Netflix Original Movie Pee-wee's Big Holiday is Streaming Now!

I make no bones about the fact that I’m a huge Pee-wee Herman fan. Ever since I saw Pee-wee’s Big Adventure in the theater when I was a kid (yes, I know I just dated myself), I’ve been hooked. I never missed an episode of Pee-wee’s Playhouse on Saturday mornings and I was so happy when I heard he was back in his new Netflix original movie, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday!

In Peewee‘s Big Holiday, he breaks out of his comfy, small-town routine and learns how to live a little. A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger (Joe Manganiello) points Peewee toward his destiny — and an epic adventure.

My friends from Netflix sent my family an interactive Peewee Watch Kit, so that we could follow along on Peewee‘s journey while we watched the movie.


In the kit were numbered boxes and detailed instructions that told us when to open each one during the movie.


One morning while working at Dan’s Diner in Fairville, Pee-wee Herman meets and and becomes fast friends with actor Joe Manganiello, who convinces Pee-wee to go to leave Fairville for the very first time to go to New York to attend Joe’s birthday party.


Once he leaves Fairville, Pee-wee gets mixes up with three women who have just robbed a bank. They end up stealing his car and leaving him stranded in a motel room, where he meets and gets a ride from a guy named Gordon, a traveling salesman who gives him a disguise kit.

Once he parts ways with Gordon, Pee-wee ends up coming across a farmhouse where Farmer Brown and his nine daughters invite him to spend the night. The next morning, Farmer Brown insists that Pee-wee picks one of his daughters to marry, but Pee-wee uses his disguise kit to escape from the church.


Shortly afterwards, Pee-wee meets Penny King, who has a neat flying car. She offered to fly him to Manhattan, but the flying car ends up crashing in the forest and after Pee-wee wakes up he ends up getting a buggy ride from some Amish people. They take him back to their village where he meets back up with the three bank robbers.


Pee-wee and the three women end up taking one of the Amish buggies the rest of the way to New York and just when Pee-wee arrives at the party, he ends up falling down a well. Joe sees Pee-wee on the news and ends up coming to his rescue.

My boys both loved the movie and really loved opening the boxes that were filled with little surprises that coincided with scenes from the movie. For example, there was a scene in the movie in which Joe was eating some Ruffles chips, so there were some Ruffles in one of the boxes for us to enjoy along with Joe.


We ended up with all sorts of fun surprises by the time we were done.


The Netflix original movie premiered on March 18 and is available for streaming now, so if you are a Pee-wee fan – you aren’t going to want to miss his latest adventure.

Note: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam. As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Mariana

    I agree… what a fun kit! I bet it made watching the movie that much more exciting.

  2. Heather

    Classic Pee-wee Herman. We love Netflix so much!

  3. Theresa

    I keep asking my family to watch this with me, and they keep turning me down. Jerks! lol. I’ll have to watch it on my own time, I suppose.

  4. Michele

    I’m dating myself for sure here–but Pee Wee Herman was after my time. I vaguely remember watching it with some of my friend’s children and the loved it. Some things are timeless.

  5. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    We love Netflix! I remember PeeWee from way back in the day, he was huge. I didn’t know he was still around.

  6. Pam Wattenbarger

    I remember Pee Wee too! It’s fun to see kids these days getting to enjoy the classics.

  7. indah nuria Savitri

    Pee Wee is cool..I remember watching it when I was a teen :)..

  8. Saidah Washington

    That was such a fun experience. I like the interactive part of opening the numbered boxes.

  9. Liz Mays

    I haven’t watched it yet, but both of my kids did. They said it was really good and they laughed a lot!

  10. Sarah Bailey

    OK I am totally going to have to see if we get this over here as well – I can be such a big kid! x

  11. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That is so totally awesome! I am a card carrying Pee Wee Herman fan, so I will definitely be watching this.

  12. Jeanette

    OH my gosh does this take my back! I remember watching PeeWee’s play house when I was a kid! WOW!! I will have to watch this one!

  13. William Sweeney

    I didn’t realize that Netflix had a new movie out like this!! What a fun box I bet the boys loved it with the movie!

  14. shaunatorres

    Oh my goodness, I had no idea this was now available on Netflix. I can’t wait to watch it with the family. Maybe we will do it for movie night on Friday!

  15. Catherine S

    This sounds like a great movie. I will have to watch it this weekend with my son.

  16. Paula Schuck

    My kids are going to love this! They’re huge Pee Wee Herman fans. They have been ever since Big Top Adventure.

  17. Melissa Lawler

    I’ve been a huge Peewee Herman fan for years. Can’t wait to see this one.

  18. Pam Wattenbarger

    I love Pee Wee Herman. Definitely going to be watching this Netflix movie.

