Milo is Taking the Purina One 28 Day Challenge #ad #spon

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Surely you remember our dog, Milo?


A while back I told you all about his adoption story, but what I didn’t tell you was that he’s a super picky eater. I had a human picky eater long before I had a canine one, so knew exactly how to handle him after he came to live with us….give him whatever he wanted.

Besides, who can resist this face?


Seriously. He’s so darn cute that I could never say no to him.

Lately we’ve noticed that Milo’s coat hasn’t been as shiny as it used to be, which is why we’ve decided to take the 28-day challenge! Purina One is made with real meat and includes vitamins essential to Milo’s health – it’s a no brainer if you ask me.

Bonus: Milo loves eating Purina One! No more fussy eating – he gobbles his food right up now.


Benefits of the Purina One 28-Day Challenge:

  • Bright Eyes: Your dog’s eyes are the window to his health
  • Dental Health: Great nutrition and crunchy kibble support strong teeth and healthy gums
  • Energy: An optimal blend of ingredients provides the energy your dog needs
  • Digestibility: Highly digestible food helps more nutrition go to work inside your dog
  • Taste: When your dog loves the taste of his food, it can make all the difference
  • Skin & Coat: Balanced nutrients support a beautiful coat and healthy skin


If you’re a dog parent and want to try the 28-day challenge, head on over to Walmart to pick up some Purina ONE for your fur baby. And be sure to visit the Walmart site to learn more about the benefits of the 28-day challenge, step-by-step instructions and ways to share your pet’s progress.

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  1. Janine Huldie

    Thanks for sharing and have to keep in mind for our dog now.

  2. lisa @bitesforbabies

    That dog is adorable! I want to squeeze him!! I’m looking for a new food for my dog…he’s getting bored with his!

  3. moesly15

    I know. He really does look super squeezable right?

  4. Amy Desrosiers

    He is super cute! I love his name too!

  5. toughcookiemommy

    Milo is so cute and he looks so well behaved. Our Onyx is terrible, lately, he has taken to stealing food right out of the garbage. You would think he doesn’t get fed.

  6. Sarah Bailey

    My Sal is the same, any way she can get food she’s on it naughty thing! x

  7. Michele

    What an adorable furbaby you have–and so alert! Bet nothing gets past him!! My furbaby,a car, is really picky but she does seem to like the Purina Brand cat foods–when she is in the mood.

  8. Boho Chic (@TotallyTerris)

    Milo is simply adorable and I love that you adopted him. I wish my mom would give the 28 day challenge to her little dog, she is way overweight.

  9. Michele

    I adopted all of my monsters except for one–and she was so scared and pitiful looking I could not walk out of the store without her–once she got to my apartment and met my other dog at the time she perked right up–and my dog immediately took over her training! Back then they didn’t have too much in the way of healthy or good tasting dog food–so they ate what I ate and occasionally got dog food!!

  10. Ourfamilyworld

    Milo is super cute. It’s good to know that Purina One worked for him. I will have to tell my sister about this.

  11. Jolleen Ruiz

    Oh he is adorable! We use Purina for our dog as well. Love it!

  12. Lori Bosworth

    Milo is so cute. I like that you adopted him! I hope his coat is shiny after taking the Purina One 28 day challenge!

  13. Sabrina

    Adopting dogs are the way to go for us too! They are forever happy to be in a warm sweet and loving home!

  14. Chelsea Day

    Aww, what a sweetie! Milo is precious, and I’m glad he’s getting the right nutrition he needs for good health!

  15. LisaLadrido (@LisaLadrido)

    We were just looking for this at our local Walmart yesterday and they were out. I have been wanting to buy it for our two elderly Labradors. I love the pics of your sweet Milo!

  16. mags

    MIlo is such a cutie! Glad he’s doing well on his new diet!

  17. indah nuria Savitri

    I used to have a dog back home when I was a little but now we don’t have any here.. Milo looks like one fine dog indeed..

  18. Shann Eva

    Awe .He’s very cute. No pets here yet .Maybe when our kids get older.

  19. Catherine S

    I agree he is really cute. This sounds like a great product and challenge for any dog owner.

