Rock Your Next Roadtrip With These 10 Apps #VZWBuzz #VZBoston

Rock Your Next Roadtrip With These 10 Apps

Roadtrips can be a lot of fun – if you plan in advance. Aside from stocking up the car with Mad Libs, snacks and portable chargers for all of your devices, did you know that there are some really helpful apps that can help make life on the road a bit easier? We’ve all heard the saying “there’s an app for that”, right? Well, it’s true. I just survived an eight hour road trip with my family this past weekend and here are a few of the apps that I downloaded onto my Droid that helped us along our way.

1. Waze

Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. You can join drivers in your area who share real-time traffic & road info to save time, gas money, and improve daily commuting for all.

In addition to just looking up the traffic in your area, you can also actively report accidents, police traps and other hazards you see on the road. Get road alerts along your route and find the cheapest gas prices around you shared by the community. Plus, you can add friends, send locations or keep others posted on your arrival time.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Waze will automatically shut down if you run it in the background and haven’t driven for a while.

Download this free app on Google Play here!

2. Spotify

What is a roadtrip without great music? With Spotify, you can listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. On Spotify, you can even get personalized recommendations.

Spotify is free and you can play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode

Get it for your Droid here.

3. SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder

This is quite possibly one of the best apps of all time – especially if you have kids in tow. With SitOrSquat, you can search and view public restrooms nearest to your current location on a map or in a list. Not only that, but you can add public restrooms to the database by entering basic location information and optional details like pictures and features.

You can also filter results by choosing specific features such as Open Now, Sit-or-Squat Rating, Family Bathroom, Baby Changing Table, Handicap Accessible, or Pay-Per-Use toilets.

SitOrSquat is available in English and Spanish and you can download it here – and it’s free!

3. Gasbuddy

With GasBuddy, you can find cheapest gas near you. Simple as that. You can search by city/zip/postal code and you can report gas prices to help other people find cheap gas, too. This app is available in the US and Canada and you can get it here (it’s free).

4. Aroundme

AroundMe quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre and Taxi. Download this free app right here.

5. Yelp

Yelp is your local guide to finding just the place to eat, shop, drink, relax, and play. You can filter search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and what’s open now. Who wouldn’t want to read reviews written by a community of active, expert locals? They know places best, right? You can add your own reviews, too.

Of course, it’s free. Here’s the link to download it.

6. Google Maps

Enjoy voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, and walking. Google Maps has comprehensive, accurate maps in 220 countries and territories plus live traffic conditions, incident reports, and automatic rerouting to find the best route.

Download it here for free.

7. Hotel Tonight

Hotels give them last-minute discounts on their empty rooms, so if you use this app, you will get the very best rates -guaranteed. It literally take just 10 seconds to book a room if you need one. You can even find the perfect room for you with this app because they narrow it down to categories like Basic, Hip and Luxe. There are also custom hotel descriptions that give you all the info you need to know before you book

You guessed it, it’s free – get it here.

8. iExit

iExit tells you what’s coming up in real time when driving on the interstate. It’s designed to easily communicate which upcoming exits have what you need, whether that’s gas, a hotel, a rest area, or specifically a Starbucks.

Download it here (it’s free, so why not?).

9. License Plate Game

What’s a roadtrip without games? This one is the classic License plate game! Use this to keep track of all the different license plates you pass on your next road trip. This app supports single or multiple players and you can even add a timer to see how many you can find before time runs out

It’s another freebie, so make sure you download it before your next roadtrip! Get it here.

10. uPackingList

Before you set out to your destination, you need to pack, right? I don’t mind packing that much, but for some people, it’s their least favorite part of traveling. Packing doesn’t have to be the hardest part of travel preparation and this app is the solution.Use this app to create a travel checklist – specially for you. Easy peasy.

You know it, it’s free. Download it here.

So now you’re ready for your next roadtrip. Where are you heading?

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  1. Rosey

    My husband has just discovered Yelp and he loves it. I haven’t really utilized it much, but I like that you can leave reviews.

  2. lydiaf1963

    I’m not a big Yelp fan. There are too many wannabe critics out there, but it is helpful for finding local restaurants. The license plate game is currently being downloaded to my phone. We’re on the road frequently and live in a travel corridor so we should be able to find many tags over a period of time. Around Me and Waze sound like they’d be useful too.

  3. Carol Cassara (@ccassara)

    I am a big Yelp fan. I just cut out the super high and super low and have gotten some good hints off it.

  4. Liz Mays

    That’s one I haven’t explored at all. I definitely need to get into that and see how it can help.

