Make Your Own Patriotic Crayons!

DIY Patriotic Crayons

With July 4th coming up quick, what better time to make these fun patriotic crayons? It’s a great way to use up those old crayon pieces you have laying around, plus they are super easy to make. Not only that, the kids will love them! I promise.

Supplies needed:

  • Red, white, and blue crayons
  • Muffin or donut tin, metal
  • Non stick cooking spray
  • Oven


1. Begin by peeling away the wrappers on all of the crayons. Make sure all wrapping is removed thoroughly.

Patriotic Crayons4

2. Break the crayons into smaller segments. You want them to be about 1/2 an inch in length or less.
3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray the muffin or donut tin with non stick cooking spray.
4. Drop the crayon segments into the trays. You want to create one layer with the crayons.

Patriotic Crayons3

5. Continue adding crayon segments until the tin is about 1/3 full. Place in the oven for 10-12 minutes or until melted into a liquid.
6. Remove the tray and allow to cool. Transfer the tray to the freezer where it will rest for 10 minutes.
7. Remove the tray from the freezer and turn over to remove the crayons from the mold.

Patriotic Crayons

Your crayons can now be enjoyed! If they break during the removal process, simply place them back in the tray, melt again, and give it another try!

Patriotic Crayons2

Have you ever made your own crayons before? My kids think it’s the coolest thing and it’s a great way to use up every bit of those broken crayons you have around the house.

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  1. Liz Mays

    My kids are older than crayon age, but I still want to make them. They’re so cute!

  2. Heather

    It is really super easy. I love the patriotic colors.

  3. aimee (@HouseofFaucis)

    These came out great! Why have I not made DIY crayons, they seem so easy!?

  4. loisaltermark

    Those are so cute for the 4th of July! And they look really simple to make.

  5. Heather

    I love melting my own crayons. Great idea!

  6. toughcookiemommy

    This is such a creative way to make crayons. I am really surprised at how easy they are to make and how much fun the kids can have creating art with them.

  7. becca112971

    this looks like a fun thing to do with kids. Plus they make great party favors.

  8. Jessica Beal Harlow

    This is such a great idea to keep the kiddos having fun at family get-togethers especially around July 4th! We usually get the white paper tablecloths for the tables and the kids love to color and write all over them. These hand-sized crayons would be perfect!

  9. jasmine

    What a great idea! I’m going to buy some white paper table cloths for the fourth of july.

  10. Pam

    Isn’t it? And you can make so many different color combos!

  11. Felicia

    These are adorable and a great idea. We made a few like this for a birthday party a few years back. Tons of fun!

  12. Liz Mays

    I totally love that they’re donut shape. That makes them easy to hold onto while coloring.

  13. Ai Sakura

    it really is very cool. I want to make ours but never got down to trying!Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  14. Theresa

    They look like tasty Life Savers lol. Great way to use those crappy little broken pieces up!

  15. Kate K (My Mommy Brain)

    These are so cool! My 7 yo would love this!

  16. Amanda Ripsam

    I think my Bella would love it if I made her red white and blue crayons. My husband might look at me funny but it would be a great way for her to try it that is if she doesn’t eat them. I think they really do look like life savers. My muffin tin’s don’t have the thing in the middle of it. I’ll give it a try and see what happens I’ll post a picture on my facebook wall and let you know how it turns out. Thanks for sharing. I love DIY posts

  17. Crystal

    I’ve used silicone molds before to make crayons. If you have shape molds, you could make anything!

  18. simplysassystyle

    Awards goes to MOST CREATIVE! Girl this is amazing!

  19. bloodcravephotography

    How cute. This is such an amazing idea. A great activity to do in a classroom as well.

  20. Alli

    So cute – they look like patriotic lifesavers. My grandkids would love coloring with these pretty crayons.

  21. Shannon Gurnee

    They do kind of look like patriotic lifesavers. My kids would have a blast with these.

  22. Christy Maurer

    That is such a cute idea and a great way to used up old crayons! We have a toolbox full of crayons lol.

