Good Eats on Cape Cod: Bear in Boots GastroPub, Falmouth

Last week I had the chance to dine at a wonderful restaurant on Cape Cod. Located in the heart of downtown Falmouth, the Bear in Boots GastroPub was nothing short of delightful and I can’t wait to tell you how much I loved it.

If you’re wondering where the name Bear in Boots came from, there’s a really sweet story behind it. Wife and Husband duo, Kate and Gates Rickard, named the restaurant after their three children, who are affectionately known to their parents as Boots, Bear, and Squirrel. Although their youngest daughter’s nickname didn’t make it into the name of the restaurant, when you eat at Bear and Boots you will surely notice the strategically placed squirrel decorations.


I dined with three other local bloggers the night we went and the four of us were treated to a nice variety of menu items that were all prepared by Chef Joseph Ellia. Joseph spent some time with us talking about the practices at the restaurant and how many of the dishes were prepared.

**Disclosure: Although all the food I ate that day was complimentary, as always, all opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

Each night Bear in Boots offers specials in addition to their regular menu. One of the things off of the specials menu that we tried were these wonderful potato pierogies with house-made dry aged saucisson sec. Oh, they were so good.


The food on our table was plentiful that night, but the highlight of my night was this Table Pretzel, which was served with stone ground mustard that they made themselves at the Bear in Boots. It came out warm and was just to die for.


Another thing that the four of us gobbled up was the gnocchi, which was served in a brown butter sauce with pistachios and some roasted squash.


The Poutine (fries with duck confit, cheddar cheese curd and gravy) was also a huge hit among the ladies at our table.


Other things we all devoured really enjoyed were:

The Long Island Meatballs, which are made with ground beef, pork and veal. Yum.


Grilled Caesar Salad, yes it was grilled – and absolutely phenomenal.


Oh this this Brisket, which was served over a a jalapeno biscuit and came with truffle fries was just amazing. The biscuit complimented the meat perfectly.


The four of us adored this Cassoulet, which is a French stew made with lamb, duck, cured bacon. Nom Nom.


What impressed me the most about the Bear in Boots GastroPub was their scratch kitchen. Everything on their menu is made right in house. They do all their own butchering, make their own sausages, pastas, breads, ice creams, cakes, drink mixers, ketchup and mayonnaise.

I also loved that they have an open kitchen at the Bear in Boots. I always appreciate being able to see the food being prepared.


Chef sent out a selection of desserts for the four of us to share. We shared some Creme Bruleee, Cheesecake and Cranberry donuts (yum).


Bear in Boots has a full bar and offer a really nice menu of Craft cocktails, which are made using house infused alcohols. I truly enjoyed eating there and am looking forward to getting back again soon.

Bear in Boots GastroPub is located at 285 Main St in Falmouth. There is plenty of free parking along Main Street.

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  1. Elizabeth O.

    You always pick out awesome places to dine in. I would like to try the poutine, the long island meatballs and the brisket! So heavenly!

  2. Mykidsguide

    The poutine looks mouth watering. That would be the first one I would try if I ever go there.

  3. Pam Wattenbarger

    I know, right? I love good gnocchi so I am jealous!

  4. kraushousemom

    I would go just for the pretzel bread, they’d have to keep bringing me some. The Caesar salad and brisket also look to die for.

  5. Crystal

    Why is pretzel bread so hard to find? I want to eat it every day. Guess I need to get over to this gastropub asap.

  6. Saidah

    I could eat everything. Now I’m craving pasta.

  7. 1endlessdreams

    The food looks sooo delicious. I think I just decided on cheese fries for lunch =)

  8. Catherine S

    I agree, the food looks amazing. I would want to try all of it.

  9. Deanna

    It looks so yummy and I love the history behind the name, so sweet!

  10. Mykidsguide

    I find the name of the restaurant really cute. I never would have thought those were the pet names of their kids.

  11. DC (@GameOnMom)

    Wow. I can’t get over that table pretzel. I’d have a hard time sharing that one!

