Mini Travel Pouch For Kids (Keep the Kids Entertained)!

Mini Travel Pouch For Kids

Over the weekend my family and I traveled to NYC by train to visit Comic Con! It takes us just over 2 hours by train for us to get to the city. I was worried about how to keep the kids occupied and reasonably quiet during the ride. I also do not like carrying a ton of stuff so I had to make sure I had all our essentials covered and that everything was light weight and portable.

Thankfully, my kids carry their own back packs. I knew we had a lot of walking ahead of us so I didn’t want to overload the packs. I packed a change of clothes and left enough room for an extra sweat shirt, some snacks and a mini activities pouch. I carried my own light weight pack filled with small snacks and my own essentials.

I knew after the initial excitement of the landscape whizzing by our train wore off the kids would start getting antsy. That’s when I planned to pull out these mini pouches filled with small, quiet activities and require only the power of their imagination.

mini travel pouch1

What’s inside:
Pip Squeak Play Marker
Chocolate coins (for rewards)
Mini action figures
Spy glass

The notebook and stickers roll up and fit nicely inside the pouch. Everything else fit in on top. I used the chocolate coins as rewards when we changed trains without a melt down, and when they braved the train potty (blech). I did not count on a tray delay. So, I was happy to have lollipops on hand! The kids were very good about playing while waiting, but after 45 minutes they did get bored and started to whine a little. The mention of a lollipop was enough to get them to sit up straight and it bought us a peaceful last 10 minutes of our wait. That’s seven minutes to eat the lollipop and three minutes to talk about eating their lollipop.

But, the real star of the show was our new Pip Squeak Play Marker.

mini marker

This little wizard isn’t just a marker he’s a toy too. My kids spent most of the time pulling apart his outfit and rebuilding him, coloring with him and pretending he was magic. It was a lot of fun!

The kids were so excited to see all these new little trinkets to play with they were easily distracted and entertained. These little pouches are great for traveling in small spaces like a train or plane. They will also work great while out to dinner. Since they are so small they easily fit into a purse, a diaper bag, a kids back pack or right in your kids little hands. With a limited amount of items in this mini pouch you won’t have to gather up a ton of stuff before you leave. If you use them more than once, be sure to reload with new and interesting things your kids haven’t played with before for maximum effect (and quiet).

What would you pack in this mini activities pouch?

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Roxanne is a full time wife, twin mama and part time crazy lady. She is a charitable giver and a former Marketing Executive turned write-from-home mom. Roxanne lives on coffee, wine and the pure rush of cleaning the potty between loads of laundry. In her spare time she enjoys meeting other moms who keep life real- crafting, organizing and hiding veggies in her kid’s food. Find her at The Whatever Mom.

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  1. Lois Alter Mark

    We always traveled with those things – and still have the marks on the interior of our car to prove it!

  2. Dogvills

    I agree. We always bring those stuff, even during short rides.

  3. Chelley @ A is For Adelaide

    I love this! We keep a few goodies in the bag JUST for pre-meltdown times! So important to have that special thing to help pass the time!

  4. Roxanne

    I’m not one to reward with edibles, but having a few little sweets like lolli’s and chocolate coins was a big help!

  5. Pam

    Snacks are definitely a requirement in my family. My kids get HANGRY!

  6. Kimberly Grabinski

    Oh this is such a good idea! My kids usually grab their tablets but I’d rather have something like this than the electronics for road trips.

  7. Kristi

    Fun idea! I am going to share this with a friend who was just asking for ideas as they are taking a trip soon. Perfect timing.

  8. Brianna George

    Great idea Robin! I would add a deck of cards. Perhaps phase 10.

  9. Bismah Abdelgawad

    We recently just traveled back home from a holiday and it was the first time I filled up a little case for each of our two toddler boys. Our flight was four hours and they loved their surprises and treats. I am definitely doing it again.

  10. fifiharris01

    I don’t have small children anymore but I’m sending your link to friends who do. This is a great idea.

  11. Scott

    We ended up buying them each a small backpack that they can fill with whatever they want. Only stipulation is they have to carry it through TSA themselves!

  12. Liz Mays

    That’s a pretty good idea to have them be responsible for taking it themselves. That helps them think carefully about what they’re bringing!

  13. Emma Spellman

    We do the same thing it is usually filled with snacks, crayons, trains and toy cars. My 1 year old has a Thomas backpack and my 3 year old as Minions.

  14. Amber N

    Now that is a great idea for keeping those kiddos busy!

  15. Ari Adams

    Your mini activities pouch sounds perfect! I let my kids pack their own bags now and it’s the funniest thing to see what they deem most important for a trip.

