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Every year starting around the middle of September, my kids start counting down to Halloween. They love dressing up and going out trick or treating. My house is on a main road and sadly, there are no sidewalks on my street. I don’t feel safe trick or treating in my neighborhood, so every year we head over to my parents house to trick or treat. Their neighborhood is well lit, has sidewalks and is set up on a grid system. That makes it the perfect set up to make a killing when it comes to collecting candy – and that’s exactly what they do year after year.

trick or treating

This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, so we won’t be as rushed as we normally are as when it falls on a week day. Yay for that. Trick or treating hours are generally between 6-8, so we need to get on the road by 5pm at the latest to get to my parents house, which is 30 minutes away. That gives my kids a few minutes to visit with Nana & Papa as well as get into their costumes. Since this all falls right at dinner time, I need something to help me save some time when it comes to feeding my kids.

As you are probably well aware of, Halloween is right around the corner. The other day I headed over to Walmart to stock up on everything I needed for Halloween night. My first stop was in the freezer section where I grabbed some HOT POCKETS(R) Pepperoni Pizza Snack Bites to fill my boys bellies before we leave to go trick or treating.

hotpockets in walmart

As I said, we are not home on Halloween night to pass out candy. What I do is leave a big old bowl of candy outside on my deck with a note that says “help yourself” attached to it. Even though we are not home, I still like to take care of the other neighborhood kids on Halloween night. I ended up getting a couple of things to treat the trick or treaters this year. I picked up a bag of NESTL?(R) Jumbo Assorted Fun Size Candy (58oz) and WONKA(R) MIXUPS(R) Assorted Candy (53.3oz).

Nestle in walmart

That give kids the choice between something chocolaty or something that’s not. It’s all about choices, right?


Since my parents are nice enough to let us spend the evening at their place every year on Halloween, I like to bring them a little something to snack on while they hand out candy to their trick or treaters. This year they are getting some No-Bake NESTL?(R) BUTTERFINGER(R) Bark. It’s very easy to make, so if you find yourself crunched for time on Halloween like I often do, this doesn’t take long to make at all and trust me, it will be gone in no time.

Here’s what you need:

  • Approximately 10 NESTL?(R) BUTTERFINGER(R) Fun Size candy bars.
  • 2 cups of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels
  • 1 cup of White Chocolate Morsels
  • 1/4 cup of creamy peanut butter


Here’s what you do:

1. Start by unwrapping your NESTL?(R) BUTTERFINGER(R) Fun Size candy bars.

unwrapped butterfingers

2. Once your NESTL?(R) BUTTERFINGER(R) Fun Size candy bars are unwrapped, chop them up into small pieces.

chopped butterfingers

3. Melt semi-sweet morsels and white morsels in separate microwave-safe bowls. Heat them in 30 second increments, stirring in between until they are smooth. FYI – the white chocolate only took me about a minute & a half and the semi-sweet morsels took about three minutes total.

4. Spread the melted semi-sweet chocolate on to a wax paper lined baking sheet, but make sure you save about 1 tablespoon to drizzle on top of your bark later.

spread chocolate

5. Stir the peanut butter into the melted white morsels.

6. Drizzle your white chocolate/peanut butter mixture over the top of the semi-sweet chocolate and then gently spread over the top with a spatula.

peanut butter mixture

7. Spread your NESTL?(R) BUTTERFINGER(R) bits over the melted chocolate and then drizzle with the remaining tablespoon of melted semi-sweet chocolate.

butterfingers on top

8. Put the bark into your refrigerator to harden up for about an hour. Once it’s hardened, break it apart and serve.

butterfinger bark

And, even though I thought I was all set for Halloween night, the HOT POCKETS(R) Pepperoni Pizza Snack Bites didn’t last very long, so I will have to run back to Walmart for more before the 31st.

hot pockets

What are some your family’s Halloween traditions.

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  1. Lisa Jacqueline Lewis

    What a treasure trove of candy and chocolate goodness! I bet these would be fun to make, especially for a Halloween party!

  2. yumeating

    I agree! Even better that they are no-bake! No need to turn the oven on or wait around for things to cook.

  3. Amy Desrosiers

    This bark is like my favorite ever! I am such a Butterfinger fan that I want some right now!!

  4. @SensiblySara

    That bark looks SO yummy!! I’ll have to make that this weekend!

  5. thriftychicmom

    Oh yum I love Butterfingers!!! Bark is always such a great treat can’t wait to try this version!

  6. Ourfamilyworld

    I love Butterfingers, too. The recipe sounds so easy. I’m going to make this later.

  7. susan

    This is such a yummy idea! I have never made a candy bark like this, but with all the candy we will get for Halloween I surely will this year.