  20. Sandy KS

    This sounds like a fun and rewarding challenge for our pouches. I will have to try the challenge on my two and see how they fair.

  21. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    Our little chihuahua was very particular about what she ate too! She was too cute to resist too!

  22. Heather @

    Mile is very cute. He deserves great food.

  23. loisaltermark

    Milo is adorable and deserves only the best. Both of our dogs were very picky eaters too.

  24. Janell @ Saving You Dinero

    Ha – I never knew a picky dog. This must be an excellent food if your dog likes it.

  25. Anne

    Milo is adorable! Feeding a high quality food like Purina One is so important to make sure dogs stay healthy.

  26. Chubskulit Rose

    Milopreminds me of the toy fox terrier dog that we had, his name was Max. Our dogs only eat Purina,

  27. tammi

    This sounds like a challenge my Sister might do with her dogs. I will have to share this with her.

  28. Amanda Ripsam

    Your dog is very cute. I have been thinking of getting a dog but for now we just have gold fish.

  29. Heather

    Oh he is cute! It’s funny about him being s picky eater, I thought dogs pretty much ate anything that dropped on the floor. Can’t wait to see how his coat looks after 28 days.

  30. Michele

    Not all dogs will eat anything and everything–most know what they like and will make sure they get it but will stick their noses up at something not to their taste. I had a dog once who would not go near a McDonald’s or a Burger King hamburger. She would only eat Wendy’s burgers and I had to drive miles to get them!

  31. Planet of the Apels

    I’ll have to share this post with my sister. She has a dog as well. You pup is cute!

  32. Theresa

    My dogs have way too many food allergies, so we have to buy them the expensive kibble. I swear, they eat better than we do!

  33. Marcie W.

    You can not beat a dog food that is made with real meat. This challenge sounds very beneficial!

  34. Shirgie Fulgencio

    Milo is such an adorable creation of God. I like the name though, I know a chocolate drink with brand name Milo. I want to assume you get his name from than brand? He is one great source of happiness.

  35. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    Beautiful dog! Thanks for sharing! We have been needing a new brand of dog food for our dog.

  36. Russ R.

    Oh wow … didn’t know that dogs can be picky-eaters too. Milo is lucky to be with you – he seems like he’s getting a lot of TLC. And, I see why. He just looks super adorable!

  37. Crystal

    Our pup Henry is also a super picky eater, maybe we should give Purina a shot!

  38. Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    We have a picky eater too! Milo is adorable

  39. Tricia W.

    Great way to keep your dog in shape! Hope there’s a good change in his health while you’re on the program! My corgi doesn’t eat that particular brand, but thanks for the info!!

  40. Scott

    Milo is very cute. That is exactly the type of dog my youngest has been asking for!

  41. angie

    what breed of dog is yours??? he looks a lot like ours which is a jack Russell

  42. Dogvills

    Milo seems to like this food. I haven’t tried this, yet, but I’m sure my dogs would love this, too.

  43. Lauren

    first off, your dog is adorable!! What a cute little guy! Second, I’ve heard great things about this dog food! If I had a dog, I’d use this one! Thanks for sharing!

  44. Sarah Bailey

    Oh he is just the cutest I really want to give him a big hug! Good luck to him taking part in the Purina 28 day challenge! x

  45. Jacob Fu

    What a cute dog! Our cats really like Purina One too. We mix up the food they get but anytime that’s on the menu they get really excited.

  46. moesly15

    Your dog is really cute. Hope he enjoys the challenge

  47. Danielle K

    What a cute dog!! We feed Purina One to our cat and he loves it!

  48. Catherine S

    Milo is so cute. I will have to tell my sister about the Purina One 28 day challenge for her dogs.

  49. Amber NElson

    Milo sure is a cutie. This sounds like an amazing challenge!

  50. tammi

    This would be a perfect challenge for my dog. I have noticed his fur is not as bright and soft lately. I will have to pick up some Purina One.

  51. Bismah Abdelgawad

    You’re dog really is cute! My mom also has a really fussy dog! Usually her dog will eat one brand of food for a short while and then will refuse to continue it. It does get very difficult at times.