  5. Liz Mays

    I didn’t know you could play the license plate game via app. I’m so on it! Also, I would not survive a road trip without Google Maps.

  6. loisaltermark

    Agree on both, Liz! Google Maps is the best, and I’m definitely going to try the license plate game app!

  7. Dee Mauser

    We don’t really take road trips, well unless we’re in search of a new car. Then we’re driving hours away from home to find the right one. Thanks for the apps.

  8. Amber Edwards

    Gasbuddy is my best friend! When I’m traveling or just at home! It’s a good 5-10 minute drive out to any gas station from my house. And depending on which one I go to, it’s a different direction. So I always check Gas Buddy first to see which place is the best one to go to before heading out!

  9. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I’m ALL about Yelp. I check it before I go anywhere new.

  10. Jeanine

    Wow! So many great apps! I wish we travelled more. I love road trips! If we take any I will have to keep this great list in mind!

  11. Dawn

    I’ll definitely be downloading Waze. This is so perfect for navigating a city you don’t know.

  12. Allie D.

    Yelp and Waze are my go to apps. I use them regardless if I’m local or in a new place. Helps me find everything I need.

  13. listen2mama

    I love all of these but I think the most fun would be the license plate game. I have to download that one for our next road trip.

  14. Melissa Pezza

    Gasbuddy is a great app! I HATE having too pay too much for gas just because I’m on a trip.

  15. Ask Coach Donna - Social Media and Blog Expert

    Hi Robin, I definitely want some of these apps – thank you for sharing – and the Gasbuddy will be the first for when we are on roadtrips!

  16. Catherine S

    These all sound like great apps. I use Yelp even when we are staying around town. I need to check out the Gasbuddy app.

  17. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    We use Waze and love that one, but I would try that SitorSquat, too!

  18. aimee (@HouseofFaucis)

    Google Maps and Gas Buddy are our favorites! They are really used a lot by my husband especially since he drives for work.

  19. Stillblondeafterall (@stillblondeaaty)

    I love gas buddy and google maps. I will be adding Iexit. That’s a great new one for me.

  20. Alli

    My husband and daughter both use Waze. The gas buddy is the one I’d like to try. This is a great list of apps for road trips.

  21. Pam

    I’d like to try the gas buddy one or the app to find clean bathrooms. There’s never a good bathroom when you need one!

  22. Theresa

    My girls live by Spotify. It’s one of our must have apps!

  23. msposh2013

    I love your choices for apps. A few I have never used before

  24. Mama to 5 BLessings

    What great resources! Very good resources for road trips which my family does quite a bit of!

  25. Britney

    I love it when they are apps because I usually have my phone with me all the time when we travel!

  26. tammi

    We use Yelp a lot, when travelling and in our city. We even put up our own reviews too!

  27. M from The Stay-at-Home Life

    Great apps to have for traveling, thanks for sharing them!

  28. Mama to 5 BLessings

    I had no clue there were so many gas apps. I really need to check these out, it costs a lot to fill up my van.

  29. Jenn

    Thanks! Our next road trip is coming up in a couple of weeks and these will be put to good use.

  30. Jeannette

    Oh my goodness – I am seriously obsessed with apps and while I’ve heard of a few of these, there are some I have not! I’ll be checking them all out before our next roadtrip!

  31. Joanie @ ZagLeft

    A few of these I’d never even heard of. My husband loves Yelp and I’m starting to use it too. I’ll have to check these out for our upcoming road trip.

  32. Kimberly Grabinski (@WhatsThatSmell)

    We love the license plate game. Who knew there was an app to keep track of it for you? How fun.

  33. maria @ close to home

    I have heard of several of these apps but not all. Thanks for the tips we are headed on a 14 hr trip this summer.

  34. loisaltermark

    I haven’t heard of some of these but I think I need them all! Will definitely be doing some downloading now!

  35. lisa

    I love this list. GasBuddy is a great app along with Waze and Spotify.

  36. Swa-Rai (@swaraiblog)

    This is just in time, I’m working right now to plan a few road trips this summer. Going to download them all.

  37. roselynn787

    Both Yelp and Gasbuddy are on my phone alright, definitely lifesavers. I don’t use Spotify, I’m more of a Pandora girl but have been looking to switch since I am not caring much for the service.

  38. moesly15

    All great apps. I use most if not all of them.

  39. fashiongrail

    Awesome selection! I’m going on a road trip this summer and this will definitely help out.

  40. crystal

    We went on a mini road-trip over the weekend. What should have taken 1 1/2 hours took almost 4. Ugh! I wish I would have checked traffic apps.

