How to Honor Nana on Her Birthday

Showing Nana she is special on Mother’s Day is easy! However, when it comes to the “birthday” it can be a bit harder to come up with a way to honor her. I love my mom and appreciate everything she has done for me, which is why I wanted to find several ways to honor her for her upcoming birthday. Here are some ways you too can honor your Nana on her upcoming birthday.

Give her a call.

I know it’s so old fashioned, but giving Nana a call on her birthday is one smart move. She loves to hear your voice and may not even be expecting such an awesome gift. Tell her how much you love and appreciate her.

Give her a visit.

It may be 2015, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give Nana a visit when it’s her birthday. Grab a bouquet of flowers and enjoy the time you’ll spend with her.

Gratitude Grandmother Charm Bracelet

This year, we decided to get a little more personal in my family. This gorgeous Gratitude Grandmother Charm Bracelet from SOUFEEL foots the bill for how we wanted to show “Nana” that we love her!

The charms are from SOUFEEL and they are 925 sterling silver. I love that they can fit Pandora and Chamilia bracelets and will surely make a unique and memorable gift for that special person in your life – all while saving you a little money, too!

You can choose from a variety of beads, birthstone charms, vintage love beads, and more! You can’t forget that you can also choose Nana’s favorite colors to go on her charm bracelet. The end result also comes in a beautiful packaged design, so presenting the Gratitude Grandmother Charm Bracelet is also a ton of fun!


I loved that all of the beads came packaged separately.


Since it’s a gift for Nana, I opened all the beads because I wanted to give her the bracelet already assembled.


The beads only took a few minutes to put onto the bracelet.


I tried it on just to make sure it would fit my mom. The size of her wrist is similar to mine, so if it fit me, it would fit her. I am happy to say that it fit me perfectly.


SOUFEEL has launched lots of New Arrivals available on their website and all new registered customers will get 20 points towards their next order (20 points = $2). Plus they offer free shipping worldwide on orders over $50 and they have a 365-day return and exchange guarantee.

Do you want to go shopping at SOUFEEL now? Be sure to use coupon code Robin5off, which is good for 5% off of any order.

Honoring Nana on her birthday was made easy thanks to this Gratitude Grandmother Charm Bracelet! They did all the hard work for us and all we needed to do was show up with the beautiful gift. I have to admit it was fun choosing the charms to honor my mom and show her how much my family appreciates her.

How do you honor your Nana or kids Nana on her birthday?

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  1. Heather

    They are a lot of fun. Full of memories too.

  2. Nicole Lutzy

    YES! Plus i sounds really affordable! What a great gift!

  3. tanjtrubiano

    Aww such a nice and cool gift! I love those types of bracelet with charms. I’m sure she will love to this.

  4. kandice

    That is so sweet! What a nice gift for nana.

  5. Liz Mays

    I really love how you can continue to add beads along the way too. That’s super fun!

  6. Joanne T Ferguson

    What a great post and Happy Birthday Nana! I think the best thing one can do is take time to spend with one’s oldies and listen to each and every one of their stories along the way!

  7. pamatiw

    Yes! I love listening to stores from the past that my parents tell.

  8. Jenni E. {Sweet Pennies from Heaven}

    I couldn’t agree more. Nana’s are so special and their stories are just as special. We really don’t appreciate those stories until we’re older. Something that lasts a lifetime!

  9. Amy G

    What a great gift. Any nana would love this!

  10. Carol Cassara (@ccassara)

    What a precious gift for Nana and your simpler ideas are also perfect.

  11. Ria Rosaura-Romero (@melandriaromero)

    what a lovely gift. she surely love this one. My little girl would be equally delighted to receive one if i gave her.

  12. Z

    That is really nice!!! She will love it.

  13. Michelle F.

    That is such a beautiful bracelet. I am sure your Nana is going to love it.

  14. Alli

    I am Nana to 4 boys and I would love, love, love to receive that bracelet for my birthday. So pretty! I know your mom will love it!

  15. Amy Desrosiers

    This Is really cute! I’d love to get this for my mother in law!

  16. Megan Elford

    Happy Birthday, Nana! I’m sure she’ll love this bracelet. I love that it’s so easy to customize it, and that you can put the beads on in whatever order you prefer.

  17. Sara Bingham

    These are beautiful! I love the special visit and a special bracelet to remember that visit.

  18. Jeannette

    That is a beautiful charm bracelet and once that would make any nana feel appreciated any day! I love it and want one for my mom!

  19. Ai Sakura

    Aww such a sweet and personal gift. i’m sure she’ll love it!Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  20. Liz Mays

    You were so thoughtful to make it for her, and I’m really glad it fits so nicely. She will love it!