  8. Amber NElson

    I agree. We always get a ton of candy too. Will keep this one in mind!

  9. Scarlet of Family Focus Blog

    My brother just loves Butterfingers. I have to make this for his birthday!

  10. Pam

    I love Butterfingers, can you make some for my birthday? It’s in a few weeks, lol!

  11. Brandy M

    I am not a huge fan of Butterfingers, but I have a friend who can’t get enough of Butterfingers. I am sure she would love these!

  12. Lois Alter Mark

    Butterfingers are awesome! I love the idea of eating them like this!

  13. Dawn Lopez

    Nestle Butterfinger Bark looks so delicious, but then again I love Butterfingers. I agree with you on the variety of candies too. We try to mix it up with some chocolate and some fruity.

  14. Jody @ Mommy Moment

    I can imagine that is quite the treat. Great way to use up the candy.

  15. Crystal

    Butterfingers are my husband’s favorite. It’ll be such a nice surprise for him to get a treat this Halloween too.

  16. Jeanine

    Mine too! I think this would be so great for him after work on Halloween he would really be happy with this, especially since it’s his fave!

  17. alissa

    Butterfingers are the best. This does look great. I try making quick things on that day. Sometimes a crock pot meal.

  18. Marcie W.

    We always plan a quick and easy dinner on Halloween so we can get down to business as fast as possible. I think this bark is exactly what I need after a fun filled night.

  19. Crystal

    I run a tight ship on Halloween night. No chewing! Get that food down! We are trick-or-treating!

  20. Amber Edwards

    Butterfingers are one of my favorite candy bars! Oh goodness, this bark looks amazing! I am drooling already!

  21. Mykidsguide

    We also go to my parent’s place for trick or treating. I wam going to try your Butterfinger bark recipe.

  22. Elizabeth O.

    It’s something that the family would definitely enjoy! Especially the kids.

  23. toughcookiemommy

    I love Butterfingers bars so I know these treats would be right up my alley. They are perfect for Halloween.

  24. Mykidsguide

    Butterfinger bars are also my favorite. My family will definitely enjoy this treat.

  25. Felicita Moncada

    Love that you don’t have to bake! I love anything peanut butter so I cannot wait to try this! We’re staying in our neighborhood since all the neighbors get together for a potluck!

  26. Danielle

    The Butterfinger bark looks tasty. I love Butterfingers so I know I’d love this and it’s so easy to make.

  27. Amber NElson

    That looks so good. I have never seen something like this.

  28. Onica{MommyFactor}

    Butterfingers is one of my favorite chocolate, so yummy idea. I should try this.

  29. mommyblogexpert

    Ooh I love Butterfingers and your Butterfinger Bark looks so good. Definitely want to try your recipe as well as share with my son in college that loves cooking for his friends.

  30. leechrista

    These look delicious and I think Spencer would love to help me make them. Hot Pocket Bites are my favorite thing ever btw. Perfect “on the way” to gymnastics snack.

  31. misstywatson

    OMYum! This looks absolutely tasty and I bet my kids would love it. They’re huge butter finger fans.

  32. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    That looks so yummy! My niece really loves Butterfingers, so I may make a batch as a Halloween treat for her!

  33. Michelle Liew

    Have a great time this halloween! I hope the kids enjoy themselves!

  34. Jeni Hawkins

    Oh my goodness. This made my mouth water! And those kids- so adorable! What a fun treat for Halloween!

  35. Jessica Beal Harlow

    Butterfinger is one of my favorites because it’s different from all the other traditional chocolate bars I think this Butterfinger Bark would be a huge hit at our house. You are so sweet to make a batch for your parents!

  36. Tammy

    I have never made bark before but this looks so delish!! And I love all the ingredients you have made. This will be great to make at a party coming up.

  37. Shasta Walton

    I have been seeing so many delicious candy bark recipes this year! This one looks super tasty and I can’t wait to give it a try!

  38. valmg @ From Val's Kitchen

    They look cute! Was he Charizard or Charmeleon? Hubby and my oldest would probably love these snacks.

  39. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That looks so delicious! I love Butterfinger and I love no bake. I can’t wait to make this.

  40. Heather

    The no bake factor definitely gives it cool points.

  41. kristin

    Holy moly! That looks great (and easy enough for me!). Pinned for future reference!

  42. becca112971

    Our tradition use to be to trick or treat on the Prison(yes i said prison) they have a huge festival for the town. That said since son started band 3 years ago he has either had a game or marching competition on Halloween night so we just come home order pizza and watch Disney movies or Spooky movies. This year i am so making this Candy Bark

  43. Jesica H

    I am not a fan of butterfingers, but I like the no bake option, because I am not the greatest at cooking things lol!

