Must See Tourist Spots in NYC

Must See Tourist Spots in NYC

Being a tourist in NYC is not unusual or uncommon. There are hundreds of thousands of people doing the same thing each year. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States! The most daunting thing about being a tourist in NYC is knowing where to go and what to see! Like any large metropolitan area it’s a busy network that not only hosts tons of tourists on a daily basis but NYC is also home to a large, nonstop, population of locals and commuters. Check out this list of must see tourist spots in NYC to make your next trip a guaranteed success!

The Statue of Liberty

This is one of the MAIN tourist spots in NYC. People travel from all over the world to see the Statue of Liberty. She is not only a national treasure but also a fascinating look into our nation’s history. The island has majestic views of the city skyline as well as fantastic information and tours related to the stature herself! The great part about seeing the Statue of Liberty is that it is fun for the whole family. You can check out the gift shop for some classic NYC souvenirs and because there is so much to learn and investigate you can spend an entire day or just the afternoon depending on your schedule!

statue of lubertyy

The Empire State Building

Next to the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building is New York’s most famous landmark. Until it was outdone by the first world trade center building it reigned as the world’s tallest building! You can take a tour, visit the observation deck, and check out many of the surrounding landmarks without breaking the bank! It’s an awesome learning experience but also a great photo opp. The building itself is so majestic and epic that it makes a fantastic backdrop for your family trip photos!

empire state bldg

Times Square

Times Square is probably one of the most talked about and exciting of the NYC tourist spots! It is definitely a must see tourist spot when visiting NYC and you won’t be disappointed with the hustle and bustle of Times Square and the surrounding neighborhood. It can be overwhelming so make sure you plan accordingly and prepare yourself for the inflated food prices and the nonstop action. If you have little ones make sure you have the stroller and are well rested before taking on Times Square. The great thing is that you can travel via the Subway and get to and from Times Square from all over the city!

times square

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

If you are at all interested in architecture you have to make St. Patrick’s Cathedral a stop on your must see tourist spots in NYC. It is a fantastic gothic example and the beauty of the cathedral itself is breathtaking. If the great organ and the pair of 20,000 lb doors don’t get you the amazing and intricate detailing all over the building and interior definitely will! Even if you are not looking for a religious experience St. Patrick’s is still an awesome choice. It’s a beautifully preserved piece of history that sits nestled into a much more modern section of the city. With the skyscrapers jutting up around it St. Patrick’s Cathedral holds onto it’s little corner as a stoic reminder of a time when buildings were both useful and beautiful.

St. Patricks Cathedral

The Brooklyn Bridge

While you are in NYC one of the main tourist spots is not directly in the heart of the city like Times Square or Central Park but actually just a bit out of the way, hovering over the East River: The Brooklyn Bridge. It is a majestic reminder of a time when architecture was equal parts usefulness and beauty. It was the world’s first bridge to be constructed of steel. The epic structure looks fantastic laid out against the city skyline and tells a somber tale of misery as its visionary and his son both died while the bridge was being built. The great thing about The Brooklyn Bridge is that you can see it while driving across, stop along a walking tour for photos, or sneak a peek at it from the vantage point of either shoreline!


Central Park

Last but certainly not least, no tour of NYC would be complete for a tourist without seeing Central Park. The park is one of the only places in the city that is completely green and grass covered. There are countless attractions within the park, including the Central Park Zoo! You can see famous landmarks and hidden spots from your favorite films about NYC, in the summer you can paddle on the lake and in the winter you can skate there as well! Central Park is one of the greatest things about NYC because it allows you to escape from the concrete jungle atmosphere that the city’s industrial nature encourages. Central Park is great for a picnic or a just a little bit of calm and fresh air while on your great NYC adventure!

central parkk

There is no way to cover all of the amazing and wonderful things to see and do while traveling in New York City. If you have the chance to visit NYC these are just some of the best places you don’t want to miss as a tourist! Hopefully you have plenty of time while visiting NYC to explore some of the city’s hidden treasures as well as these awesome landmarks!

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  1. Jennifer Dunham

    Love NYC and these are some great spots!

  2. Catherine S

    I agree, I also love NYC. Next time I visit I will make sure I go and see The Statue of Liberty.

  3. Romana Hai

    I’ve lived in New York all my life and I haven’t even gone to some of these places. OY…. time for a stay-cation

  4. Michelle Gwynn Jones

    I am a born and raised NYer. Its a shame when people don’t get out and see the tourist spots of their own town. Go check them out, they are amazing.