  21. msposh2013

    That is such a nice gift for nana. I bet that she will love it

  22. Kim Delatorre (@shopwithmemama)

    I LOVE that charm bracelet, how fun!! Anyone would be crazy not to want that!

  23. asbestrecipes

    This is so beautiful I love charm bracelets thanks for introducing this new brand to us =)

  24. Ashley

    That is absolutely beautiful! I hadn’t heard of this brand before so thank you for sharing. I love charm bracelets!

  25. Heather

    These bracelets look sweet. Are they a lot less expensive than Pandora?

  26. Britney Thompson Mills

    That bracelet is so cute! What a great idea!

  27. Shannon Gurnee

    That bracelet is a super cute idea! I would love to have one!

  28. Alicia

    I hope she had a great birthday! These are such good ideas. I love the bracelet displayed in this post, it’s very pretty!

  29. martinkadelux

    What a sweet gift! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  30. Allison

    What a pretty bracelet! I got something similar from my Dad a couple Chirstmases ago and it’s SO special to me!

  31. Crystal

    How sweet is that! It sounds like you have a great dad!

  32. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    Great ideas! And I LOVE that bracelet; so pretty!!!

  33. Jeanine

    What a gorgeous bracelet! And gift choice! I love soufeel I got a gorgeous bracelet too. You picked the perfect charms too! Very lovely!

  34. Nancy

    I don’t have children, nor did I know any of my grandparents growing up (they all passed away before I was born). But if I had one, I bet she would really love something like this from her grandkids. Such a pretty bracelet.

  35. DonnaChaffins (@DonnaChaffins)

    I love charms! They can be so personal and make the recipient feel so special when you get meaningful charms. Love the idea! I have a hard time making my mom’s birthday feel special… appreciate your ideas!

  36. Nicole Lutzy

    What a pretty bracelet. It is great that you can personalize it!

  37. YellowTennessee

    What a great bracelet. I love charm bracelets, you can customize and personalize them for anyone.

  38. kristimaloney

    That’s a beautiful bracelet. I love the charms you picked out. Your mom will love it!

  39. lisa @bitesforbabies

    What a great gift! I’ve always loved charm bracelets….that would have been a great request (for myself!) for Mother’s Day, lol!

  40. The Pinterested Parentt

    Pretty bracelet. We have a nana too. There are not many things that say nana, so I love this.

  41. Theresa

    It is so pretty! I bet Nana is going to love receiving it. And so cool that she has the option to keep adding charms on too!

  42. simplybeingmommy

    My mom has a necklace with charms for all of her grandkids. We seem to keep adding more so she’s getting really weighed down!!

  43. Layne

    Making a custom bracelet is so much fun and I’m sure she loved the unique present!

  44. Take Two Tapas

    Nana is going to love this! I recently gave my mom a charm necklace since she already has everything else that she needs. This was I can give her a charm for memories!

  45. Karen W

    There are some sweet ideas there. And the charm bracelet is a lovely idea, unfortunately I know my mom wouldn’t wear something like that.

  46. Danielle Wells

    Love these ideas! Sometimes it’s hard to think of ideas to give grandmothers for her special days!

  47. courtneylynne

    omg loving this bracelet!!! Really would make the perfect gift! Those charms are just wayyyy too cute!

  48. tammileetips

    I love how elegant these charms look! What a great gift for Nana for her birthday.

  49. simplybeingmommy

    Spending time together is what my parents want most. I think ,y mom would be touched by a personalized piece of jewelry thoug.

  50. Vidya Sudarsan (@IDP_Vidya)

    What a nice idea! Charm bracelets are the best.. I have a few and love them. I like the fact that you can make them the way you want it to look.

  51. candyolivares

    Oh I’m new to this brand! Very beautiful bracelet and I love that they can make “nana” bead.

  52. Shannon Gurnee

    I love charm bracelets! This is such a great idea for a gift! Thanks for sharing.

  53. Elizabeth O.

    The charms are pretty! What a wonderful idea. I’m sure my mom would love this, too.

  54. Penny Struebig

    The bracelet is so charming! Who wouldn’t love to get that?!? Great gift idea.

  55. Julie

    Such a pretty bracelet! And I love that she’s a Nana, that’s what I called my grandmother.

  56. Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    That’s really pretty! I love that you can personalize the charms, it makes it more special. I’m pretty sure your Nana will love that!

  57. Onica (MommyFactor)

    I like the idea of giving nana a special bracelet. The charms can have persoa.l meaning to last a long time.

  58. kungphoo

    Great tips and reminder that we really need to show gratitude to our grandparents….

  59. becca112971

    We took nana to Disney because it was her birthday wish. This however is very nice.

