Getting My Son His First Cell Phone

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Today is a special day here in our house. It’s my oldest son’s birthday. It’s mind-blowing to me that he is ELEVEN years old today – how the heck did that happen?


I asked him last week what he wanted for his birthday this year and before I could even finish my sentence, he blurted out “a phone”. I had always told him that he could get a phone when he went into middle school & that happens to be this September, but somehow 11 still seems a little young to me to have his own phone. That’s why I love T-Mobile’s Simple Prepaid Plans.

Simple is good, right? The Simple Choice North America Plan starts out at just $40 for unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of 4G LTE data!


The plan includes:

  • Unlimited talk, text and data while on our network with no overages or annual service contracts.
  • NOW! Includes unlimited calls and text to and from any number, including mobile phones, in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. PLUS use your monthly 4G LTE data in Mexico and Canada like in the U.S., at no extra charge.
  • Data Stash(TM) rolls your unused 4G LTE data forward in to the next month, for domestic use in the next 12 months. Available with 3GB and 5GB data options.
  • Music Freedom(TM) with unlimited music streaming on our network from top services such as Pandora and iHeart Radio without using your data.
  • Unlimited data and texting when you travel to any of 120+ countries and destinations so you can stay connected when you’re abroad.
  • Wi-Fi Calling: every Wi-Fi connection works like a T-Mobile tower.
  • Smartphone mobile hotspot: Use your device as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Believe me, I know there are a lot of plans out there and it’s hard to figure out what’s what. After looking though everything that’s offered with the Simple Choice North America Plan, I think it sounds like a pretty good plan option for my son’s very first phone. But why choose T-Mobile? There were several factors that helped me make my decision and convince me that this is the right plan for us.

  • Data Stash roll over is 12 months with TMO vs. AT&T 1 month.
  • Music streaming counts against your data on other carriers.
  • Free international text/data and calling (to/from) Mexico/Canada as included are not available on other major carriers.
  • Switching without a hitch. We pay early termination fees and remaining phone payments.
  • Prepaid plans are 4G LTE and include everything below.
  • No contracts. No overages. And phone payment plans.
  • Wi-Fi calling is big for areas with limited coverage or overseas.
  • Free 7-day trial to see if it works for you
  • They offer 25% off accessories every day online.


Do you think you might be interested in switching to T-Mobile? Here are some T-Mobile Coupons to get you started:

189311 – Save $48 off Smartphones and Tablets for US College Students and US College/K-12 Staff

187880 – Simple Choice Plan – $50 for Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data

187881 – Simply Prepaid Plan – $40 for 4GB and Unlimited Talk & Text

Note: You must complete order online only to get credit. No telesales orders or upgrades. New line of service required.

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For me personally, switching to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice North America Plan is a smart decision and it’s going to work well for us.

So tell me, do your kids have cell phones? How old were they when they got them?

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  1. Planet of the Apels

    Happy Birthday to him! My kids don’t have phones just yet. Mica will be 10 in Aug., but only in 4th grade, and Isaak’s only 7 going into 2nd grade. I’m sure we’ll get to a point where it will be needed for communication.

  2. Dogvills

    Happy Birthday to him! Time does fly fast. I think T Mobile is a good choice. My sister has been with them for years and she loves their affordable plans.

  3. Jenna Wood

    My phone is my lifeline these days- I need reliable, affordable data. After all, why spend so much on a smartphone if you can’t use all the features? We love Tmobile!

  4. becca112971

    I must say finding a good plan is important. One so you don’t get hot by hidden fees.Plus you can keep track of your child and what they are doing.

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc

    T-Mobile’s prepaid plans are full service! I can’t believe you can avail of all those services on a prepaid plan. Good decision to go prepaid. It is the best option for first time mobile users.

  6. Liz Mays

    It definitely sounds like a good option to start with. You can probably save a lot!

  7. kristimaloney

    Prepaid is the way to go. Sounds like a great plan. Ryan will be getting a phone if he does Cross Country at school.

  8. Mandee

    That sounds like a great plan! I have 5 boys ages 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15 and the oldest is the only one with a cell phone. It’s our “family” phone and we allow him to take it with him when he leaves the house to go to a friends. I know before long I’ll have to purchase phones for a couple more of my children. I might look into something like this!

