass those cold days….brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  37. [email protected]

    These are really cute. I especially like the pink buttons. With the dreary winter weather we tend to stay in more as well, and make and eat more sweets too.

  38. Erica Brooks

    What a fun craft idea. My kids would love to do this. I think I’ll add this to my holiday party activities list.

  39. Jessica Beal Harlow

    New England winters usually mean some really cold days when you just can’t be outside. This is a really cute craft to keep the kiddos occupied on those inevitable snow days!

  40. Danielle

    This would great for keeping my son occupied for a little while. I’d gladly deal with a little bit of mess to allow his creativity to shine.

  41. carlabushey

    how adorable thanks for this cute craft. I am going to try these out th is weekend.

  42. Cindy (Prime Beauty)

    This is a very cute idea! What little one wouldn’t love making these?

  43. Mary Larsen

    These are cute and simple! We’re always looking for things to do while it’s cold out

  44. Michelle @ Sunshine and

    I love crafting, especially around the holidays! I’m making stained glass nativities with my daughter’s class tomorrow!

  45. Mama to 5 BLessings

    What a cute and simple craft to do with little ones. My toddler would enjoy this!

  46. Stillblondeafterall (@stillblondeaaty)

    oh I can see kids having a riot with this one. And so much more quick than waiting for all the cookies to bake!

  47. cynthial1956

    Crafting with kids is so much fun. They have no boundaries and will do what their heart tells them to do. These are really cute and I can imagine they will be something Moms would hang on to for a long time.

  48. Elizabeth O.

    That’s so much fun for kids. They love activities like this, it makes their imagination go wild. I love the idea!

  49. Kelly Hutchinson

    Those are so cute! I can see them hanging on our tree. My kids would love making these.

  50. Lisa -

    These are so cute and so easy. It’s going to be quite a long two weeks for Christmas break, and this looks like the perfect craft!

  51. Ann Bacciaglia

    This looks like a great Christmas craft to do with the kids. I will have to do this with my friends little girls when they come over this weekend.

  52. Tammi Roy

    I will have to get the supplies i need to make this with my kids. We are having so much fun making all kinds of Holiday crafts.

  53. lisamc7

    I know what my twins and I will be making tomorrow! I may have to string them all together to hang on the tree too!

  54. Rorybore

    I’m from Canada too, but it is definitely not that cold here just yet. I am still in my light jacket every day…. actually, mostly my RAIN jacket!!! what the what?!
    but these look sooo cute, I will definitely save them for that first terrible snow day.

  55. Nicole

    Perfect crafts to be done by kids. I should tell this to them, for sure they will be excited to these gingerbread crafts.

  56. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    That is a really cute craft! My kids would have a lot of fun making some of these.

  57. Claudette Esterine

    Lovers of craft will have a great time doing this, especially if and when snowed in.

  58. toughcookiemommy

    This is such a cute idea. I am not that talented in the culinary department so I would love being able to make gingerbread men like these.

  59. Debra

    My girls would absolutely love these! We are going to have to give them a try!

  60. Brianna George

    I love crafts like this that don’t need much mom supervision.:)

  61. tiarasandtantrums

    My daughters are the princesses of crafting and would love this gingerbread activity.

  62. Censie

    Thank you for this idea. I am planning my son’s Christmas party at school. Think I will use this craft.

  63. Maureen

    These look so much easier than the cookie version. And slightly less messy!

  64. Jennifer Mercurio (@DoubleDutyMommy)

    My girls love crafts like this. My son… well I’m sure his would be a giant mess of craziness but it sure would be cute and something I would treasure, that’s for sure.

  65. ronleyba (@ronley_ph)

    This is so cool indeed! I absolutely love this!

  66. sippycupmom

    Ah, what a fun craft! Gingerbread make me so happy!

  67. Vera Sweeney

    My son would have a blast making these!! I love how easy it is to make and they can use all their creativity!

  68. @mommyblogexpert

    Such a fun idea. And it’s not as much work or as messy as decorating edible gingerbread men for us moms either.

  69. Aubrey

    These are cute. I’m going to have to pin this later to do with my kids during Christmas break.

  70. Jenna @

    I love to get the house organized before the holidays. It’s a relaxing way to start the new year.

  71. thedealmatchmaker

    That’s a beautiful DIY Gingerbread tutorial! My kids will love this activity

  72. michelle

    i love winter themed crafts & gingerbread men will fit the bill

  73. livingoffloveandcoffee

    What an adorable craft! This is something my son would love to do over and over.

  74. Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    These are so cute and so easy to do! The kids would surely have a fun time doing this craft.

  75. MyTeenGuide

    Those are super cute. The girls will have so much fun doing this project.

  76. victoria

    This would be a great project for the kids and keep them busy

  77. Dogvills

    What a fun idea! This will keep the girls busy during their school break.

  78. OurFamilyWorld

    The twins will enjoy making this. I can’t wait to show this to them.

  79. Rosey

    This is an easy fun idea, I like it. I think we’ll do it w/the neighborhood kids this weekend. We’re having a cookie decorating party.

  80. milenabarrett

    We always do crafts when we get snowed/rained in. The kids love it!

  81. Brenda Brown

    That is so adorable! Very cute idea indeed!

  82. loisaltermark

    Those came out so cute! They look almost good enough to eat!