  60. Risa

    That is a gorgeous bracelet! We will probably just visit Nana on her birthday. She lives about 40 minutes away so we don’t go to see her too often with our busy schedules. We may have to check out one of these bracelets for her some day though!

  61. tamaralikecamera

    These are fun! I would love to do this for my mom – who is “Nana”. My Nana passed away at age 100 last spring but she loved phone calls and plants!

  62. LisaLadrido (@LisaLadrido)

    How fun! I bet she will love it and treasure it. I am glad to know that there are other options out there instead of just Pandora & a couple others. I will have to show my husband since he bought me a Pandora bracelet a few Christmas’ ago! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  63. Planet of the Apels

    We’ve done the charm bracelets for my mom to. She loves it.

  64. Jennifer

    These are great pieces, but I think you hit the nail on the head with making your first and second tips calling and visiting. Nana’s always love that the best!

  65. Alison

    You know, we have a Nana too and this bracelet would be perfect for her – I absolutely love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  66. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Charm bracelets are wonderful gifts. They’re so cute, and every charm commemorates an important part of her life!

  67. Catherine S

    What a wonderful charm bracelet. I am sure my son’s Nana would really love it. We usually take her to dinner on her birthday.

  68. thelesleyshow

    This would be a great gift for my Mom. The bracelet is so pretty, love the charms!

  69. Sandy SK

    That is truly a beautiful piece of jewelry. I believe your Nana will be proud.

  70. Lois Jones

    That is a beautiful bracelet! I’m sure many a Nana would love it, and maybe a few moms who are doing the giving too!! LOL!

  71. marly_ms (@mgmhar)

    We always visit our Na-na on her birthday, when circumstances permits. these are lovely gift ideas for her.Mhar Sefcik

  72. katrinagehman

    that is an awesome way to honor her!!! very cool. i love my grandma and call every year on her bday.

  73. Jenna Wood

    I love how personalized this is with the Nana charms, perfect for any Nana! We always bring flowers- she LOVES living gifts like floral arrangements and gifts.

  74. Ourfamilyworld (@OurFamilyWorld)

    Now this is an amazing way to honor her. My grandmother loves jewlry and she will love a personalized bracelet

  75. Pam

    I love the personalized bracelet. I don’t know any Nana that wouldn’t like that!

  76. thriftyjinxy

    What a great bracelet. It is awesome how you can personalize it with the specific charms.

  77. Jennifer Sikora

    That bracelet is super duper cute. My MIL would LOVE it!

  78. Lorane

    A Call, A Visit and even a family get together is something she can appreciate. This Charm Bracelet is really pretty… I like that you decided to assemble it yourself ..Nana is in for a treat

  79. LifeAsAConvert

    SOUFEEL has some really cute charms. I need to look into getting me and my mother one of these bracelets.

  80. Shell Feis

    That charm bracelet is so cute! My mother in law would love to get that from my kids, and her birthday is next month! Thanks for the great idea!

  81. Cathy Herardc

    I usually call my Nana and send her a card with a check to treat herself to Bingo because she’s 86 and deserves to get out every now and then.

  82. sharon phillips

    That is a great idea. My mama always loved roses and plants. I sure missed her this mothers day.

  83. Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

    This bracelet was a nice combination of store brought present adn do it yourself, personalized item.

  84. Debbie Denny

    My moms birthday is coming up. We are planning a little trip to kansas to see family. I do like that necklace.

  85. maria @ closetohome

    Those are totally adorable. I will look into this for our nana.

  86. Marcie W.

    We started a similar bracelet for my mother in law a few years ago and she wears it all the time. Her birthday is in July and I think some new beads and charms would make a great gift.

  87. pamatiw

    What a lovely bracelet that any “Nana” would love to receive. It looks like it is great quality and so pretty.

  88. Jenni E. {Sweet Pennies from Heaven}

    These are great gifts. I’d love one myself. I love that the other charms will fit too.

  89. Amber NElson

    That is so pretty. I bet she will love that!

  90. Felicita Moncada

    Aww this is so sweet! I bet Nana is going to cherish this forever. It remind her of her grandchildren. Such a special gift!

  91. Pam

    That is such a sweet gift. I recently got one of these bracelets and it is so pretty!

  92. tiarasandtantrums

    I think any grandmother would love this bracelet, especially if it involves anything from grandbabies!!

  93. Allie D.

    This is super cute! I think we will be doing this for my mother in law for her birthday! We have always just sent her a card with pictures of our daughter.

  94. shaunatorres

    That charm bracelet is just beautiful. I love it. I used to call my gma all the time and would send her a hand written card on her birthday. It always meant so much to her.

  95. Miranda Myrabev

    I’ve seen these floating all over the web and I think they are really great pieces of jewelry. They give the owner to showcase what matters to them most.