  19. Liz Mays

    The first movie killed me! I can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us with this one.

  20. aimeefauci

    Love Pee Wee Herman. I believe my oldest daughter has watched this with us before and she giggles at it.

  21. Dawn Lopez

    That sounds like it was so much fun! I love the props in the box to accompany the movie. I think it added so much to the experience!

  22. MELISASource

    My kids are going to love this. I will, too! Pee Wee Herman has always been so much fun to me.

  23. Liz Mays

    He’s so funny. I love the goofy inventions he always has in his house.

  24. littlemisscant

    Oh my… I went to see the last Pee Wee’s movie in theaters way back in the day. I saw that the new one was on netflix but I just don’t know if I can bring myself to watch the new one. My kids would love it for sure!

  25. littlemisscant

    So, I came home last nigh to hear a familiar laugh from upstairs. The kids LOVED watching PeeWee! Now I have to wait for them to go to school so I can watch it.

  26. Neely (@Neelykins)

    Not much of a pee wee fan but fun that its on Netflix now. He just really creeps me out!

  27. Brandy

    This is awesome! I used to watch Pee Wee all of the time as a kid!

  28. Gloria @ Homemade & Yummy

    New was a Pee Wee fan so sorry this is not on my “to watch” list I’m afraid.

  29. Jeanine

    WHAT? I haven’t seen pee wee in YEARS. I loved his shows and movies as a kid. This is pretty amazing. I’m going to have to check this out!

  30. A Geek Daddy

    My brother was a huge fan as a kid. I remember he was always watching the tv show, saying the catch phrases and had all the toys.

  31. Theresa

    I always loved the word of the day. We’d scream like fools all day long any time someone said the word!

  32. Erin

    Hope you enjoyed the new Pee-Wee movie. My HS drama teachers daughter is actually in it & it’s been on my list to watch for a bit now, I was just waiting for it to be available. It’s been ages since I’ve seen Pee-Wee of any sort so I hope it can at least keep my attention enough to make it through & not be horribly bored but boxes full of surprises could’ve made it a little better I suppose…

  33. Toni | BoulderLocavore

    I watch the People’s Couch and they just had a PeeWee segment on . Brought back so many wacky memories! Thanks for letting us know about the streaming!

  34. Agnes Dela Cruz

    I bet the boys enjoyed the fun movie. I remember watching this when I was young. I will check this out and introduce it to my daughter.

  35. Lee Allport

    We did this too!!! IT was so much fun and I can’t wait to write about it. More people need to check this movie out. Sad Joe Manganiello is the best. LOL

  36. Mama to 5 BLessings

    I had no idea Pee Wee Herman was still around! I remember watching him as a kid.

  37. Kathy

    I haven’t seen Pee Wee in years! This is great that it’s now on Netflix. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it. I’ll have to check it out.

  38. Adelina Priddis

    I haven’t watched Pee Wee in years! I’ve seen it on Netflix, but haven’t watched it yet. Looks like a fun night

  39. Ann Bacciaglia

    We watched Pee Wee’s Big Holiday the day it came out on Netflix. My kids loved it. It has so many great actors in it.

  40. Tammi Roy

    This will be a great movie for the kids to watch this weekend. Netflix has a fantastic selection of movies and shows for the whole family.

  41. meagan

    We watch Netflix WAY too much! But I love it! Good old Pee Wee’s!

  42. Amanda McD

    I remember Pee-Wee being the popular choice for movie night sleepovers when I was a kid.

  43. Amanda

    I haven’t seen Pee-Wee since I was a kid, not sure I could sit through it now though…lol but seriously, we love our Netflix 100%

  44. Crystal

    That is seriously fun! I loved Pee Wee, and had a blast watching the new one. Got to watch again with surprises.

  45. Clo Nevaeh

    This is so awesome! I am such a fan. I can’t wait to watch this next weekend.

  46. Julie @ Running in a Skirt

    Say wa???!! I had no idea he had a movie on Netflix. I’m going to have to watch it! And yes, I watched Pee Wee Saturday mornings too. My Mom hated it!

  47. Seattle Travel Blogger

    This is a fun post.
    The pictures really tell the story.

  48. swood97

    It looks like your family enjoyed this event.

  49. Katherine G

    I love that you all were able to follow along with the movie with mini surprises. It sounds like fun. I remember watching Pee-wee playhouse as a kid and seeing the movie. Now I want to see this movie and share it with my kids.

  50. Kristy (@Momhatescooking)

    I also remember Pee-Wee from my childhood! How cool to have those fun boxes filled with their own movie props!

  51. Jessica Beal Harlow

    Pee Wee Herman was such a big deal when he first started. I’m not surprised he’s made a comeback and is just as popular now!

