Ghost Ship Harbor at the USS Salem


It’s that time of year again! Halloween time that is. One of my favorite things about Halloween season is going to haunted houses. There is just something about screaming my guts out as some creep jumps out at me to get my adrenaline rushing. Lucky for me, there are lots of places like that here in New England and one of the ones I can’t wait to get to this year is Ghost Ship Harbor aboard the USS Salem in Quincy. As the name states, it’s a ship and it’s actually haunted in real life, but each year in October it transforms into an immersive scarefest.


With more than 60,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor terror experiences, Ghost Ship Harbor will horrify and petrify fans with interactive and twisted experiences. Ghost Ship Harbor is based on the premise that a plague has taken over and to ensure survival, civilians must visit the USS Salem before the ship departs on October 31. It was designed by Boston-Based Immersive Productions and Jason Egan, creator of Fright Dome Las Vegas.


The attraction features three distinct haunted houses including Contagion, where those who are trying to flee will be required to undergo a thorough examination before they are allowed to board the ship; Plague, where chaos ensues once the virus has been discovered onboard the only ship that can save humanity; and Ouija, the true paranormal VIP experience that will explore the truly haunted side of the ship.


Remember earlier when I mentioned that the USS Salem is haunted? The ship, often called, “The Sea Witch” once served as a hospital and morgue following the 1953 Ionian Earthquake. Today, many believe spirits have lingered onboard ever since and hundreds of ghost sightings have been documented. The USS Salem was featured on the television show Ghost Hunters and featured in the book 13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts by author Sam Baltrusis. The ship was also featured in the 2016 film The Finest Hours produced by Walt Disney Studios.


The USS Salem is located at 739 Washington St. in Quincy, MA. Ghost Ship Harbor runs for 19 nights from September 30, 2016 through October 31, 2016. Tickets are on-sale now and begin at $29.99 with Fast Pass and VIP Experiences also available. Tickets at the Box Office onsite will begin at $34.99. Note: This experience is not appropriate for children under age 12.

To purchase tickets in advance or for more information, visit

Do you love or hate Halloween haunted houses?

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  1. Alissa Apel

    I love things like this. It’s spooky fun. I wish I could go to more haunted place, but Mica (11) is still a scared at little things. Chicken!

  2. Maureen @Scoops of Joy

    Oh my, sounds like a scary experience! I’m not the bravest so I may skip this one but my boy would totally dig this lol

  3. Heather Gallagher

    um…I’m not sure I could – lol actually I would love it – but be super scared – looks like SO much fun!

  4. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That looks like a ton of fun! I’m not exactly a thrill seeker, but I do love a good haunted house. Thanks!

  5. Pam Wattenbarger

    I am not a thrill seeker either. Roller coasters? Nope! But haunted houses? I think they’re fun.

  6. Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom

    I hate being scared! And this looks scarier than the ones we have around my area. My friends still drag me with them and of course, I get picked on by the cast lol! Great post!

  7. Lisa

    oh my goodness this looks terrifying!! I have a love/hate relationship with haunted houses. I usually go in them but get so scared that I want to leave lol… This one looks especially scary but really cool!

  8. Catherine S

    This looks like a really cool haunted ship. I love to go to haunted houses. I am going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal in a couple weeks.

  9. Terri Steffes

    Hate! I hate being scared, frightened or shocked! I love that you love it, though, I am seeing the “fun” of it through your eyes!

  10. Kecia | OnlineIncomeMom

    I’m not a HUGE fan of haunted houses but I will go inside most. I prefer watching scary movies at home to kind of being in the real thing!!

  11. Christy Maurer

    I have never been to a haunted house lol! I really am not scared, but I just feel like I’d be creeped out! This does look fun though!

  12. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    This looks like such a cool exhibit. It seems quite scary. I don’t know if I’d want to visit, but I know a lot of people who would love to visit!

  13. karen

    Ahhhh – loved this post! I used to live in Quincy (pronounced, Quinzzzzzzzy) and miss it to pieces! Thanks for sharing about the ship… its amazing, isnt it?

  14. lisa

    This is too cool! I love Halloween and all things scary! And what a great new way to do a scary tour!

  15. Pam Wattenbarger

    Wow, the ship is supposedly haunted? That makes it perfect for a Halloween scare fest. I’d love to visit it.