  9. Dawn

    Oooh. His first cell phone. He must feel so grown up! This is a great plan.

  10. Lois Alter Mark

    Happy birthday to your son. A first cell phone is now such a rite of passage!

  11. Jennifer

    He must be super excited. When my nephew got his phone, he was ecstatic.

  12. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    This sounds like a great plan. I love that you have a 7 day trial period. I’ve never heard of that before.

  13. Felicita

    My son is only 7 so he doesn’t have a phone yet but when he is about 12 years old or so i woudl consider getting him one. He stays in aftercare in school but the moment he starts walking home alone – he’ll get one!

  14. Christy Maurer

    This looks like a really good plan. I think it’s important to have a good plan because you need it to be reliable and have enough data and minutes so you don’t have to worry about not having coverage!

  15. Neeha agarwal

    Having a good phone plan gives the flexibility to talk to your loved ones more often, looking for directions or helps not getting lost while travelling and also not to worry about work emails while running errands.

  16. Aunesty Janssen

    Happy Birthday to your son! My kids got phones at 12 for their birthdays. That was 10 years ago…. now I am wondering if 12 is too late….

  17. Catherine S

    Happy Birthday to your son. I prepaid plan sounds like a great way to go. My son was 16 before we got him a phone.

  18. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty

    I feel like I want to wait until he is sixteen as well.

  19. My Journey With Candida

    I remember when my Granddaughters wanted a phone of their own. Scary time and having a good phone plan that fits your needs is essential.

  20. Jenn

    Happy Birthday to your son. A good plan is the best way to protect you from overages, and surprises. It also gives you the flexibility to make changes within your rules as a family.

  21. Susie's Reviews (@SusieQpon)

    Happy Birthday to your son. I am happy he got his first phone and you got a great plan. We use it for all of our grandkids.

  22. kelseyapley

    Happy Birthday to him!!! Getting a new phone is always fun, I remember my first one!

  23. Ann BAcciaglia

    My kids were the same age when I bought them their first phone. Happy birthday to your son!

  24. Amy Desrosiers

    Having a good phone plan is totally necessary because no ones wants no service or dropped calls. I once had no service when my apartment was robbed so I know what it is like to be stranded.

  25. vegetarianmamma

    That is a big day for mom and for son! I am not there yet, but so excited to learn from those who come before me! Having a good phone is great for safety!

  26. Planet of the Apels

    It’s good because you: Don’t want drop calls. Especially during an emergency! B)

  27. ARod

    Oh your son must be so happy. I hope he really enjoyed his birthday. Having and taking care of a phone will teach him responsibility.

  28. Jody Smith

    Happy Birthday to your son! Middle School is a big milestone! I love the prepaid plans, they are a great way to keep them in check!

  29. Jeanette

    Happy Birthday to your son! I bet this was a his favorite gift. My son (who is only 7) wants one too. Told him he has a little time yet. Great deal for this phone!

  30. tamaralikecamera

    Wow – 11! And I love his shirt, I have to say.
    I’m not ready for this but I’d say it’s nice to read about when parents pull the trigger on phones.

  31. Tina

    I’m so proud of your son! I know he’ll know how to use this phone long before I can figure out how to dial a number on mine!!

  32. Liz Mays

    My favorite part is the data rollover. Man oh man, could I use that!

  33. Maureen

    This is perfect for a kid his age. Happy birthday to your son!

  34. Alicia

    Happy birthday to your son!Comment for giveaway –
    Having a good phone plan is needed because if you don’t have a good plan, it’s possible to get over-charged on your bill without really realizing it until it’s too late.

  35. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    I agree that having a good plan in important! Being overcharged or having mysterious charges appear on your bill is a bad experience.

  36. Carol Bryant

    Happy birthday to your cute son and we have Tmobile and have always been happy

  37. Sandy KS

    My family has the family plan through T-Mobile. The service in my area sucks. I regret having a contract with them. Once I pay them off. I will drop them.

  38. aordinarylife

    Happy Birthday little man, I love this plan for the youth, i think 11 is still young but a fair age to start small responsibilities.I’m more afraid of them losing the phone than anything

  39. Lisa Nolan

    So, umm, I need to STUDY your post, because I NEED A CELL PHONE! (Mine was created by gave men and women back in 2004, LOL!)