  23. Jeanine

    How cute! I love the circle idea too. I need to make some of these with my kiddos for Canada day in Canadian colors! Very cute and a good idea!

  24. alissa4illustration

    Those turned out really neat! We have 4 printers here at work that are wax based. I collect the wax from the drip trays, melt the wax, and make crayons out of it. The only trouble is that it’s funky green, or dark blue. There isn’t really any other color that comes out of them. It’s all the colors mixed together. If I didn’t make something out of that wax, it would just get thrown out.

  25. Heather

    That is so cool! I need one of those donut pans. I see this is how people make their own candels too.

  26. family

    This is such a cool craft! I’ll have to try it.

  27. Dawn

    That is so much fun! I love how easy it was to make them, and I love their look.

  28. kristimaloney

    These came out perfectly! Such a fun craft to do with the kids to celebrate the 4th. Love it!

  29. Megan Elford

    I love the idea of doing them in a donut pan! They look so cute :-). I could see doing them in solid colours and stringing them together for keeping the kids busy when you’re running errands or in waiting rooms!

  30. Crystal

    That is such a good idea! I need to do the same thing.

  31. Dogvills

    I also have a donut pan that’s just collecting dust. I want to make this for my kids.

  32. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    This is one of the best 4th of July crafts I’ve seen. Those crayon donuts are so cute! Love it.

  33. Crystal

    How cute! I have a donut pan that I barely use. I need to make a ton of crayons for the kiddos.

  34. Melissa Pezza

    I can’t wait to make this with the kids! They love to do crafts with me, and this one looks super fun!

  35. boulderlocavore

    I love to do crafts with my kids and this looks like a super fun project! Thanks for the idea!

  36. Debbie L.

    Us too we are always doing a project. This is perfect to recycle broken small crayons into a new crayon.

  37. Jenna Wood

    These are gorgeous- the kids always enjoy making their own crayons, and it’s a great way to upcycle the old broken bits and pieces. The only thing is, these kind of make me hungry- haha, they look like a 4th of July candy!

  38. Saidah Washington (@ApronsStilletos)

    I love how these turned out. We’ve made crayons before, but not patriotic colors. Very nice.

  39. Tiffany Collins (@Naturalycracked)

    These are too cute! We made them as loot bag treats once but never thought to do them in specific colours. Super smart! Thanks for sharing:)

  40. ascendingbutterfly

    I haven’t done this since Girl Scout Camp when I was little, this is such a neat idea! My nephews would LOVE this!

  41. Owen's Mom

    That is an adorable idea to use the mini muffin pan! The crayon donuts are adorable and would be perfect for little fingers.

  42. Andrea @ Honestly Andrea

    How neat! My younger son would love to make these with me.

  43. mykidsguide

    What a great idea. We have a lot of old crayons that the kids don’t want to use anymore. Making them into this will be so much fun.

  44. Pam

    These are so cute. The kids always loved making crayons like this.

  45. Nicole Lutzy

    These turned out great Robin! I love the colors! What a fun project to do with the kids!

  46. Michelle F.

    What a cool idea! I love that you used a donut maker.

  47. tammi

    What a clever idea! I’ve never tried to make my own crayons but I really need to – we have too many broken ones around here going to waste.

  48. moesly15

    Wow those are so awesome! I love these DIY crafts

  49. LifeAsAConvert

    These are so cute. I’ve made my own before, but never had a theme in mind.

  50. Lisa Nolan at Monkey Star Press

    Love the festive colors, perfect for Fourth of July! My son would have a blast!

  51. lisa

    What a really cool idea! I bet my kids would love this and you can make them for any holiday!

  52. Dria

    These are so adorable can’t wait to make them with my best friends daughter!

  53. rebecca orr

    What a fun way to use up broken crayons. I think my kids would love to do this with my for a fun summer project.

  54. Jeannette

    Those are so cute and easy and I have so many broken crayons laying around my house! I think we’ll make some tomorrow!

  55. touristmeetstraveler

    That is really cool, I love how it comes out in a circle like shape. This would be tons of fun to make with kids.