  44. Anne-Marie @ This Mama Cooks!

    I think I gained 10 pounds looking at this! I love Butterfingers but never thought to use them to make bark. Probably because there are never any left over to make anything with. Ha!

  45. Tiffany Cruz

    I like when I can make a good dessert without turning on the oven. My kids love to make desserts like this. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Amanda || Growing Up Madison

    The kids love anything sweet at Halloween because it’s really the only time they get candy like that. I need to try these no bake butterfinger barks.

  47. Brett Martin

    OMG! I love Butterfinger and I also love bark. This is going to become a favorite in my house!!

  48. Joyce Brewer (@MommyTalkShow)

    Thanks to you I know how easy it is to make bark because I’ve never tried before.

  49. tara pittman

    This is a must make. I love the idea of using candy.

  50. tamaralikecamera

    Yum! I love bark. I love Butterfingers too. Their peanut butter cups are SO cute. I love making candy bark from leftover Halloween candy.

  51. Pam

    I love candy bark! It’s so easy to make and it always tastes delicious.

  52. Catherine S

    These bars look so yummy. I know what I am making with our leftover Butterfingers.

  53. Heather

    I would love to make a bark. Looks tasty!

  54. Debra Fazio-Rutt

    I love this idea and think the bark would be a bigger hit than just the Butterfinger candy alone. I don’t think it would last very long in my house either!

  55. Sarah Bailey

    Oh my gosh this sounds amazing and I love the fact it is no bake, I am all for not having to cook things. x

  56. Cascia Talbert

    That looks like a great treat. I don’t pass out a lot of candy for Halloween, usually I get pencils and small toys from the Dollar Tree to pass out.

  57. Chubskulit Rose

    I love their costume, they looks so cute. This snack looks super treat!

  58. Dawn

    I am a huge fan of Butterfinger. This looks delicious and I love that it is no bake.

  59. Elizabeth O.

    I really love the idea of chocolates barks! This is one more recipe I need to keep for the future. Thanks for sharing it.

  60. Helene Cohen Bludman

    You always have the yummiest looking recipes. This one is no exception!

  61. Jennifer Sikora

    I love bark of any kind. It is such a delicious and easy sweet treat. Yours looks like a beautiful Butterfinger creation!

  62. Stacie

    Anything made with chocolate and peanut butter is a must. This looks delicious. Thanks for sharing this easy recipe.

  63. Cindy (Prime Beauty)

    That looks yummy. It’s nice of you to leave candy when you aren’t going to be home.

  64. Diana Elizabeth

    I love this no bake idea! I had no idea it was even possible, my mouth is watering, those are my favorite candies thanks for sharing this, I must try!!! xo!

  65. Vera Sweeney

    I love no bakes!!! I have never thought to use butterfingers like this what a great idea!

  66. Liz Mays

    It would definitely be a fun snack to have out around Halloween. I’m glad there is no baking required!

  67. Jeanine

    Yum. Yes please. I’m coming over to your house! Looks so delicious! I will have to try this asap!

  68. tiarasandtantrums

    looks delicious – and super easy to make – I love making a bark with just about anything in the house. I made some the other day with cranberries and nuts fro my hubbie!

  69. Kathy

    That Butterfinger bark looks really good. Butterfingers are some of my favorite candy. I’ve also had those pizza snack bites before and I love them! They’re really good.

  70. Shell Feis

    Ooh butterfinger is one of my favorites! We’ll have to make this for sure!

  71. aaronica (the crunchy mommy)

    i love no bake!!! i’ve never made a bark before but this looks so easy!

  72. Ora Lee Gurr

    The Butterfinger candy bark looks so delicious. I like that it is no-bake and still turns out crunchy and yummy. This is a Halloween treat that will be a favorite with family and friends really soon!

  73. Bri

    What a great way to make a tasty treat with little to no effort. My little cousins would really enjoy eating these butterfingers bark treats.

  74. lisa

    Oh my yum! This sounds like a great treat to make for a Halloween treat! I’m going to have to try these.

  75. Lois Alter Mark

    Wow, those sound amazing! The fact that they’re no bake is just the icing on the cake!

  76. Urvi

    Looks amazing!!! I like the recipe quick and easy… No mess

  77. jeanette

    I know a few people that would eat this before I would even have it on the table! People are so creative with making bark. I never would have thought of doing this.

  78. Chasing Joy

    My only halloween tradition for now is that I dress up my pets. My cat is a super hero pet.