  96. Yona Williams

    I love personalized gifts. My Nana lives in California, and we give her a call and send her something nice for her birthday. Usually, we try to ship her some chocolate.

  97. Valerie

    That is a beautiful bracelet. I am sure your mom will absolutely love it.

  98. Marina a.k.a. E.B.Mommy

    I really love the customized bracelets.What a great idea for Nana. I know she loves it!

  99. Sarah Marturano

    Awww! I wouldn’t mind having one of these myself. I bet Nana was so excited.

  100. Stacey- Travel Blogger

    That is the perfect gift idea. As the years go by, you could continue to buy her more charms!

  101. Stefany

    I have loved the bracelets like these for so long. I know I would love one so I am sure my mom would as well. I bet your mom loves her gift.

  102. Vera Sweeney

    I love charm bracelets!! I think my mom would love a gift like this from my kids for her birthday!

  103. toxict15

    I want a charm bracelet! We usually go over to grandmas house and cook for her or take her to dinner depending on what she wants to do. This year we took her out for ice cream at cold stone and she loved it

  104. Kiwi

    My grandmas birthday was this past Monday! dang this would of been a perfect gift for her!

  105. Nicole Lutzy

    What a great gift! I am sure she will love it! What pretty choices!

  106. Marvelous Mommy

    I love that charm bracelet. My nana’s are both gone, but we bought a similar bracelet for my MIL recently.

  107. Penelope

    We love our nana…we should do all three!

  108. Tonya Blackstone-Coleman

    That’s a great gift idea. My mom would love it.

  109. April G

    I think it’s pretty cool that the charm bracelet is making a comeback. It’s so personal.

  110. [email protected]

    My mom or my kids nana just celebrated her birthday. Unfortunately, she had an ER tooth repair so not exactly how she wanted to celebrate,

  111. MyKidsGuide (@MyKidsGuide)

    What a great way to honor. Personalized jewlery is always nice

  112. HilLesha

    How gorgeous! My mom’s birthday is coming up in a few months and she’d love a personalized gift like that.

  113. Jennifer Williams

    While this would not be good for my mother, it is perfect for me. I would love to add a few beads to my bracelet.

  114. Babita

    I am sure Nana must have been very happy to receive this. My girls would love to give this to their grandmas too. Only we may have to inscribe it in our language since neither of them know English.

  115. Fabgrandma

    I am the nana of this family, and my birthday was just last week. I got a sweet potato plant from one daughter, and nothing from the rest. I must be doing something wrong. I would love to get that bracelet!

  116. Tess

    Oh that is so cute! I would love a nana bracelet!

  117. Lynndee

    How lovely is that bracelet! My mom loves accessories so much. I’ve never thought of giving her a charm bracelet though. She would love that for sure.

  118. Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz (@paulabendfeldt)

    This is s such a beautiful bracelet and I love that it’s personalized. This would make a great giver for my mom or mother in law.

  119. Krystal

    That charm bracelet is adorable. That is a great way to celebrate your family.

  120. thedomesticbuzz

    My grandma lives really far away so I don’t get to see her often, but when I do, it’s always special. That’s a lovely gift you’re giving her!

  121. Carly Brydon Anderson

    These are all great ways to show Nana you love her! That charm bracelet is absolutely beautiful and anybody would be honored to receive it!

  122. Amy Desrosiers

    My kids have a Nana so this would be great for her. We usually get her a flower or something but this is cooler.

  123. Dinner, then Dessert

    I love my grandmother, what a sweet post!

  124. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    I love that bracelet! This is a great present for Nana!

  125. Carin Kilby Clark

    What a beautiful bracelet! We always give my grandmother a call on her birthday. She loves it and really looks forward to it.

  126. Michelle Varga (@dustbunniesblog)

    This is such a gorgeous charm bracelet! She must have been so happy to receive this as a gift!

  127. Kristin

    What Nana wouldn’t love a beautiful gift like that?

  128. Swa-Rai (@swaraiblog)

    This is the cutest gift, my grandmother would love something like this. Adorable!

  129. Camesha | Mama Motivator

    This is a really nice bracelet. I’m sure she loved it! I used to always get my grandma jewelry. She rarely wears any now.

  130. yumeating

    What a super cute charm bracelet! Hubs step mom is a collector of Pandora charms so thats our go-to for her. His mom is a bit harder and my mom is even worse as her birthday is just a few days after mothers day. So, we’re always scrambling to figure something out.

  131. indah nuria Savitri

    such a lovely gift to Nana…love the charmbracelets and its cute beads..

  132. aordinarylife

    I think this is a great gift idea. These bracelets are a great idea, bet she loved it.

  133. alexisakamom0616

    Ahhh that is so sweet and perfect! Happy Birthday Nana!

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