  83. Maggie Branch

    These are such cute gingerbread boys/girls! I think it would be so fun to decorate with all the kiddos and make into garland for the kitchen.

  84. Melissa

    These are cute ideas! I love the buttons on the Gingerbread. They are so adorable, we have to do this!

  85. [email protected]

    Such fun crafts. I think I might do something this Saturday night with my kids.

  86. Chanelle

    This is great. I am going to do this and maybe snap a picture and paste to the gingerbread and make it an ornament for the tree. Great memories. Thank you for sharing.

  87. Shanéy Maharaj

    Never thought about doing this. I’m so trying this, my daughter loves the gingerbread man.

  88. tonyacoleman

    What a cute craft to do with this kids over the Christmas break! I’ll be pinning this.

  89. Shauna Torres

    What a fun and easy craft to do. We have all next week off and this would be fun to do. Thanks for sharing.

  90. Jasmine Espinal (@jasmine_espinal)

    Those are SO cute!! I love that each one can be customized to the childs liking, the possibilities are endless.

  91. Amy Desrosiers

    What a cute craft! Love that I can turn paper bags into these little cuties!

  92. Mimi Mimicutelips Green

    This is better than decorating cookies. I can keep them year to year.

  93. Chubskulit Rose

    Very cute craft project! I need more ideas klike this for the holiday break.

  94. Pam Wattenbarger

    I always did crafts like this during winter break with the kids. It kept us all from getting cabin fever!

  95. michele d

    What a cute craft. My kids love stuff like this. I bet they would love it.

  96. HilLesha

    My family and I haven’t done any type of crafts lately. However, these are usually the type of crafts that we like to do during the wintertime.

  97. Pam Wattenbarger

    I used to love doing crafts with the kids when they were younger. We did all sorts of holiday things like this when they were little.

  98. Ricci

    I love crafts that also double as snacks…LOL!! These gingerbread crafts look so fun!!

  99. Allie

    So cute! Its like decorating the cookies only you can play with them afterwards. Love it!

  100. lisa

    These are so cute! I’m sure my girls would love making these gingerbread men crafts!

  101. indah nuria savitri

    Gingerbread man.. My kids will be thrilled for sure :). This is one character that many of us love.

  102. Theresa

    I like that this doesn’t require any dish washing when you are done making the gingerbread men lol. Super cute craft idea!

  103. Roxanne

    Such a great idea! We are having a heat wave here in NY! Great way to make gingerbread without actually baking!

  104. Kristen Greazel

    my 4 year old is really into crafting lately. What an adorable project!

  105. Miles L.

    This is a very nice project! I was looking for a DIY project to do with the kids.

  106. laura londergan

    this is such a great idea and came out so cute! Isn’t crafting with the kids just so much fun? I love it

  107. Heather Pfingsten

    I love these little guys. Even cooler, we have all of these supplies here so I won’t even need to brave the cold to collect them. I am trying to get my daughter as into the holidays as possible … this may be just what I have been looking for. Thank you for sharing the cuteness!

  108. Nicole Haas Etolen

    I’m sure my kids would love it, they love doing crafts, this is cute and smart idea.

  109. lisa @bitesforbabies

    I love how easy this craft is! I always make gingerbread cookies but…it is so messy and time-consuming!

  110. Seattle Travel Blogger

    This looks like a creative and fun way to spend some quality family time.
    I like the project and think it is good for the kids.

  111. Yona Williams

    The gingerbread men are so cute – I like that you don’t have to bake these and you can be really creative with them. My nephew and I don’t really do crafts in the wintertime.

  112. Angela

    This is super cute and sure to keep the kids happy and occupied during winter break.

  113. Bonnie @wemake7

    Awww these are super cute! I will have to see if the kiddos want to make these this weekend.

  114. alexisakamom0616

    OMGosh love love them! What a fun craft!

  115. Camesha | Mama Motivator

    These are super cute! Today is the last day of school for the year. I’ll have the kids do this as one of their crafts since they’ll be home with me.

  116. Susannah

    These are so precious! I’m sure Caleb will love making these next year when he’s out of the put everything in his mouth stage! <3

  117. CourtneyLynne

    Omg what a fun and cute craft!!! My 3 year old would have a blast making gingerbread friends!

  118. Shell Feis

    What a cute idea! Adding this to our list of winter break activities!

  119. Tiffany @ Daily Leisure

    This will be really fun. I’m trying to have lots of crafts available for the kids to do over break, and this one is definitely going on the list!

  120. April Mims

    This looks like a super fun project for little hands over winter break. Not too much mess and a cute gingerbread man.

  121. Amber NElson

    I think this looks like great crafts for holiday break! Kids would love it!

  122. Shannon Gurnee

    That is such a cute craft idea! Our kids would love making a craft like this!

  123. JanetGoingCrazy

    These are so much fun and I was looking for a craft for my son to do tomorrow. We are loving all the Christmas crafts this year!

  124. Lisa Rios

    This is such a fun craft idea which kids would love to spend sometime & get excited as well. The gingerbread looks so cute & the final output is going to be so much fun when you try out something different & creative.

  125. mmgmom

    I remember doing crafts like these when my girls were little. Sadly they don’t want to sit down and crafts with me anymore since they are teenagers.

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