Natural Cough Remedies That Actually Work!

Natural Cough Remedies That Actually Work

Dealing with a cough is not only monotonous it, can take a toll on your body. While sometimes my coughs don’t seem to lead to anything but annoyance, I have found several natural ways to help remedy my cough.

Honey Works Wonders

Although spooning down honey isn’t ideal, it really does work. I often use this remedy when I’m trying to go to bed. I just eat a spoonful of honey and most of the time it works, the honey sooths my throat enough to allow me to sleep through the night.

Warm Drinks

There’s nothing that remedies a cough more than a nice warm drink. Add a tad bit of honey to warm tea and that is like the ultimate cough soother. Usually when you’ve been coughing a lot, your throat is sore and that’s why drinking something warm feels so good.

Lots of Water

Although the last thing you probably want to do is drink lots of water while you’re coughing up a storm, it’s a proven fact that staying hydrated helps. Your body needs water to help flush out the germs that are causing this mess. Make a conscious effort to drink as much water as you can to combat your cough.

Suck on a Lemon

A friend told me about “sucking on a lemon” to relieve a bad cough and I had to try it. You can add other spices and herbs to the lemon to help your body fight the cough off even more. Sucking on a lemon is a quick relief you can use when you just cannot stand the possibility of coughing anymore.

Steam from the Shower

The steam from a shower can work wonders for a cough. There’s so much build up in a person’s chest from a cough that a warm shower or steam from a warm shower can do a lot for a person with a cough. Most of the time when a baby is congested doctors will suggest taking baby near shower steam because it’s such an effective remedy for a cough.

Grab the Ginger

This is a new one to most people, but ginger is also a natural remedy for those with a cough. You can use ginger to make a “tea” to drink. Not only does the warm drink help your coughing, but the ginger ingredient has decongestant capabilities.

I hope some of these natural remedies help your cough the next time it approaches. Natural remedies are awesome because then you do not feel all groggy and unable to conquer the world like you originally thought your day was going to go when you woke up with the pesky cough.

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  1. Janine Huldie

    We use honey here and totally agree that it does work for coughs.

  2. Pam

    We mix honey, lemon and warm water together. It really does work!

  3. alissa

    It’s so funny that you wrote this, and I just developed a cough last night. I put lemon wedges in a small mason jar, add a few sprigs of rosemary, crushed ginger, a sprinkle of Cayenne pepper, and filled the rest with local honey. I put 2 or 3 spoonfuls in hot tea, or hot water. It does help!

  4. MyTeenGuide

    I will try this concoction next time I have a cough.

  5. MyTeenGuide

    I always try the natural remedies first before I pop a pill in my mouth. I didn’t know about the ginger. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    They make these all zinc lozenges at natural food stores that are the perfect addition to your herbal medicine cabinet.

  7. top5life

    I love natural remedies like these. Very effective remedies.

  8. Making Our Life Matter

    Steam from the shower has always worked the best for me. Plus you get the added benefit of the warm water on aching muscles!

  9. Pam Wattenbarger

    I always take steam showers when I have a cough or chest congestion. Once my sinus infection was so bad that I took three steam showers in one day.

  10. GlamKaren

    Sucking on a lemon? Wow – I’ll have to try that. Never thought of that… but that would be amazing if it works! And of course water.
    Karen |

  11. Liz Mays

    These are great remedies. I should try using honey more often. I do try to drink a lot of water though.

  12. Debbie Denny

    I have used Ginger for many things. It really does help.

  13. Debbie Denny

    I also will try that lemon trick. Sounds great.

  14. littlemisscant

    I have never thought to try ginger before when trying to tame a cough. We normally reach for the lemon water and that seems to help or we sit in the hot tub and just let the steam loosen everything thing up. These are timely tips as the youngest woke up with a cough!

  15. Shaun

    I love honey to cure a cough! These other tips are great as well!!

  16. Fashionable Librarian

    These are all remedies that I have used because I hate any form of medication. These are things that we should try to have at home at all times

  17. Shalama

    I’m not a big medicine person so I’ve done the honey and lemon thing.