  56. jasmine

    so cute! I didn’t realize how it easy it was to make your crayon!

  57. satrntgr

    How fun – what a great way to reuse the small pieces and than let the kids be a part of something creative. I love it!

  58. Marcie W.

    What a super creative idea and a great way to recycle. The donut shape reminds me of a life preserver which is perfect for summer too!

  59. Lynsey Jones

    This is such a cute and patriotic idea. I know many kids will love to make these.

  60. Debbie Denny

    What a fun idea. So creative and fun.

  61. amushro

    This is awesome! Perfect 4th of July craft!

  62. Valerie

    These are so fun. I love being able to make my own art supplies like this.

  63. seasidemermaid

    I have seen these type of crayon crafts before, but nothing patriotic-inspired. How neat!

  64. Stefany

    My kids would love to do this with me. We’ll have to make them on our play date this week.

  65. Lorane

    These are soo cool . I had no idea there was a D-I-Y for Crayons. These are fun and just in time for July 4th

  66. Sarah Marturano

    How neat! My kids would have a blast with these. Thanks for sharing!

  67. Christie

    Great upcycle for old crayons! We have so many little stubs in there

  68. Felicita Moncada

    What a great idea for salvaging those little bits of crayons laying around the house. I usually find them in all sorts of places in my kids room! Now I’m going to be looking forward to finding these!

  69. Crystal From Tidbits of Experience

    This is such a neat idea. I love how you got the colors to blend perfectly together.

  70. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    Awesome idea! I think my son would love to make some.

  71. Nancy

    What an awesome idea! I’m actually heading to a Canada Day party here in California this weekend, so I’m thinking I should get some red & white crayons and do this for the little kids who are coming!

  72. leechrista

    Making crayons is so much fun. However at our house the dogs tend to get more use out of them than my kids. I enjoy passing the recipes on to my friends though. This is adorable, I’m going to send it to my friend Minet for her 4th of July party.

  73. Danielle H

    These are adorable. I know my girls would love to make these.

  74. dogvills

    that`s the coolest thing i ever see i want to try this now with my two kids

  75. upliftingfam

    I love that you made them patriotic. I haven’t tried making my own crayons yet. It looks super easy too.

  76. Pam

    Love this. What great fun and a good way to use up old crayons and celebrate the holiday.

  77. Carol Bryant

    Oh my goodness that is so fun and so creative – just in time for the big holiday!

  78. Paula Schuck

    This is a great idea. For other colors you can group them into like colors and make them. My daughter would love them in pink and purples.

  79. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love this idea. I have a bunch of leftover crayons i could do this with. Thanks for sharing.

  80. CouponDivaDesirae

    Never thought to put them in this type of pan! We have made these before and they have always been a big hit. My sister has even made some and turned them into play jewelry.

  81. casavilorainteriors

    What a fun idea! How wonderful are these colors together. Gotta love the red, white and blue

  82. Dawn McAlexander

    It’s been years since I made crayons. I used to do it a lot back when my daughter was in preschool. Not so much anymore. The idea has never crossed my mind to do patriotic crayons though!

  83. Aimee

    We make these crayons all the time, but I have never thought of doing holiday versions! Genius! I can’t wait for our next batch!

  84. Mistee Dawn

    These are so cool! My daughter loves making crayons with her crayon maker, but I think she would love to make them this way even more. So cute.

  85. Tonya

    Very cool. My big kids won’t appreciate this, but I think I’ll be the coolest aunt on the planet if I do this with my niece and nephew. Love the crayons!

  86. Alyssa C

    What a fun idea! My girls love making new crayon creations using their old crayons! I definitely plan on trying this, thank you for sharing.

  87. Nicole Lutzy

    These turned out great! I made my son crayons years ago and it was an epic fail! They came out too waxy and when he used them there was no color! LOL

  88. Heather

    I’ve seen so many tutorials for making your own crayons. I really need to try this with my daughter! Great activity!

  89. You, Baby and I Blog

    Such an awesome idea! The kids will definitely enjoy this. I’m loving all these tutorials, it really inspires me.