  52. Nicole Herose Cochingco Escat

    Heard about Pee Wee movie already because my friend keeps on telling me and update me about netflix. Looks like a good movie to watch.

  53. Mariana

    I loved Pee Wee Herman when I was a kid, too! There was just something about him! I haven’t watched this movie in ages! I’m going to have to catch it on Netflix!

  54. Michelle Liew

    I am a Pee Wee fan too! This movie sounds awesome.

  55. Amanda Love

    I’m not a Pee Wee fan at all so not sure I’ll be watching this but I’m sure there are other Netflix movies I can watch. I’ll be watching those!

  56. Attachment Mummy

    I saw this advertised on Netflix the other night and wondered what it was all about, so glad to have found your review and synopsis. I love how the watch along kit you rceived had the numbered boxes, great fun!

  57. Ryan Sales Escat

    Well that sounds really great! I need to check that out. Thanks.

  58. Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    I’m not a big PeeWee Herman fan but I am a fan of creating a party atmosphere whenever! I love that you did that with this product and made the movie interactive!

  59. Monica

    So much fun! I remember him from back in my day!

  60. momknowsbest15

    What a fun way to watch a movie. I remember Pee Wee and he was kind of funny.

  61. Inspiring Kitchen

    I’ve never seen this show. Netflix is now available here. I will check this out

  62. Rose Marie

    The surpise box w/the movie scene celebrators is a fun idea. We like Netflix. I was late to the game but now a big proponent.

  63. debcb

    We love Netflix! I’ve been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for Kimmy Schmidt tomorrow.

  64. terristeffes

    I love dancing, so it is Pee Wee’s dance that I remember so well. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

  65. Janeane Davis

    It is always a treat when we can get our children to experience the things that filled us with joy when we were young.

  66. Kayleigh @ Sugar in My Texas Tea

    I don’t know how anyone lives without Netflix. Looks like y’all had a great time!When I was in college I worked at the South Carolina State House (the capitol building) in the tour office/ gift shop, and Pee-Wee came for a tour! I remember he bought chapstick and the “Miss South Carolina” Monopoly game. LOL. This was about 7-8 years ago.

  67. Eloise

    Oh My Goodness, I remember Pee-Wee! I love Netflix, they have so many good movies : )

  68. Ochalina

    The interactive Kit with the number boxes is interesting. I’m sure your kids had a lot of fun finding out the clues inside the boxes. This show brings a lot of laughter.

  69. Ana Fernandez

    I think a saw this movie when I was a kid.. or am I getting crazy? Either way.. I would love to watch and have that experiences of watching it as it is the first time

  70. Elizabeth O.

    I love that Netflix is bringing back classic favorites! It’s so cool that they also sent that kit, it truly was fun especially for the kids to follow along and get all these adorable items. Thanks for sharing your experience with Netflix and Pee-Wee!

  71. crystal

    It’s so fun to be able to introduce stuff to my kids. I’m winning some serious cool points with my kids for my Pee Wee knowledge.

  72. Ana De Jesus

    This is the first time that I have heard of pee-wee ( what a name!) but since I have Netflix it is worth a shot. I bet you got gold star super mummy status!

  73. inmyprime50

    I love Pee, and I watched the movie as soon as it was available on Netflix. This kit looks like so much fun. I bet it made watching the movie a more interactive experience.

  74. Michelle Gwynn Jones

    Except for Rocky Horror, I am not much for playing along with a movie, but it was nice to know that they make a kit for it.

  75. abccreativelearning

    Oh, my gosh! I remember watching Pee Wee when I was little with my sister!

  76. Marielle Altenor

    I actually never got around to watch that movie! It’s been a minute I’ve had a Netflix movie night!

  77. Debra Hawkins (@wifeeclectic)

    What a fun way to watch a movie! My kids would love if we had a box full of things to unwrap for a movie night!

  78. Blythe Alpern

    Brilliant idea to pair this new Pee Wee movie with a box full of goodies. I loved the movie, though not as much as the ones from the past.

  79. Babita

    This sounds like a great movie. I had heard about it being streamed on Netflix and wanted to catch up on it. Hopefully my girls and I will be able to do that soon.

  80. kancell724

    Netflix is the best thing ever. I remember watching Pee Wee Herman when I was a little girl.

  81. Heather Pfingsten

    This is so cool, I seriously need to look into getting Netflix. I used to watch Pee-Wee growing up and still giggle and watch anytime one of his movies comes on. I would love to see this. Ahhh, I may break down and get Netflix, yes!!

  82. Heather

    Yeah I remember watching that show when I was a kid. I bet it would be fun seeing this and remembering how funny and weird the show used to be.