  40. Jeanine

    Happy Birthday to your dude! How awesome we got my son his cell phone when he turned 11 too, I wish we had chose something like this I think it’s great!

  41. Tamra H

    It’s necessary to have a phone plan you can rely on without having to pay astronomical amounts!

  42. Anjanette @MommaYoung

    Happy birthday to your son! My oldest was 12 years old when we got a phone for her. This really seems like a great plan for his first phone, great prices too.

  43. littlemisscant

    Aww!! Time sure flies when your busy having fun… Wish him a Wonderful Happy Birthday!!
    Our little guy turns 11 in November so we aren’t that far behind.

  44. Sicorra

    I do not think that young kids need a cell phone, and I definitely wouldn’t get my kids one. I know they would feel left out, but with a cell phone comes way too much responsibility.

  45. Kathy

    I have T-Mobile myself and I love that they’re cheaper than most companies. I’m definitely not looking forward to my kids being able to have their own phones. Time flies so quick. Happy birthday to your son!

  46. Debbie Denny

    That sounds like a great plan. Happy Birthday to your young man. They grow up so fast

  47. M from The Stay-at-Home Life

    He is a lucky kid to get his first phone!

  48. toughcookiemommy

    It definitely can be overwhelming choosing just the right plan for your tween or teen. Prepaid is great because you have a lot of control over the price of your monthly bill.

  49. Daisy

    I don’t thin that children should have cell phones, but then again, I may change my mind as my son gets older. They are pretty common now.

  50. Penelope

    The first cell phone! That’s a new rite of passage now. I’m not sure when my kids will be ready as they’re pretty little now, but this sounds like a great way to go with a plan.

  51. Melanie

    I remember my first phone! I think a prepaid plan is a great idea for people just starting out with a phone.

  52. moesly15

    I didn’t get my daughter a cell phone until she was 17 and driving her own car. That was many years ago…times have changed.

  53. Amber NElson

    That sounds like a great plan. Perfect for a youngster!

  54. Valerie

    Happy birthday to your son! I like the perks of the T-Mobile plan!

  55. Coach Donna L Ward

    Yes – Happy Birthday to your son – and T-Mobile certainly has a great prepaid plan – my son has something similar – but, where I live only Verizon works! Great Target giveaway

  56. KatyRose

    My first cell was from t-mobile too! I had such a great experience and loved the phone I got too. It was so small and fit perfectly in my pocket. – Katy

  57. Kelly Hutchinson

    My youngest is 14 and it blows me away! He just got a cell phone but his plan is not nearly as economical as this one.

  58. Nicole Lutzy

    Sounds like a great plan. Very reasonable in prices too!

  59. Joyce Brewer (@MommyTalkShow)

    My Mother has been a T-Mobile customer years and she loves it. Now if we can just get her to upgrade from a flip phone!

  60. Nicole Lutzy

    Happy birthday to your son! Hope he is enjoying his new birthday gift!

  61. Theresa

    We are getting Allison one for Christmas this year. She’ll be 12 then. I should have got her one last year when she started track, but we kind of winged it. Not the best idea, so she’ll have one going into track next year.A good plan is a must because you don’t want to be paying astronomical costs for hidden fees and you certainly don’t want dropped calls! Especially when your child is relying on you for after school pick up!

  62. Ann Bacciaglia

    I remember when we got my Sons first phone. These are some great wireless plans. He must be so happy with his new phone.

  63. Lisa Bristol

    It is always exciting to get your first phone. I will have to go and check out these plans. I like the rollover data.

  64. AccidentallyAllison

    It’s amazing how time flies, first phone will leave to first girlfriend, first car, first marriage! The plan sounds great, I’m about to upgrade all the phones in my house and soon I won’t have to ever hear my kids voices because everything they ask me is through text!

  65. Jasmine Espinal

    Happy Birthday! My son is getting his first phone too, its time and he’s been begging!

  66. shaunatorres

    What a great birthday idea. And you found a great deal, too… Awesome. Thanks for sharing…

  67. Shann Eva

    Happy birthday to your son! So funny how many kids get cell phones these days. I didn’t have one until I was out of college.