  18. Tonia Sanders™ (@TheChattyMomma)

    This is great. I have a house full of coughs right now and although we use medicine sometimes it takes a while to start working or the kids refuse it. Natural remedies always taste better.

  19. Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

    These are all remedies that we use as well! And even better, if you can combine a few or several together as a warm drink to try & kick the cough quicker! thank you for sharing!

  20. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    The “actually work” part is what has me excited. I’ve tried lots of natural remedies and they NEVER worked. I can’t wait to try these.

  21. porchet000

    You’re right … I haven’t heard of using ginger to soothe a cough. But – I love ginger in all shapes and forms, so I’ll be sure to give it a try the next time I have a cough. Thanks for the heads up!

  22. thebinderladies

    Thank you for the tips! Anything natural is better for your body then over the counter. Thanks for the great post!

  23. Rebecca

    These are wonderful home remedies when sick. I am a huge supporter of home remedies over store bought ones unless they are really needed.

  24. Jessica Beal Harlow

    I prefer natural remedies to over the counter fixes. I love a hot ginger tea and a little bit of honey. It’s my go-to when I feel a tickle in my throat and the onset of a nasty cough/cold!

  25. Jeanette

    I know honey works really well, I’ve never been a big fan so I throat and some tea and that seems to help with the coughing.

  26. tara pittman

    My teen has been stuffed up at night. I will make him a ginger drink.

  27. Paula Schuck

    These are all great remedies. I actually like to take hot water and squeeze lemon into it. It’s the best of both worlds.

  28. thegomamas

    I usually add a bit of garlic to a lemon honey mixture. It really helps.

  29. Pam Wattenbarger

    Drinking lots of water is a great tip. It helps so many illnesses and symptoms!

  30. listen2mama

    These are all great remedies but steam from the shower always works great for me.

  31. shaunatorres

    I had no idea about ginger, but it makes sense. I love a nice cup of hot tea when I feel bad. This is a great list. Thanks so much for sharing

  32. Jonathan W Key

    I’d heard of the ginger tip and the lemon on too. We do that regularly. The others are all new to me great tips!

  33. Monica

    I’m so excited to see you listed all of the tricks I use – water, lemon, ginger and steam. I’m a fan of the natural remedies. I’ve not tried honey but next time I will. I can see where it would help sooth a sore throat.

  34. Ana De Jesus

    I use honey too and ginger can work wonders too! Lemon is good but for someone who has acid reflux like me you want to drink as little as possible.

  35. Amanda Love

    What a great list. I am going to have to try these.

  36. Gloria @ Homemade & Yummy

    Wow this is great. I just put a natural cough syrup on my blog today. You have the cough control covered in these 2 great posts!!

  37. freddieandi

    I love all of these, honey always works wonders x

  38. Nicole Lutzy

    I agree, my son has a nasty cough right now, I added honey in hot tea for him this morning. It always works like a charm!

  39. Ann Bacciaglia

    This is perfect timing for me. I have been getting a sore throat the past few days. I will have to try these to get some relief.

  40. Pam

    This time of year, you can always use cough remedies. Natural is always better.

  41. Pam

    Sounds great. I would love to try the ginger!

  42. Nicole Lutzy

    Honey is the 1st thing I pull out of my cabinet when there are coughs and sore throats in our home. Especially now, we have all been sick!

  43. Ashley Sparks Mullins

    I drank warm tea to help soothe my sore throat last week. I’d much rather have natural remedies then take OTC medicines.

  44. Paula H.

    I keep a huge Jar of sliced lemons & ginger, raw honey, and a pinch of cayenne in the fridge at all times. A couple of spoon fulls in a mug of hot water – I drink it every morning!

  45. Erin (@SugarCrumbs)

    Yes to honey! I feel like honey is darn near a miracle product!

  46. OurFamilyWorld

    I love these natural remedies. A shot of Apple Cider vinegar also works.

  47. tinajohnson2

    We sprinkle sugar on lemon and it forms a syrup. Great for sore throats and coughs.

  48. wemake7

    I’ve been suffering with a cough this past week and it is so irritating. Thanks for these tips. Can’t wait to try them.