  52. Toni | BoulderLocavore

    We have our dog on a novel protein and starch food due to allergies but it’s also good to change it up occasionally. I was thinking about her with your check list and feel a new food challenge might be in order.

  53. Ai Sakura

    Your dog is so cute!! It is so hard when they are so adorable.. hahaAi @ Sakura Haruka

  54. Rebecca Swenor

    Purina One 28 day challenge is something I may have to try on my dogs so I will check it out. Milo is so so adorable and reminds me of my grandmothers dog Droppy. He was the same breed but black and white. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Elizabeth O.

    Our beloved pets deserve only the best. Milo is so cute!

  56. notjustpaperandpaint

    Our little Shih Tzu Derby will suddenly stop eating dog food as he gets tired of it. I’m going to have this on hand for the next time. Thanks.

  57. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    We used to buy Purina too. Cute dog!

  58. Joanne T Ferguson

    What a cute looking four legged one! I think people forget that pet nutrition is important! Can you imagine eating the same meal, the same way every day of your life? Purina One is a good way to look after your dog in a healthy way!


    Thanks so much for sharing–I’ll definitely check this out next time I’m in walmart!

  60. Christy Maurer

    He certainly is a cutie! I use regular Purina right now, but since Toby will be 7 soon I may switch to Purina One if they have a senior line.

  61. Liz Mays

    I hope that makes a huge difference for cute little Milo! You’d better report back!

  62. Liz Mays

    Milo really is cute! I’m sure he’s plenty spoiled because his cuteness wins everyone over too.

  63. coolchillmom

    Who could forget that adorable face? I am glad you found the perfect food to care for him

  64. Jennifer Williams

    Milo is such a cutie. We have 4 dogs and use two different types of dog food – they are also picky. I will have to check out the Purina One and see if we can finally get them all eating the same food.

  65. krystal

    What a sweet pup! I know that it is so important to feed your dog the right thing. This is a great challenge to try!

  66. Jessica

    I hope the challenge works out well for Milo! I am always looking for the ‘best’ dog food to feed our dogs! It’s hard to find the best when there is so much out there!

  67. Allie D.

    Milo is so adorable!!!! Good luck with the challenge.

  68. jamie

    Awww, what a sweet little pup your family has!

  69. kristimaloney

    Milo is a cutie for sure. We don’t have any fur babies – I wish we did! Good luck with the challenge.

  70. Lexie Lane

    Good luck to Milo! Such a cute dog! Ours died a few months ago and we miss her a lot. Miss the energy she had. We probably would have done the Purina Challenge too.

  71. Amy Desrosiers

    What a cute little pooch. Our dog loves Purina Smartblend!

  72. My Journey With Candida

    My Daughter has a dog that could use the 28 day challenge. Her fur is getting so dry looking. I will have to tell her about this.

  73. Amanda

    Aww, Milo is so cute. I know how tricky it can be to get your dog to eat, or to find healthy food for dogs with dietary restrictions. Hope you find something great for him!

  74. Nikki

    Milo is an adorable little guy! I hope the Purina challenge goes well for him! We use a lot of different Purina products for my three dogs.

  75. Shann Eva

    Hope he’s still enjoying the challenge! He sure is cute.

  76. tammileetips

    This sounds like great dog food! It is so important to find a good quality dog food for your pets.

  77. Vera Sweeney

    Purina One is a great brand for dogs. It sounds like this brand has been perfect for Milo.

  78. Gladys Parker

    Our dog Buddy, I know such an unusual name, changes food preferences about once a year. I’ll be all happy that we found a food that he likes and I approve of then eventually he starts the half eating stuff. He is older and I want him to have a well balanced food that is affordable. It would be a perfect time to try Purina. Thanks for sharing!

  79. Angie | Big Bear's Wife

    We may have to try this 28-day challenge with our pups! They’re super picky too and we have to change their food up every so often or they get board and won’t eat it! Maybe they’ll like this! I’m loving all of the health benefits too!