  68. Mhie Lee

    what a good presents and I smiled that he was so abrupt to tell what he wants on his b-day. Kids are so lucky nowadays.By the way happy b-day to your son.

  69. Rosey

    It’s important to have the right plan for the kids because they can get caught up in the moment and not realize just how much time they are using on their phones. Those extra minutes over and above plan time can really add up.Happy Birthday to your son!

  70. ascendingbutterfly

    Having a good cell phone plan as a blogger is crucial, I use A LOT of data live tweeting and live blogging directly from events, I need a plan that can keep up with my demanding schedule and needs, AND be affordable too!Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  71. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    Happy birthday to your son! I am thankful that my children are still little and I don’t have to worry about cell phones for them for a few more years!

  72. [email protected]

    My kids are young enough that I don’t have to think about a cell phone yet. So thankful that I don’t have that bridge yet.

  73. Felicia

    This is all great information to know. We will be there soon! Sooner than I want to be!

  74. Pam

    Happy Belated Birthday to you son! How exciting for him to get his own phone and this sounds like the perfect plan. I think he is the right age for a phone and I have a feeling that he will be very responsible.

  75. Seattle Travel Blogger

    We use a phone company that is ran by tmobile. We love them, I hope he does too!

  76. tiarasandtantrums

    we recently got our 3 year old son his first phone as well – he loses it all the time and never answers calls or texts – ti’s really annoying.

  77. dawn

    Happyyy Birthday!!!! I love tmobile. i have been with them for over 10 years. i really like their customer service.

  78. Laura funk

    I agree with no phones until middle school! Hope his birthday was wonderful!

  79. Toni | Boulder Locavore

    I bet he was so excited to get his first phone! Prepaid phones are always ideal for a child’s first phone.

  80. upliftingfam

    I think middle school is a great time for a phone especially if they are in a few after school activities. I wouldn’t let my daughter take her phone unless she had something after school though. We kept the phone at the house for her so that she could communicate with us. Believe it or not we still have her first phone and it works.

  81. upliftingfam

    Oh and a very Happy Birthday to you son too!!!!

  82. Rebecca Swenor

    Happy birthday to your son and it really does go by so fast. It is truly an amazing gift idea for a preteen. They are great plans at T-Mobile. Awesome give for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  83. shannon P

    Happy birthday to your son! 11 was a pretty big deal for me, I hope you both enjoy this time!

  84. Ourfamilyworld

    Prepaid is a smart idea. The T Mobile plans sound fantastic. We’ll be getting a cellphone for my daughter soon. I will check this out.

  85. Alli

    Having a phone can be expensive if you don’t have a good plan. I like the idea of having prepaid, especially for kids. Congrats to your son entering middle school!

  86. Chubskulit Rose

    Happy birthday to your handsome son. May God continue to bless him with good health and bright future.

  87. Maria

    My youngest is almost 11 and it’s on our minds right now as well. Right now, it’s not in the budget but I love their plans!

  88. kwhiz84

    My daughter can’t wait for the day that we get her her first cell phone. Just a few more years and it will be time.

  89. Dinner, then Dessert (@EatsnSweets)

    Thanks for the info, we use T-Mobile too.

  90. Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    Happy birthday young man! That is an awesome plan!

  91. Mimi Mimicutelips Green

    My son is coming up on 11 and all he talks about is getting a phone. I think all of his classmates have them already.

  92. Dhemz

    oh, my! how time flies..what a nice birthday treat!

  93. ronleyba (@ronley_ph)

    Happy birthday to him! Great discount too via those coupons.

  94. Nickida

    Happy Birthday to your son. This sounds like a great plan. I’ll have to check it out my daughter has been asking about a phone for herself.

  95. Lynndee

    Our son had a cellphone in 3rd grade until he was in 5th grade. We had to disconnect it after that because he doesn’t like carrying one anymore because he got teased all the time.

  96. Elizabeth O.

    This sounds like a great plan to start with. I love all the features that go with it. Happy Birthday to your son.

  97. Amanda McMahon

    We haven’t decided yet when our kids will have their own phones. I think there are some things that make having a “kid” phone easier, but I don’t want my kids to have smart phones and to be addicts. Have to find a balance!

  98. Bonnie @ wemake7

    First of all Happy Birthday to your son. =) That phone plan sounds perfect. I was thinking about getting my oldest boy a phone too.