  49. Amy Desrosiers

    Steam from a shower is a great one! I hate coughs so much this time of year!

  50. Seattle Travel Blogger

    I did not realize the benefits of ginger.
    Overall, I think this article is very helpful, thank you.

  51. Susannah

    Honey is definitely my go-to when I have a cough. It’s amazing how well it works!

  52. Melissa Bernardo

    Hot tea and lemon are my go to cough remedies. I also love Vicks vaporub!

  53. Sherry Hudson-Smith

    Thanks for sharing these natural remedies. There is nothing worse than trying to fall asleep with a nasty cough. I will give these a try next time.

  54. Liz Mays

    I had the worst cough for about a month. I still wake up with sometimes and it’s so annoying. I’m going to try a couple of these ideas.

  55. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    I am super big on old fashioned health remedies. One of my favorites is honey lemon water with ginger. Works like a charm. Seems to help me get over colds quicker too when I add that stuff to green tea.

  56. Jeanine

    So many great options! This reminds me of when I was a kid my grandma made us home made cough syrup with honey and lemon. I need to figure out how to make it because it helps!

  57. Chubskulit Rose

    I used ginger tea with lemon and honey and so far, I haven’t had any cold, it works great!

  58. Chanelle

    We do shots of honey and apple cider vinegar. It is a beast but works great.

  59. MyTeenGuide

    We do that, too and it always works for us. This is the first time I heard about the ginger.

  60. workoutwithdi

    Hot drinks! All day long. I admit that for colds that works great, but if my throat is scratchy or I have a lot of mucus it’s the ONE TIME that I allow myself to drink soda. Soda and scratchy throat = heaven!

  61. Debra

    We use honey for coughs all the time! I feel better about giving my kiddos honey, than some medicine they are going to have to gag down.

  62. Yona Williams

    Home remedies for coughs and sore throats really do work. My go to ingredients have always been honey and lemon. I have used ginger on occasion.

  63. littlemisscant

    The ginger works…super fast too! The youngest woke up with a cough on Friday so I added some ginger and lemon to our juice and her cough was gone before the end of the night!

  64. Theresa

    Honey is my go to remedy. It is the best for sore throats!

  65. April (@theaprilnoelle)

    I definitely use all of these. It’s great to not have to use medicine.

  66. siniciliya

    I start coughing in the end of September and stop in May! Should try these! Thank you

  67. Mar

    Literally any time my boyfriend coughs even once I’m like “Get in the shower!” But hey, it works! Great post. Love your url!

  68. Paula

    I like warm tea for a cough, and ginger tea is a great combo of a couple of your suggestions. I also like saline spray for allergy season, it seems to help with coughing.

  69. Naty

    I’ll HAVE to try the lemon tip! I already like eating raw lemons. I’m crazy, I know lol

  70. Heather Paulding

    Great information….tea with honey is always the first thing within reach for me! Lots of great takeaways from this post. I would also include a humidifier for the home this time of year!

  71. rochkirstin

    Drinking lots of water and getting ample sleep are my two best recommendations to cure cough in a natural way. Our body has its own way of healing so we just have to give it time to do so without having to take medicine.

  72. Lexie Lane

    Ginger thing is always worked to my husband. This is so helpful, thanks for this.

  73. Lisa Rios

    Such an useful information for a most common issue that we all face frequently. We have stepped in to natural based treatment few years back & since then we always depend on natural remedies for almost all diseases. I use Honey almost in every medicine we prepare & ginger has been a great source as well.

  74. Deb Clem-Buckert (@debclembuckert)

    I needed to read the post earlier in the week. I’ve had such a bad cold since we got back from Disney. Thanks for the info!

  75. sylvie

    warm water + ginger + lemon is my go to remedy! awesome advice and post, mama!

  76. Heather

    I think a humidifier helps too! I am just recovering from a bad cough where it made my ribs hurt, and my husband currently has strep throat…I’m hoping the rest o the house doesn’t get it.

  77. positivelystacey

    I love ginger, but I had no idea that it helps coughs! Good to know! I always go for the honey but now I will try ginger as well.