  12. Jennifer Mercurio (@DoubleDutyMommy)

    I really have no idea what I want to comment on. It all sounds and looks so delicious. I have a soft spot for pretzels though so their house pretzels…. keep ’em coming!

  13. susan

    Gastro pubs always have the most cool food, so unique and delicious. I would love to try that pretzel, I am sure it is awesome!

  14. Liz Mays

    I’m totally drooling over that pretzel. Would it be wrong if I ate it all by myself?

  15. Lois Alter Mark

    Only if they bring another one! I want a whole one too!

  16. Chelley @ A is For Adelaide

    I would totally eat that whole thing myself!

  17. Shop with Me Mama

    What a fun and yummy place to visit! I love reading about your adventures with your family and finding out good places to go and eat!!

  18. Chelley @ A is For Adelaide

    RIGHT?! She goes to all the good places. I LOVE learning about the local ones because we live close by, too!

  19. Shasta

    This looks like a great place to eat. The food looks so good.

  20. Amber N

    I love the idea that it is pretzel bread. Sounds so amazing!

  21. Lori Felix

    If I ever make it back to Cape Cod I’ll be sure to check out Bear in Boots. That table pretzel looks absolutely delicious and I’d love to try the grilled Caesar salad.

  22. Brenda Brown

    Oh my this food looks so delicious!! I want to eat there.

  23. toughcookiemommy

    These dishes all look so delicious. I love restaurants that serve generous portions that are full of flavor.

  24. lisamc7

    That Table Pretzel does look to die for! I have a newfound love for all pretzel breads, but not sure I want to share! lol!

  25. Chastity Beene

    You are making me want to go back to cape cod! This restaurant looks amazing – I could eat all of that!

  26. stefany

    I’ve never been to Cape Cod before. It looks like I am missing out on some good food though!

  27. Danielle H

    Your blog has been making me very hungry lately! I totally need that Table Pretzel in my life.

  28. C

    Damn girl! You have been eating well! I love the Cape (and a specific coffeehouse in Falmouth)- Dave and I will have to check out your fave bites!

  29. Liz Mays

    This array of delights is unbelievable! I can’t decide what I’d order first, but oh my gosh, I’d have to get at least two things every time I went.

  30. Theresa

    I love how they make all their own ingredients! That’s damn near farm to table right in the restaurant! Everything looks scrumptious too!

  31. Crystal

    That all looks and sounds insanely delicious. I think the donuts are calling to me, but it may be my new addition to sugar thanks to the Halloween candy I’ve been devouring.

  32. Alicia

    Everything here looks amazing! I wish we had good places to eat like this where I live. I will have to mark this post in case we ever visit there.

  33. Mykidsguide

    Oh my, everything looks delicious. The desserts are to die for!

  34. Elizabeth O.

    They sure are! I would love to dine there!

  35. becca112971

    Wow everything looks so good. That bread looks amazing I could live on just that and be happy.

  36. candice

    well well well, i will be pinning this to my travel board. we go to the cape every summer. my husband is gonna need to wear some comfortable pants! LOL

  37. Tammy

    Oh my!!! That looks like a place I would want to frequent. OFTEN!!

  38. Ourfamilyworld

    Me too. How I wish we live closer, so we can also try those yummy looking foods.

  39. Theresa

    I agree! It looks like a restaurant that would be a favorite with me and my hubby!

  40. Ashley Gill

    I want to eat all of that food! The salad would be my number 1! Everything looks delicious though. If I’m ever up that way, I’ll have stop in. I love the name and the story behind it!

  41. Jeanine

    Oh man. I shouldn’t have read this before eating. This all looks INCREDIBLE. You seriously go to the best places, and do the best things and EAT the best food! Yum

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    Adding this to a list of must-try places. I make it to the Cape usually once a year, or once every other year, so it is great to have new places to try! – Katy

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    Gorgeous! The potato pierogies look so divine.
    We have a house in Truro and every now and then we go in November and I love the Cape in November.

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