  5. Rorybore

    These are all exact spots we went to on a high school trip to NYC many, many many moons ago. And I still remember them all vividly. We also saw the World Trade Centers back then – I have a great picture of the lobby; very bittersweet. I’d love to go back soon.

  6. Carlee

    NYC is definitely on my bucket list! i need to go all these places for sure!

  7. Miles Basilio

    Hi Carlee! I’m sure you’ll have a great time in New York City. I’ve been there for more than once.

  8. Liz Mays

    I can’t believe I’ve never visited St. Pat’s. I need to fix that and fix it asap! Oh wait, I’ve never seen the Brooklyn Bridge either. What’s my problem?

  9. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    These are indeed the must-see tourist spots in NYC! So many memories over at Times Square. Wish I could visit again sometime.

  10. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    These are all amazing places. Each one has its own unique beauty. I’ve been to all of these, and they are all mind blowing.

  11. Claudia krusch

    I agree with you! This is a great list of must visit places in NYC!

  12. thehamiltoninc

    Born and Raised in NY. Been to all the spots. I love Times Square myself. So much to do. And What city has affordable subway entertainment? Many a Saturday walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Awesome list!

  13. Liz Mays

    I need to get back myself. It has been about 2 years already since last I went!

  14. jmanandmillerbug

    I have been to NYC many times and you are right! GO to Time Square at night, the lights are beautiful! Climb up the Statue of Liberty it is worth it!

  15. Scott

    Happy to say on my first visit there I hit almost all of these. Just have the Brooklyn Bridge and Central park left on the list!

  16. Jessica Beal Harlow

    I’ve visited NYC several times, but have never made it to the Statue of Liberty. We are planning a family trip this year and that is definitely on our list of must-sees!

  17. toughcookiemommy

    The Statue of Liberty is such a beautiful one to visit. She is so regal and you get a sense of nostalgia about all the immigrants who saw her for the first time when they arrived.

  18. Fashionable Librarian

    Ah New York, New York. This is a great list. I have never really spent any length of time in NY but it is on my bucket list

  19. Tamara

    My husband is in NYC right now! I grew up in NJ so these were all the spots we saw! My daughter visited last year and made sure to do most of these. Great list!

  20. Catherine S

    I went to NYC last year for the first time and I loved it. I can’t wait to go again so I can do some more exploring. I couldn’t believe how pack it was in Times Square.

  21. irishred13

    NYC is a lot of fun! I have been to all the places you mention, Central Park is my fav (in the daylight of course lol)

  22. logan Can

    I love NYC so much! St. Patricks is breathtaking and next time I go I definitely want to go up in the Statue of Liberty! I didn’t do that last time.

  23. Heather

    I’m kind of embarrassed to say this, but I’ve lived in NJ all my life and still haven’t seen Lady Liberty

  24. Dawn Lopez

    NYC always looks so fun and happening! I would love to spend some time there and see the famous sites you hear about all the time. I’d be sure to check out Times Square and the Statue of Liberty at the very least.

  25. Annie @ It's just my life...

    I haven’t been to NYC for years I really need to go back to visit.

  26. Rebecca

    Yay we saw all the good tourist spot. However I did want to walk the Brooklyn bridge but didn’t manage to accomplish that.

  27. Tammy

    I have never been to NY but some day this country girl wants to go to just experience it.

  28. Alicia Taylor at

    I have always wanted to visit Times Square and Central Park. My ex was a street musician in New York and frequently played clubs in the village. He has nothing but good to say about NY.

  29. alissa4illustration

    I’ve always wanted to go there just to check things out. This is a great list of things to see for sure.

  30. tara pittman

    Great places to see. I loved seeing the staute of liberty when I was there.

  31. Pam Wattenbarger

    I love visiting NYC and I want to bring the family one day. Central Park is really cool to see and so is Times Square.

  32. Adriana

    Fun post! I live pretty close to the city so I try and do new things each time I go since I’ve been to all of the seriously “touristy” spots so many times! Haha

  33. Theresa

    We’ve been talking about taking a family trip to explore NYC for some time. We may go this summer if we don’t settle on a beachy destination first.

  34. Gloria @ Homemade & Yummy

    I would love to visit NYC and this is a great list for sure.

  35. lisa

    I have never been to New York City. It is definitely on my to do list. This is a great list of places to check out!

  36. Brett Beyer

    I’ve always wanted to go to NY, and my must-do list is totally covered by your post except one: I hadn’t thought of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. That place is gorgeous, and now it’s on the list.

  37. beckysbestbites

    I have been to NYC a few times and actually have visited all the landmarks on your list! I agree that they are all “must-see’s!”