  16. Scarlet of Family Focus Blog

    Yes. I always had one of these for my kids when they were younger and my son can still keep himself entertained for about an hour with two action figures! I stumbled this!

  17. Amy Desrosiers

    Very cute and small enough to travel. I need to make one for my 3 year old.

  18. Crissy Page

    Love this, a great way to keep those kiddos busy!

  19. Danielle Harper

    I love this idea. There are so many times it would come in handy!

  20. Chastity Beene

    This is perfect! I need a little bag like this instead of having everything loose in my purse.

  21. Amber NElson

    I generally use my purse too and it is so hard to find their stuff or mine for that matter.

  22. Ourfamilyworld

    We have those little bags. These bags always save me from going crazy during long and short drives. The twins are always at each other.

  23. Elizabeth O.

    It’s a lifesaver! I can’t imagine not having travel pouches!

  24. Liz Mays

    I agree that anything novel will go over big time! It’s such a great idea to have a little pouch of surprises.

  25. Ginger Mommy (@Gingermommy)

    Crayons are a must for my kids! I think a small toy and some games would be good too

  26. katrina g

    That would be so helpful for a lot of things. I have one bag kinda like this i use it for everything and i mean everything from pencils to makeup, it’s so useful.

  27. Mom Does It All (@misteedawnw)

    This is a really great idea! Especially with all of the holiday traveling coming up!

  28. Jenna Wood

    2 hours isn’t so bad, depending on the age of the kids- I’d hope siblings would help entertain each other, but I suppose that cold backfire and lead to fighting. Sounds like you had it all covered!

  29. Acadiana'sThriftyMom (@acadianathrifty)

    This is adorable! There’s no telling what my kids could find to put in it LOL

  30. Jason Young

    This is a really cool thing to have. Do you have one in duffle bag size for all my kids’ toys?

  31. Pearliza Paguio

    That’s soo cute! I remember when my daughter saw a bag at a store and wouldn’t let go. They love it as much as we love bags and pouches.

  32. Tammy

    How adorable is that. Always good to have when you travel with kids

  33. Lois Alter Mark

    What a cute idea! That will go a long way toward keeping kids happy and entertained during travel.

  34. Jessica Beal Harlow

    I love the idea of packing a little pouch for each kiddo to keep them occupied when the excitement of traveling somewhere starts to fade. I would stash some coloring and writing tools in there for my girls.

  35. becca112971

    What a cute idea. Kids can get bored while traveling and this is perfect to keep them entertained.

  36. jeanette

    I think that I would pack a book, a little drawing pad and some candy. He loves to use his computer game, but is getting into reading too so I would make sure the computer is out and the book is in.

  37. alissa

    I could see Isaak getting into this. Mica wouldn’t. He was never very crafty. Now he’s getting older.

  38. Jennifer

    That is such a cute idea. Kids need to stay occupied, or they get uber crabtastic.

  39. Paula Schuck

    This is a FANTASTIC idea! When my kids were little, we did everything we could to keep them occupied so they wouldn’t rip each other to pieces.

  40. Pam

    We always did activity pouches for long drives with our kids. Coloring supplies, a few books, things like that! Stickers were a no as they wound up all over the car and the kids haha.

  41. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    This is a cute little bag. We road trip a lot, and I can attest to the fact that bored kids are cranky kids.

  42. Ashley Gill

    I love this! I am planning a long car ride for a few Girl Scouts and think this kind of thing would be a great idea!

  43. aimee (@HouseofFaucis)

    Snacks.. lots and lots of snacks is what we’d carry! My daughter wants to go to Comic Con.. Hope y’all had fun.

  44. Miss Millennia Mag (@MissMillMag)

    This is adorable! Especially with all of the holiday traveling coming up!

  45. Amber C.

    What a great travel pack! My son would’ve loved to have this on our last trip

  46. Catherine S

    This looks like a great travel pack. I could use one for myself when I take the train into NYC this weekend from CT.

  47. Heidi Spears-Gray

    Great idea for a travel pack! It’s always good to be prepared!

  48. danavento

    What a great idea! what a great pouch and I am glad you had a really good trip.

  49. tara pittman

    What a great idea. I usually just bring with the dvd player for my boys.

  50. Urvi

    Great idea. It can be fun and learning as well during the trip

  51. milenabarrett

    We love to travel so I’m always looking for new tips Thanks!

  52. Elizabeth O.

    I am all too familiar with travel pouches/bags for kids! I had to manage twins and it was terrible and chaotic at first, until we had travel pouches! Lol.

  53. Kelly

    NYC is our favorite – hope you had a fun trip! What a great idea to pack a mini travel pouch! The Pip Squeak marker is so adorable! My kids would love this!

  54. kitchnwhisperer

    So smart to come prepared with the items that interest your kiddos.