  16. Foodie Finds Home

    I’m not the biggest fan, but I’ll go as long as a group is going too. I won’t sleep for a few days, but I’ll get over it. LOL

  17. Reesa Lewandowski

    AH! I have to tell you this seems way out of my comfort zone LOL. But if you love scary stuff, this looks awesome. I have a few friends who would be SO into this!

  18. Amy Jones

    This looks super spooky and entertaining! I wanna check this place out

  19. Charlotte

    Wow this looks spooky, great place to visit on Halloween but not sure I would be that brave haha I am terrible with things like that!

  20. Sarah

    Wow Ghost Ship Harbor sounds perfect for Halloween season. I am not in the states, but if I were, I most certainly would have to head to Salem and check this out!

  21. Brandy

    That looks like such a great place to visit. I would love to visit Salem on Halloween!

  22. Teresa Kunberger

    Wow this looks and sounds so cool! I gotta try this out with my friends and family!

  23. Liz Mays

    Oh my gosh, my daughter would sooo want to check this out with me. Going through each haunted house would be fun!

  24. Kelly Hutchinson

    This looks like so much fun! I would do this in a heartbeat!

  25. Melanie Smith

    Well, I love and hate Halloween haunted houses hahaha. They are so fun but really creepy at the same time.

  26. OurFamilyWorld

    Spooky! This is an interesting place for the whole family to explore this Halloween. I’m sure it’s going to be so fun.

  27. Elizabeth O.

    I’ve never been to a haunted house for Halloween in a long time. This sounds like a lot of fun and there are plenty of surprises for the guests which makes it even more awesome! It sure is a whole lot of creepy!

  28. Dawn McAlexander

    I have only been to one haunted house. It was at Myrtle Beach. I thought it was fun, but not really the thing that I would normally do. This one looks really creepy.

  29. Yanique

    I’m not a fan of haunted houses at all! I get so scared it’s ridiculous. l’m usually the one screaming with my hands over my eyes lol! My husband would love to do this though.

  30. Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    I love Halloween and everything about it. I also love haunted houses and this one looks like it must be quite an experience. I’m jealous I’m not near!

  31. kristi

    What a gun event. We love Halloween and now are super excited as our girls are old enough to do some of the scary stuff with us.

  32. Theresa

    Now this is something that I would LOVE to go to! We hit up most of our area haunted houses each year, but we don’t have any cool ships like this to go to.

  33. crystal

    That sounds like such a great activity for Halloween. I have been on a few haunted tours, but the setting sounds so cool.

  34. Amanda Love

    You can never go wrong with going here for Halloween especially with all the attractions. The Plague part sounds exciting and the kids will love it, but the Ouija is more authentic and scary! It’s definitely worth the visit!

  35. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I am not a big fan of haunted houses and horror-themed parks. My children would love to go there though. I will let them know about this. Thanks for the interesting information about the USS Salem.

  36. Sarah

    This looks like SO much fun- definitely something I’d like to add to my Halloween bucket list!

  37. Rebecca Swenor

    I will have to admit that I don’t know if I would be able to do this ghost ship harbor. It looks really freaky but a lot of fun too. I guess I would have to try it and I know my sons would love doing it. Thanks for sharing the Ghost Ship Harbor on the USS Salem.

  38. Kelly Reci

    It looks really scary! I don’t think that I can do what you did inside! But my teens would love it for sure.

  39. Jocelyn Brown

    Oh! My so would love to go there for sure, his friends will surely have fun with him.

  40. Nikki

    If I would enter in this place, I’m gong to crazy lol. But it looks you had fun.

  41. Jeanine

    That sounds a bit scary for me. I’m such a chicken. These type of things my oldest and my husband live for though they’d love it!

  42. Melissa Dixon

    This looks like a fun time. I would love to freak my mom out with this kind of stuff, she is so much fun to mess with plus she scares easily.

  43. Ann Bacciaglia

    My Teenagers would love this. I am a big chicken lol. We have something similar here that the kids go to as many times as they can.

  44. Marcie W.

    I am a big wuss, so no haunted houses for me, but my husband is the total opposite. He would get a kick out of an attraction like this!

  45. Ourfamilyworld

    Oh, sounds like a great adventure is waiting! This is a nice attraction.

  46. Myteenguide

    What a horrific attraction! The kids are going to be scare for sure!

  47. Kimberly K Croisant

    this sounds like a scary experience! I’m not the bravest so I may skip this one but my husband would totally go see it.l

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