  80. Katherine Bartlett (@KBWhiskey)

    I just started that Rachel Ray stuff with my dogs. Maybe they will like this better

  81. Anna

    Nino is adorable! I would love to see the ingredients label of the purina one food, that’s usually the first thing I look at when buying my shiatsu,Benji, food! I’m so scared of artificial additives etc. My dog is also very spoiled lol.

  82. Nicole Lutzy

    Oh my goodness Milo is SO adorable! What a great challenge. I do not have a dog or I would so do this challenge.

  83. Stacey Werner

    Milo is adorable! Our dogs love Purina.

  84. Yona Williams

    Ahhhh – Milo is such a cutie…and look at those ears. I have never had to deal with a picky eater in a pooch. On a side note though…one of the best things I ever did with my last pooch was never feeding him any people food. Some dogs get really picky in eating dog food because they’re holding out for people food.

  85. Celeste

    Milo is so cute! Glad you found a dog food that your dog will eat.

  86. Jeanette

    I LOVE this dog he is SO CUTE!! We are starting to look for a new dog soon I have always love Purina and will be using it again when we get a new dog!

  87. thechinahutch

    We have a springer who is very active, have us Purina One on our dog since he was a pup, love this Dog food.

  88. asbestrecipes

    What a cutie, your Milo is so handsome love his colors and he seems to be very playful =)

  89. Jessica Beal Harlow

    Milo is super precious! I just love that little face and his loped over ears! lol We buy Purina Dog Chow for our dog and I think we might try the Purina One 28 day challenge too. I’ll be curious if we see an improvement in his skin or coat which seem to be very sensitive and prone to being dry.Thanks for sharing!

  90. Emily Knight (@OurKnightLife)

    Milo is a super cute doggie!! Good luck on his challenge!

  91. simplybeingmommy

    I’ve never known a picky canine eater, but it makes sense. Glad Milo is doing the challenge!

  92. ronleyba (@ronley_ph)

    I will try this one out too! We got three dogs at home and I wonder if Purina can make them better.

  93. Debra

    Such a cute dog! I am glad you found something he likes!

  94. Mykidsguide

    Purina is a trusted brand. We only get this food for our dogs.

  95. AnneMarie Leblanc

    Our dog started out on Purina and we have not looked at any other product ever since. He’s happy, healthy, and his coat is really nice.

  96. Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz (@paulabendfeldt)

    Milo is so cute and you can tell he is loving his Purina One!

  97. Stephanie Pass

    My parents are dog parents, and they have raised a super picky eater. She now gets dry food mixed with fresh refrigerator food that they have to cut up. I’ll tell them about this one. It’s funny, when I had a dog and gave her that fresh food, they would make fun of me and think I was crazy. Now they do it themselves, lol.

  98. [email protected]..andDadtoo

    My one dog witll eat ANYTHING, the other two not so much. I’m glad you found somehting he likes. Love his name too

  99. kleebanks

    What a cute fur baby! It will be interesting to see how he changes by the end of the 28 days! We have two dogs (brindle Plott hound and black lab/whippet – “whiprador”), so I’ll be anxious to see Milo’s transformation.

  100. nicole escat

    I wish i could have that adorable dog. i think that dog make me happy. i will be groomed this dog, if i have that.

  101. upliftingfam

    I’m glad that he enjoys his food. However, if you end up making the switch to new food you should always mix it with their old food so that it doesn’t upset their tummy. Day 1 use 25% new and 75% old food. Day 2 & 3 do a 50% mix of both food. Day 4 & 5 do a 75% new and 25% old food. Then after a week, you can make the full switch.

  102. Dina

    My dog has skin irritations too. Maybe I should try this on him? Gosh I hate hot spots.

  103. beckysbestbites

    I have a very picky fur baby as well!! I need to learn more about Purina One and take the 28 day challenge for him!!

  104. Carly Brydon Anderson

    Milo is so cute! My Frankie is taking the Purina One 28 Day Challenge and it’s going really well so far!

  105. Rorybore

    oh my gosh – he’s adorable!!! I love him.

  106. maggiesblog2

    We’ve always used Purina whenever we had pets! Its the best! He is so cute!!

  107. alexisakamom0616

    Oh My Gosh he is just too stinking cute!!!

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