  55. Bri

    I would add some crossword puzzles and bubble gum in my pouch. What a great idea to keep things from becoming cluttered.

  56. Becca Ludlum

    This is great! Such a great idea to be ready for traveling and to keep in the car for an “emergency” type situation!

  57. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    How fun! I like that it’s “mini” and doesn’t take up too much space!

  58. Jody @ Mommy Moment

    That is such a fun idea for kids. It is small enough to bring along easily – bonus!

  59. Mimi B

    I love the mini pouch idea. Better than each of my kids lugging around a big ol’ backpack! I like the idea of having something new and small for them to play with instead of their same old boring ones. lol

  60. Maureen

    This is a great idea for little ones. They always want to do something in the car and this is an easy way to have stuff ready for them.

  61. Kristi

    Love that little wizard that you have in their. Always good to have fun things when traveling!

  62. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Those pouches are such a great idea. Filling them with little toys can keep kids entertained for hours.

  63. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    You have a lot of fun stuff in your min travel pouch. I need to make one for the kids to keep them entertained while we are traveling.

  64. Stacie

    I like the idea of having a notebook and crayons/pencils in the mini pouch. It makes traveling so much easier.

  65. Heather Pfingsten

    I absolutely love the idea of packing a bag to keep the little ones entertained but I don’t think I could pull off a mini pouch. For my daughter we always pack coloring books and markers/crayons (she picks one or the other), our iPad Mini for playing (educational) games, a book for mommy or daddy to read to her, a doddle pad because she is learning how to write, snacks, and a sweatshirt. We call it her Busy Bag and she thinks that is hilarious. Great moms think alike! And the Pip Squeak Play Marker … totally cute!

  66. Sherri

    This is fabulous idea! So cute, and definitely will help keep the kiddos busy.

  67. Sarah Bailey

    What a fantastic idea, I might have to adapt this idea for myself thank you.

  68. Toni | BoulderLocavore

    What a great plan! We used to have similar packs for our kids when they were little. A friend suggested for longer trips to wrap little things up in colored tissue paper for them to open over time. I remember a 7 hour flight to Hawaii and my son who was about 2 at the time ripped all of this open in the first 5 minutes. It was a very long flight!

  69. Pam

    What a cute pack and I can see that kids would be totally entertained with it. Oh my gosh, the Pip Squeak Play Marker is so adorable.

  70. misstywatson

    My kids aren’t all that small anymore but I have a friend who just adopted a beautiful little girl so I’ll definitely tell her about this.

  71. Aimee

    Stickers are always a hit in these bags for my kids! They would love one of these!

  72. michelle

    Keeping kids entertained can be tricky but something like this helps a lot

  73. Jeanine

    This is such a great idea! I wish we traveled more so i could do this! Maybe some for our subway jaunts! How fun!

  74. Kelly (@KickingWKelly)

    I always pack an activity bag when we travel with the kids. Otherwise, they bug me to death!

  75. Chubskulit Rose

    Trivia games and puzzle always works for my kids. Art book and supplies is another one.

  76. Onica{MommyFactor}

    Such a creative idea. I need this for my kids, its very helful. Everytime we travel they become bored, but with the help of this no more worries.

  77. tsosmmn

    Great toy – perfect for traveling families like ours.

  78. joychasing

    Great idea. I would never have thought to do this. The marker toy looks cool.

  79. Nicole Lutzy

    What a cute idea! A clever way to keep kids busy on the go!

  80. cher

    That marker is adorable! I usually pack a new book as well whether it be a book-book or activity book.

  81. Nicole Haas Etolen

    This such a great things to those who loves travelling especially together with their children.! Some things important of kiddos may put in..

  82. SixFeetUnderBlogTess

    Great idea for those that travel. Would be good thing to take on a long road trip.

  83. lisa

    What an awesome activity pouch! These would come in handy for my kids for a road trip. It would keep them occupied for a while.

  84. mythirtyspot

    This looks like great fun! I love that it is small and can be brought easily on a trip and that it looks like it has some super fun stuff! – Erin Kennedy

  85. Carol Bryant

    This is cute and creative, Robin, and makes me want one. Love the contents.

  86. [email protected]

    What a fun travel pouch. That would be great for traveling with the kids.

  87. mommyblogexpert

    What a great idea. When a mom has little kids at home she should always keep one of those in her purse so it’s with her when the kids need to entertain themselves.

  88. toughcookiemommy

    This is perfect for keeping kids engaged while traveling. They can sure get restless during the long trip or car ride.

  89. meagan

    I would have loved something like this as a kid. This would be perfect for my son to haul all of his little action figures in!

  90. Valerie

    This is such a great idea. I can see this being helpful for older kids and young both!