  78. Michele

    Honey has always been my go to whenever I have a cough or sore throat. It is so soothing. I never heard of sucking on a lemon–but it sure helps in tea to help relieve congestion. As for Ginger–not my favorite

  79. parentingpatch

    Hot tea with honey usually works for me. Gargling with warm salt water also helps sometimes, especially when my throat is irritated from coughing.

  80. Amy Jones

    I’ve never thought about using steam as a remedy. Love that is a natural way to get rid of cough

  81. RUSS

    I am not a fan of taking medicines so these work for me. I’ll take your advice on the honey, ginger, and steam next time.

  82. Hannah Adkins

    The lemon & honey tip always works for me. We always did it growing up, and I still do. Thanks for the tips!

  83. thedealmatchmaker

    I love natural remedies…Lemon and Honey are the perfect natural remedy for cough.

  84. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    These are great cough remedies! We always use steam from the shower when battling a cold or cough! And lemon is key!!

  85. Aubrey (@highheeledlove)

    Honey lemon ginger tea is a staple around our house this time of year. Hot soups with garlic in them help a lot, too.

  86. Krystal @ Sunny Sweet Days

    I like to use shower melts to help clear up my sinues! Ginger is always a good back up choice too.

  87. Amanda

    I will definitely be trying some of these. I am coughing so much lately that I’m sure I’m going to have supermodel abs any day now.

  88. Coralie

    We have been blessed this winter to be fairly healthy – but my daughter has a cough that will just not go away. I need to try some of these things with her.

  89. Jaime Nicole

    Ginger and lemon work really well for me too. I hate the lingering coughs – they are the worst!

  90. HonestAndTruly

    Amen amen amen to the honey! That and water is the only thing my kids will willingly take for a cough. I’ll go with some of the other ginger and lemon etc remedies – maybe one day they’ll join me!

  91. Sarh S

    Honey most definitely always works! I’ve also heard that eating a few marshmallows works, not as healthy and doesn’t have all of the benefits of honey, but might be easier to try with the kiddos.

  92. Rebecca Swenor

    These are all really great ideas for natural cough remedies. I forgot all about the ginger. In school we used to get lemon drops. Thanks for the tips.

  93. Yanique

    This time of year I stock up on ginger and lemon because tbey are my go tos for the common cold.

  94. Ryan Escat

    When I have a cough, I used to grab the ginger, it’s really good in throat and make me feel relax but I don’t like it taste lol. Those are wonderful tips,I would like to try thew Honey.

  95. Tami

    I’d like to try the ginger. I usually take warm showers and drink water.

  96. Amanda McMahon

    I use many of these ideas. We try to avoid the doctors for “small” issues.

  97. mburbage

    I do the lemon, ginger and honey mixture! It always helps with sore throats and coughing! Honey is a great and must thing to have around during cold and flue seasons! Great tips!

  98. Tiany - Social Savvy Mom

    Great list of home remedies!! We do the lemon, ginger and honey…so good!

  99. Urvi

    Honey and turmeric powder mixture is my favorite remedy for cough

  100. Shannon Gurnee

    It’s amazing how much honey and hot drinks help with coughs. Not to mention a hot shower with lots of steam.

  101. Marielle Altenor

    I hate having a cough. When I have one or my son has one, I make honey and lemon syrup. It really get rid of the nasties! I never use ginger for my cough but I can see how it would work well! Will keep that in mind for next time.

  102. Travel Blogger

    Great tips! We have a terrible cough going through our house right now. Honey always seems to help.

  103. helenalemon

    I can’t live without citrus. I buy at least a dozen lemons and limes each week! I’ve been lucky so far this year. I’ll remember to do some of these things to keep my luck going strong!

  104. Sequins in the South (@CarlsonLaci)

    Great tips !! It’s definitely couching season in my house saved for later ! Thanks.

  105. Anosa

    Great thanks for sharing! Definitely comes in handy this time of year, especially with my little one starting a new nursery!

  106. Latoicha

    So true! My pediatrician recommends organic honey all the time. It works wonders for my son.

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