  79. sparklingfootstepsblog

    OMG this looks absolutely amazing! Peppermint bark is my favorite and this will be sure to become another favorite!

  80. kdkaren

    This looks delicious! My kids love Butterfingers, so I’m sure this would be a hit with them!

  81. melindadunne

    My family and I love Halloween! We always dress up and go trick or treating or we have a party. This year we just plan on going trick or treating.

  82. Nikki

    Such a great fun idea, this is perfect this coming halloween. Im sure my kids would love it

  83. Ann Bacciaglia

    This recipe looks so delicious and easy to make. I love trying no bake recipes. Butterfinger is my favorite chocolate bar.

  84. Chelley @ A is For Adelaide

    These sound amazing- I am obsessed with Butterfingers… so we never buy them. LOL! I think I know what I’ll be making with the ones Addie gets while Trick-or-Treating!

  85. kwhiz84

    I love the idea of Butterfinger Bark. That sounds so yummy!

  86. Valerie

    I like simple desserts like this. I am going to make this soon!

  87. [email protected]

    The butterfinger bark looks yummy. I think I might make some.

  88. Jennifer @ Mom Spotted

    My hubby loves butter fingers! I should make these with our Halloween left over candy!

  89. Claudette Esterine

    The children will absolutely love this! It sounds awesome.

  90. Carol Bryant

    You had me at “no bake” because my family runs if I go near the kitchen

  91. thedealmatchmaker

    I love no bake dessert recipes! So perfect, no preparation and quick!

  92. Chanelle

    That sounds delicious. I am trying this very soon.

  93. Angie Scheie

    Mmm, two of my favorites; Butterfingers and no bakes! Will have to try!

  94. socialite123l

    I love Peanut Butter anything and this is right up my alley. This treat can out amazing especially since it was “No Bake”

  95. Liz Mays

    Yep, no bake makes it especially appealing, doesn’t it? I love that!

  96. victoria

    This is the delicious idea! My two kids would love it. I will try these tomorrow. Thanks for this amazing idea.

  97. Lexie Lane

    I love your idea, I’m sure my kids would love it. I love this fun idea.

  98. tonyacoleman

    Butterfingers are one of my favorite candy bars. I’m sure I would love this.

  99. alexisakamom0616

    OMG, I LOVE candy bark! This is so yummy!!!

  100. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    Kids really enjoy when you can present candy bars in new ways!

  101. yumeating

    Butterfinger was my favorite candy when I was a kid. I love the idea of a no bake. This one sounds amazing.

  102. Rosey

    They look cute. I didn’t realize Halloween was on a Sat. this year, hurrah. And I like your bark.

  103. livingoffloveandcoffee

    These would be flying off the counter in my house! What a delicious and easy treat.

  104. Amy Desrosiers

    Love this idea for after Halloween candy sales too! You could be really creative with candy bark!

  105. Julia

    I adore Butterfinger candybars and that butterfinger bark looks finger licking good. I will have to try it. Thanks!

  106. Liz Mays

    Oh man this sounds like the best bark! That Butterfinger flavor is hard to resist!

  107. Amber C.

    Oh that looks SUPER yummy! I love me some butterfingers!

  108. Debbie L.

    This looks really tasty. I like the fact that it is no bake.

  109. Eileen xo

    I am not a big candy person – but I would eat this one! Butterfingers look yummy! I like this reipe – and it seems easy to prep –

  110. Wendy

    I love Butterfingers. They are one of my favs. This looks so good!

  111. casavilorainteriors

    Looks yummy! And no bake makes it much more appealing to me.

  112. Erika Ashley (@erikaislittle)

    These look delicious! I can’t wait to try these.

  113. katrina g

    Yummy looks so easy to make and looks so good.

  114. dina d.

    We also go to my mom’s house and have dinner with them before trick or treating. After that we watch a movie and sleep at mom’s since it’s a Saturday.

  115. ascendingbutterfly

    YAS!!!! Finally an alternative to Peppermint Bark, thank you!

  116. Katherine G

    That looks so delicious! I’m going to have to give this a try. It looks so easy to make.

  117. kleebanks

    We don’t celebrate Halloween, but I like the looks of your butterfinger bark!

  118. Crystal McWhirter-Lopez

    Butterfinger is one of my favorite candy bars! Never thought in a million years to make it into a bark. LOVE this! Someone would have to hide it or I would eat it all!

  119. Rachel Ferrucci

    These sounds amazing and so easy! I need to try this for the kids and ME

  120. gratefulheartyoga

    This looks easy and so yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe

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  123. CandyO

    This recipe sounds divine. I have never made bark before, this one is getting made!

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    Mmmm, these look amazing. One of my faves chocolate bars too!

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