  91. Claudette Esterine

    You made me almost want to go out and make these things but I don’t have children this age! Good job!

  92. lisamc7

    That Pip Sqeak is creepy cool! I would also have to pack a set of Jacks – my kids are loving those right now!

  93. Rorybore

    What a great idea!! I keep a kit like this in the car at all times, so that if we are visiting at friends or something they have activities, but a smaller version that fits in their backpacks would be great too.

  94. Dr. JaTaya Wiley

    my little guy would love this. what a cute idea! you can fit the bag right in your purse and take it every where you go. this would be a life save at restaurants!

  95. Eileen xo

    This is such a cute idea for the kids! Love it.

  96. You, Baby and I Blog

    This is awesome! We planning to take a road trip soon, I think this will be perfect for my daughter.

  97. Rosey

    That was smart to hold on to the mini pouches until just the right time. I’d take these along and do the same when traveling w/the kiddos.

  98. The L's Mum

    Some wonderful ideas here. I always struggle to keep my son occupied on long trips. Thanks for the advice.

  99. Maria

    Smart idea, especially for little ones who are antsy on longer trips… or even at the restaurant waiting for food. Crayons, notebook and some small toys would go well in a pouch.

  100. littlemisscant

    Those are great!! We also included their special blanket or stuffie along with some food too to try and make the trip go by faster. Love the little wizard marker..too cute!

  101. claudia krusch

    Love the idea and all the items in it! I wish I had thought about that when my son was little.

  102. chefjoe11

    When my kids were little they loved a pack of post it notes for a trip. they could take them off one at a time, play tic tac toe, draw a picture, then stack them up again. Great post!

  103. yumeating

    Thats a pretty cool marker and toy! We have a bag that we keep packed full of activities for car rides.

  104. Shaylee Field

    That’s really smart! When I was a kid my mom had these for my brother and I but mine always just contained books haha

  105. Mykidsguide

    The twins each has a travel pouch that we bring on short and long trips. These pouches always keep them entertained.

  106. livingoffloveandcoffee

    Um yes please! This is so brilliant! My son is a sensory seeker and has Autism so keeping him entertained in the car can be hard. This would be perfect for his little hands.

  107. Stillblondeafterall (@stillblondeaaty)

    I always had a big back pack packded with loads of special toys and books for emergencies which I would keep in the back closet. But this idea is even better. A surprise mini-pack whenever you have a long wait or car ride. LOVE IT!

  108. Aunesty Reikofski

    I love putting together travel bags for our kids when we roadtrip. Which is way too often.

  109. Stephanie Pass

    This is great for travel! I love that little marker guy. My youngest would have a field day with him.

  110. Lexie Lane

    I think it’s perfect for m son, were travel a lot and I’m sure my son would love it.

  111. Shell Things (@shellthings)

    That little pipsqueak is so cute! What a smart idea to keep the kids busy.

  112. John

    This us so Cool I love the creativity Sure kids will like this

  113. Stacey- Travel Blogger

    This pouch looks so neat and fun. What a great way to keep the kids entertained while traveling.

  114. Carly Anderson (@lipglosscrayons)

    What a great idea! I need to make something similar for our holiday travels!

  115. casavilorainteriors

    This package has everything a kid needs to be entertained. It’s not always about technology

  116. HilLesha

    How cute! I’ll have to think about this the next time I hit the road with my family.

  117. Babita

    This such a great idea. I wish I would have done this when my kids were younger. Would have definitely helped on longer trips.

  118. Lisa Rios

    Such a cute idea for the kids to keep them entertained & during a long road trip this could be so helpful for a fun & peaceful journey. I think the package has everything a kid needs, so I would love one such for my kids too.

  119. Debbie Denny

    I like that pouch. The items you have are great. This is a perfect idea for when I travel with the grandkids.

  120. Digna

    This is really cute! It makes a great gift for those young travelers.

  121. Janell @ Saving You Dinero

    That is such a great idea! We spend a lot of time in the car and the kids would love this.

  122. mmgmom

    What an amazing idea to keep kids entertain. Now that my kids are teens I don’t have to worry about it.

  123. Christie

    My son is really into action figures lately! Glad those got packed in the travel pouch!

  124. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    You have to make sure kids are entertained if you’re taking a long trip! A small bag of toys can last them a long time!

  125. Jennifer Mercurio (@DoubleDutyMommy)

    THIS I need! My kids always seem to make a mess and I can never find the perfect thing to contain it! I love this bag because I could say whatever fits can come, if it doesn’t fit in the bag, it stays home!

  126. Shantha Wetterhan

    I love this idea! It’s so creative. Anything to keep the kids busy while travelling is great.

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