  38. Dina Demarest (@dinade)

    I’ve never been to NYC. It’s on my list and I hope to go in the next two years. These are all places I wnat to go.

  39. Amanda

    There are so many beautiful places to explore in NYC. I can’t get enough of all of the beautiful bridges.

  40. Vera Sweeney

    I love living so close to NYC!! You named most my favorite places to go when we go in the city!

  41. Michelle

    I can’t believe I haven’t spent more than a day in New York City . I would love to see the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

  42. Neely (@Neelykins)

    I think that Brooklyn in general is a pretty cool place!

  43. Amer

    You have some beautiful pictures here! I LOVE NYC!

  44. Ana De Jesus

    I would love to visit Times Square and Central Park but also the street art scene is meant to be pretty good too! You know how I feel about street art!

  45. Kristi

    A great list! I have only been there once but it is on the list of places to return to and bring the kids.

  46. Elizabeth O.

    Those are all iconic spots and a must see, definitely. You can’t go to New York and not check those out. Aside from that, we have very good food as well, New York is a melting pot of different cultures after all!

  47. Ai Sakura

    Bookmarking this list for when we finally go to NYC!! thank you!Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  48. MyTeenGuide

    New York is a wonderful place and these are must see places. I’ll be visiting my sister this year and I’m hoping to see all these places.

  49. Seattle Travel Blogger

    This is a first-class stop list for sure.
    NYC can be a lot of fun.

  50. Cindy (Prime Beauty)

    When I was in NYC I didn’t out to the Statue of Liberty and I so regret it! Oh well, gotta visit again!

  51. Sherry Hudson-Smith

    I have yet to make it to NYC. When the time comes I will definitely take in these attractions.

  52. Shalama Jackson

    Those are some great sites to see. I would add the new 9/11 Memorial Museum. It can be a little overwhelming, but so worth it.

  53. Kathy

    I have never been to NYC. I have always wanted to go though. I think it would be a lovely place to visit. Very beautiful!

  54. Claudia krusch

    Love your list! As a NY lover, I agree with all your choices!

  55. Ann Bacciaglia

    There are so many great things to do in NYC. I love Central Park. I would love to go back to NY soon.

  56. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    All fantastic spots to hit! We were planning a trip to NYC this Fall…until we found out we were having twins this summer LOL No worries, we’ll go eventually!

  57. Sequins in the South (@CarlsonLaci)

    Love all your picks I must go back to NYC I went as a teen and haven’t been back

  58. Bri

    Times Square is so beautiful at night. Next time I am in NYC i must go to Central Park.

  59. Nicole

    NYC is in my bucket list! Can’t wait to see these awesome place.

  60. Travel Blogger

    I love visiting NYC! These are all great spots! I have been to each one, and they are all great.

  61. Colette @ restyle it wright

    I’ve been to many of those tourist spots including the twin towers when I was in highschool. Great culture , food, and shows there!

  62. laura londergan

    I have been to NY a couple times now & I love it. Problem is I still have NOT been to the empire state building or the statue of liberty! Must gooooo!

  63. lisamc7

    Great list and I’ve been to most of them! Still need to up close to the Statue of Liberty though!

  64. Carol Bryant

    I have been to NYC dozens and dozens of times and just covered Westminster Dog Show there as a media member. I love the landmarks you mentioned.

  65. Debra

    We actually accidentally stumbled into St. Patrick’s Cathedral when we were in NYC. It was a gorgeous place! A happy accident!

  66. Miles Basilio

    I’m glad you were able to see the place. I’ve been there as well. The place is just majestic.

  67. Up Run For Life

    I want to go to Central Park and Times Square. But I really would love to get tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show if I ever got the chance to go to New York.

  68. Miles Basilio

    I visited New York City last year and there are a lot of places to go to. I visited all the places you mentioned.

  69. Ave Hla

    Can’t wait to visit New York City one day! I have a huge list of sites I want to see and I’ll add St. Patrick’s Cathedral to my list now!

  70. Maurene Cabrera

    These are beautiful places. The best place for me is the Central Park. I’d love to go back to NYC.

  71. victoria

    I wanted to visit NYC hopefully this year and I’m sure it was a great experience

  72. Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    Great list! I really wanted to go at the top of The Statue of Liberty. The view up there would be pretty spectacular.

  73. Tonya C

    I’ve been to NYC so many times but admit I haven’t done the “tourist” thing and seen all of this. I will have to go again just to do these things!

  74. Valerie

    I love New York City. There are a few of these places I haven’t seen and I have to go!!!