  99. Shell Feis

    We have T-mobile and love it! We are a few years away from our kids having phones but it’s nice to know they have good options when the time comes!

  100. casavilorainteriors

    How cool for him. Quite a defining moment getting your first cell phone. My son got his at 12….it was an iPhone 5 and recently I downgraded him to what we call a “dumb” phone because he was borderline abusing it. He was playing way too many games on it and not focusing on homework

  101. HopscotchNJellybeans

    I need to get my son a cellphone he has been asking for one for a minute now. I love what tmobile offers so we shall see.

  102. LifeAsAConvert

    Happy birthday to him!! Our sons are age mates. Mine definitely didn’t get a phone for his.

  103. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty

    Happy birthday young man!! Oh man, a phone – I’m glad that convo is a ways off for me!

  104. Marielle Altenor

    What great fun for him to be getting his first cell phone! My son has a couple more years to go! We don’t have T-mobile here in Canada though!

  105. homesteadwishing

    If you don’t have the right phone plan for you and your family you risk going over your data rate, and getting charged extra! It is important to have everything you need in a plan.

  106. Jennifer Williams

    Happy birthday to your son. Getting a cell phone was one of my son’s favorite gifts and mine – it gave me something to use as a punishment when necessary.

  107. mmgmom

    We got all three of my girls their first cell phone when they were entering middle school. We got a prepaid one for the oldest but ended up adding all of them on our plan with unlimited texting.

  108. Where Tess Lives

    My daughter got her cell phone this year. Shes gone over too many times already!

  109. tonyacoleman

    Hey Robin, I feel you! My daughter just turned 12 and I almost fell out of my chair….total denial! She too wants a cell phone so I guess I’m on the cell phone hunt now too!

  110. thedomesticbuzz

    My daughter’s birthday is coming up and she’s been asking me for a phone as well. T-Mobile offers some great benefits! I know she’s take advantage of the music features for sure!

  111. Chanel Marie

    If it’s 4G and LTE, that sounds great to me!

  112. Christie

    Wow, time flies, doesn’t it~ I think you made a great choice for a first cell phone for your son

  113. Lisa Rios

    My hearty birthday wishes to your son. He looks cute with the T-shirt. Mobile is always a great option and these prepaid plans from T-Mobile sounds amazing too. The giveaway looks interesting as well.

  114. JessicaACassidy (@wifetoalineman)

    Happy birthday to your son. My kids do not have any cell phones not unless they can afford to pay the bill.

  115. The Trophy WifeStyle

    Awww Happy Birthday!!! T-mobile has such great prices. Used them when I lived in FL but unfortunately where I live in NY service is horrible :-/ miss my cheaper phone bill!

  116. Michelle Varga (@dustbunniesblog)

    I’m so nervous for the day that my son has his for cell phone! This sounds like a really great plan for first time cell phone users!

  117. Shannon Gurnee

    This sounds like a great phone plan, especially to get for your child’s first phone. Sounds like a great giveaway as well!

  118. Krystal's Kitsch

    I can’t believe how things have changed! My first phone was a landline… my parents let me get a phone in my room! LOL Love that price!

  119. Ellen ThatChicMom

    Oh man I am not ready for this day and it will be here soon since my oldest is 9. A good plan is going to be essential especially for data I can already see the signs of a serial texter emerging LOL!

  120. Nannypanpan

    A good plan is important so you don’t feelimited in what you do for fear of hidden fees

  121. latoicha

    I love this plan! I feel your pain. My don just turned 11 and now has a cell phone.

  122. Shell Things (@shellthings)

    We went with this same plan for my 10 year old a few months ago. It’s worked really well. What I really like is that you don’t have to pay every month if you decide it’s not working out for you. I waited a few weeks between refills for my son once this summer just because he wasn’t away from me, so he didn’t need it.

  123. Rorybore

    my 10 year old has an iPod, which he got last year with some of his own money. so he can Facetime and text most of his friends. we felt that was good enough for now. I haven’t even thought about when he could get an actual phone…??? I still am outdated with my iPhone 4s!!! so I think it’s safe to say mama gets an upgrade before he gets one, and then maybe he will just take my old one.
    my daughters? at the non stop rate they talk now? not. ever. LOL

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