  90. Bree @ HalfPennyBlog

    I wish this had been something that I had known about in my babysitting years! Kids get so upset when their crayons break! I will have to store this away for when I have kids. Now I can make use of any broken crayons they may have!

  91. Erin (@SugarCrumbs)

    Ha, thats awesome! My kids would think less patriotic and more Captain America. Which I guess is kind of patriotic. lol.

  92. Crystal

    Such a great way to use up all those old crayons. We definitely have enough of them, too.

  93. Debbie L.

    This is really a cute idea – Davey would love making these and using them for his 4th of July projects.

  94. Lynndee

    What a cute idea. I definitely haven’t thought of that. My son would love to do something like that for sure.

  95. yumeating

    We save our broken crayons just for fun projects like this.I cant wait to show kiddo we can use the donut pan!

  96. annecrane

    We’ve made Valentine’s Day Hearts before. I love these round crayons though. They are super cute.

  97. The Trophy WifeStyle

    Omg how cool are these?!?! I so need to make these with my daughter for the forth! She would love these crayons!

  98. Debi- Lifestyle Blogger

    We love making crayons. We make them a lot in certain shapes. I have never made them in red, white and blue.

  99. Lisa @bitesforbabies

    These look so cool!! I have been meaning to make crayons with my kids…we have so many broken bits and pieces sitting around!

  100. thedomesticbuzz

    We love making our own crayons! I usually stop by my daughters’ school and ask the teachers if they have any old crayons. They’re usually happy to unload tons of broken ones!

  101. alexisakamom0616

    I love making crayons and this would be so cool for my 4th of July party!

  102. Debra

    These are so cute! I absolutely love them!

  103. Laura funk

    Great upcycling use for old broken crayons! Also I love the shape

  104. Chubskulit Rose

    That is super creative! I would like to do that with my kids bu0t I wil need a donut mold.

  105. Bonnie @ wemake7

    That is so awesome. We have never made our own crayons before. These are perfect for the 4th coming up.

  106. April G

    These are the most adorable crayons that I could make. They ware so on point with the season.

  107. Lisa Rios

    Really a great idea indeed. I never tried making such crayons but it looks too cute as well as looks so easy to make. My kids would definitely love this for sure. Thanks for the idea.

  108. Ricci

    This looks like a grew project to do with kids!! I may just do this with my nieces and nephews this summer!!

  109. Stephanie Pass

    What a great idea! And, I have that donut pan!!

  110. melisasource

    Oh wow these are so cute! My kids would love these for the Fourth!

  111. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    Such a creative idea! My kids love playing with crayons!

  112. Terra Heck

    I’ve never recycled crayons that way. It’s a neat idea! I love those patriotic colors together.

  113. Kiwi

    This is the most adorable paitriotic DIY for kids! So much fun and great coloring tool!

  114. Aisha Kristine Chong

    this is such a smart idea and it looks quite adorable too.

  115. mmgmom

    These look so cool. I have always been afraid to make my own crayons.

  116. way2goodlife

    Absolutely love it – my kids would take them to the camp for sure for the flag day

  117. jessicasimms

    This is so cool! We always have broken crayons laying around that usually end up in the trash. I would love to recycle them the way you did.

  118. Midatlantic Foodie

    So I showed this to the kids grandma, and she’s so excited to do this with them when we get to her house in a few weeks. How fun! Thank you for the idea!!! We have so many broken crayons because of Toddler Ro it’s nuts.

  119. Carly Brydon Anderson

    These crayons are really awesome! What a great way to use up broken and used crayons!

  120. Shannon Gurnee

    Those are super cute! I never thought about melting crayons together.

  121. censie

    These are so cute! What a great idea.

  122. kristin

    Look like fun. I just cleaned up a bunch of broken crayons. Time to make new ones!

  123. Rorybore

    we have done this!! the first time I forget the cooking spray first – yikes!! but it’s a great way to use up all those tiny broken pieces, and my girls love the swirl of colours they can use.

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