  75. Jeanine

    I have never been to NYC before but I am dying to get there at some point. I would love to see the Statu of Liberty and that beautiful Brooklyn bridge!

  76. michele d

    Oh yes, New York has some pretty awesome landmarks.I’ve always wanted to go sightseeing there. I will admit, I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty and I really want to.

  77. amanda

    Visiting New York City is high up on my bucket list!

  78. Emma White (@TheRealSupermum)

    this is going on my bucket list for sure it would be a dream come true

  79. mskathykenny

    Would you believe that it is because of Gossip Girl that I really, truly fell in love with NYC? It’s the one place I want to visit when I go to the US.

  80. michele!

    Ha! I completely agree with your list! Ive seen them all…. but can’t wait to get back again!

  81. jessicasimms

    I really want to visit New York City this spring or summer, it’s been a little dream of mine to climb the empire state building steps.

  82. Kim Croisant

    I was able to visit some of these favs when I was there over 15 years ago…OOPS that’s too long…I want to go back.

  83. Ana Fernandez

    Central park is the best! You can go to relax and do some exercise!

  84. Louise Bishop

    I used to live about three hours from NYC and it was a crazy place to go! We went and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in person. It was pretty neat!

  85. Shannon Graham

    I’ve gotten to see the studio of David Letterman before and it actually wasn’t as glamourous as I expected haha

  86. Rosey

    I have not seen the cathedral. Hokey smokes to 20,000 lb doors! I’d love to see it. I’d love to go back to NYC.

  87. Brandy

    These look like fantastic tourists spots in NYC. I have been there twice but have yet to really check out NYC as a whole!

  88. Joanne

    As a native New Yorker I think you chose great spots, especially St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

  89. Ashley Steer

    I’ve never been to NYC, but I’ve always wanted to go! Maybe we will finally get to this year!

  90. onceuponadollhouse

    These are all great spots. We love visiting NYC!

  91. Amber NElson

    I’ve been to NYC three times, but I still haven’t seen the Statue of Liberty!

  92. amanda

    NYC is on my bucket list! Maybe next year!

  93. Rose Sahetapy

    NYC is on my bucket list. I wish someday I could visit this metro city. Thanks for the references of the places to visit there. Your photos are fabulous!

  94. toughcookiemommy

    Central Park is such a beautiful place. The funny thing is that most New Yorkers rarely take advantage of visiting these beautiful locations.

  95. forKIDSandMOMS All the Best Mom Bloggers

    I love this list! You covered so many of my favorites and some I’ve actually never been to. New York is such a fun town.

  96. Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

    What a great adventure NYC would be. So much to see, to do and places to eat! I don’t even think a week would be enough time to see all that the city has to offer! Thanks for sharing you experience!

  97. Claireaire

    I love going to NYC! Can’t wait to go back!

  98. siniciliya

    For the past weeks I was thinking how much I want to go back to NYC, maybe this is a sign I should pack my bags and go

  99. Rebecca K. Sampson (@RebeccaKSampson)

    I haven’t been to NYC since I was a kid, I missed out on so many of these things! I can’t wait to go again when I have more control of the sights we visit.Be the author of your own story,
    Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

  100. shoppingduck

    We lived in New Jersey for many years and loved visiting NYC. These spots are all great!

  101. katrina g

    I want to there so bad and if i go I’ll cheek out all of these places.

  102. Yona Williams

    I’ve only seen the Statue of Liberty from afar, but would love a more up-close look. The Empire State Building is another good attraction. We’ve always had a lot of fun at Times Square too.

  103. Christie

    Those are definitely among the best sights of the city! I love adding in the Lincoln Theater, the shopping district and the MET

  104. Kiwi

    Im originally from NYC and last year was my first time going to the Empire State Building. It was amazing!!

  105. April G

    I never been in NYC but this is one of my bucket list. I love going there with my family

  106. kancell724

    I haven’t been to NYC is years. I’ve been to a few on your list but want to go back and see them all.

  107. kentuckyatheartblog

    I have never been to NYC but I would love to go. When I saw the street sign of 34th Street my first thought was of the movie Miracle on 34th Street. I would love to visit some of these spots when I am able to go to NYC.

  108. Kelly Hutchinson

    I was in NYC for a few days in 2013 and I got to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I would love to see the Statue of Liberty.

  109. Becca Wilson

    NYC is on my travel bucket list. I will make it there one day. It looks like it would be so much fun and this is a great guide.

  110. Ashley Sears

    NYC is absolutely gorgeous and you painted the picture of it perfectly.

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