  83. Michelle Mink

    that is so fun that they gave you numbered boxes to open at various times during the movie. i’m know who pee wee herman is but i’ve never seen any of the movies

  84. Swa-Rai (@swaraimedia)

    What a fun gift, I love Pee Wee growing up. I can’t wait to check it out on Netflix.

  85. wemake7

    What a cool kit. I noticed that that movie was on Netflix but haven’t watched it yet. My son is addicted to his regular shows though. Will have to see this movie.

  86. Briana

    Pee Wee Herman is definitely a blast from the past! We were big fans as kids. Haven’t heard of this but will have to check into it as we already have Netflix!

  87. Alexandrea

    This looks like an interesting idea, I don’t remember doing anything like this when I was younger. It would have been fun!

  88. onceuponadollhouse

    OMG, What a fun night with you family. This is such a great activity that won’t break the bank!

  89. Nicole Haas Etolen

    That sounds so fun and great time. Nice action to bonnd with family. Thanks for sharing!

  90. Christine - The Choosy Mommy

    I think it is so cool that they gave you the box that really helps you interact and make a deeper connection with the movie. Very cool idea!

  91. Chris T. Hoov

    Great way to bond with family! So fun. Glad you shared about that.

  92. aimlessmoments (@AimlessMoments)

    My 8 yr old son found the PeeWee show on Netflix and loves it. He watches it all the time. He has already watched the movie too.
    Love the boxes to open throughout the movie, really keeps the movie more interesting.

  93. Stephanie Pass

    How fun! I remember watching Pee Wee as a kid. I can’t wait to see this one.

  94. Chantal

    What a great way to watch the movie! I can’t wait to catch the new movie!

  95. brittany

    What a cute idea! This is definitely a blast form the past. Can’t wait to have kids!

  96. Heather (@TownsendHouse1)

    Oh I remember watching Pee Wee when I was growing up! I had no idea he was making a new movie! I can’t wait to check it out.

  97. Eva/ Kid Minds

    I would be honest, I have no idea who Pee Wee is and I have never heard of Netflix Watch Kit. But I’m so SO intrigued now!

  98. Stacy O'Brien Kripas

    I need to check this pee wee movie out asap. It looks like good a movie.

  99. NPC

    Cool kit from Netflix! I just actually watched the trailer and it looks hilarious! Going to watch this with my kids on the weekend!

  100. Dawn McAlexander

    This looks like a fun way to celebrate the release of the new movie. I never really watched any of the Pee Wee movies, but I know many people who did and loved them!

  101. Tiffany @ Daily Leisure

    I love the mystery boxes! Makes watching a boring movie more fun, I bet! My cousin was obsessed with PeeWee Herman. I spent the night one night and we stayed up until the sun came up watching PeeWee Herman movies lol!!

  102. Lisa Rios

    We have Netflix at home & it is worth watching for, as they come up some new interesting shows every time. I love Pee Wee movies & I remember watching few when I was young. Would love to see this one as well.

  103. Mar

    I keep hearing about this movie but Ive never seen it! Love your pictures!

  104. Yona Williams

    Ahhhh…Pee Wee…I used to watch his show and the movies when I was younger. I cannot believe how he can still pull this look off so many years later.

  105. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    I think the kids would really enjoy all of the interactive props while watching this movie. I saw it on Netflix but the kids haven’t seen it yet. They’ll probably watch it while they are out on spring break this week.

  106. Melissa Bernardo

    I love Pee Wee growing up. Can’t believe there’s another movie!

  107. ohnikkashae

    My son used to watch Pee-Wees playhouse and this movie all the time.

  108. Christie

    I used to watch this show when I was a kid! Can’t wait to stream it with my kids

  109. alissa a apel

    My sister Terra used to love Pee Wee. I kind of forgot about him. So cool that your sons are watching it.

  110. Sola

    It’s so great that a new generation of kids get to experience the wacky zaniness that is Pee Wee. Love the interactive element of this viewing as well.

  111. siniciliya

    I never heard of Pee Wee before, and hearing how much you like him makes me want to do some research!

  112. Denea

    I love Pee Wee! I can’t wait for my kids to get older so we can have movie night! Love it!

  113. jessicasimms

    I just saw this on Netflix the other day, my kids have been asking to watch it. I remember years ago when I used to watch him, it’s a great trip down memory lane!

  114. Joyce from Live Laugh Love Post

    It sure sounds like this was fun activity to play along with while you watched the movie.

  115. mythirtyspot

    I saw him on conan, and it reminded me of my childhood and all the good memories! Would love to watch again!
    – Erin Kennedy

  116. hautebeautyguide

    Pee Wee was my Saturday morning FAVORITE! It looks like your family had a great time watching the movie.

  117. mskathykenny

    Oh that is very awesome. I’d love to have experienced that. It looks like a fun movie.

  118. Tonya C

    I love Netflix. They are always showing the best shows.

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