  41. jshallow01

    Gasbuddy sounds like a great app for when we take that road trip to Mount Rushmore

  42. Angela

    I use the heck out of Yelp and Google Maps when I travel. I see a couple of others here I am going to check out.

  43. Marcie W.

    I will definitely be bookmarking this post and referring back to it throughout the rest of the year. We have two road trips scheduled already and a possible flight this fall.

  44. courtneylynne

    Living in NY I’m all about using gas buddy! Swear gas is the most expensive in this state -_- at least with the app I can see where i can save alittle lol

  45. rane25

    I’m familiar with Yelp as they give recommendations to Restaurants etc and offer the most up to date reviews. The other 9 are great too

  46. Fabgrandma

    I haven’t heard of any of these before, but there are a couple I am going to download to my phone, like the license plate game. Thanks!

  47. irishred13

    Yelp is my favorite app when I am looking for new places to go in new cities

  48. mommiesquietplace: 22qmandy

    I use Gas Buddy all the time. I also have use Yelp it’s fun to read other people’s reviews on places they have been to that I am checking out. It’s also fun to leave reviews.

  49. Jamie

    I will have to let my dad know about Hotel Tonight…he doesn’t like to make reservations….this would probably rock his world!

  50. Richelle Anderson

    There are awesome. We take occasional trips and I didn’t know they had an app for the license plate game. My hubby and I love to play that one.

  51. shaunatorres

    Ha, ha, ha… I love the idea of that restroom finder. That is a must, especially with kids. HA! Thanks for such a great list.

  52. Kim Propp

    I love those apps, but my husband already downloaded the google maps and waze, These are really amazing thanks for sharing this. I’d love to check some apps.

  53. crystal

    Road trips are such fun during the summer months. I need to grab all of these apps before our next trip.

  54. Danielle I

    Gasbuddy sounds like an amazing app. Having an SUV, I definitely need the cheapest gas around.

  55. Mama to 5 BLessings

    Sounds like very resourceful apps. Perfect for road trips!

  56. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have not planned my next road trip yet. It will probably be to go a few hours away to visit my parents.

  57. alissa

    I like Spotify a lot. I imagine a great use for Google Maps, and GasBuddy!

  58. Jessica Beal Harlow

    We always end up taking a few road trips during summer vacation. I bet Gas Buddy is a great app…we’ll try it out a the end of June on our way up North!

  59. Nicole M Williams

    I love road trips. Looking forward to doing one this summer.

  60. Sharon Ulery Ruggieri

    Good stuff! We’re doing a 18 hour road trip this summer with six kids, so yeah…we need to distract them!

  61. upliftingfam

    Waze and Gas Buddy are great apps. I agree Spotify comes in handy when there isn’t much on the radio.

  62. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    These are great apps! I use Gasbuddy and absolutely love it! I will have to check out the others.

  63. WendysHat

    Cool! I am the roadtrip queen and these sound like some great apps. Going to check them out now! Thanks.

  64. thriftyjinxy

    Great list! I have used a bunch of these already, but have to check out that bathroom one. I have to say Waze is awesome.

  65. Alicia

    We tend to end up using the maps app a lot when traveling out of town, or since I am not too fond of driving here yet I use it locally.

  66. Carol Bryant

    We are getting ready to road trip to Nashville for the BlogPaws Conference in May and plan to use this – thanks.

  67. toughcookiemommy

    We love taking road trips and these apps are perfect for enjoying on the road. We can’t be without our electronics, even when we are away from home.

  68. kristimaloney

    My boys would love the license game app. I’ve used Gas Buddy and a few of the others. This is a great list of travel apps.

  69. rsrote

    What a great list. Marking this for our next roadtrip!

  70. Lauren @ ELC (@Expat_Love)

    These apps are a great idea! I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip. One of those things on my bucket list!

  71. Shanéy Vijendranath

    Love your list! Apps are my best friend, my husband says I’m crazy. LOL Will check some of these out.

  72. kwhiz84

    I have a trip coming up and these apps will be amazing!

  73. Chubskulit Rose

    We are planning to go on a road trip as soon as the kids get off from school. I will be checking out this gasbuddy, seems like a very helpful app.

  74. Lynndee

    We love road trips and I hope we get to have another one this summer. Such useful apps you shared here. Never heard of some of them. I will check them out.

  75. way2goodlife

    I’ve know of Gas Buddy for so many years, but never really used it. Gotta change that!

  76. Erinn S

    Taking off tomorrow on a 6 hour drive-I’ll be looking into many of these!

  77. Lubna Naz

    Amazing list of apps here, Thanks, very informative and appreciate the effort!!

  78. yumeating

    Yelp is big for me. I use it all the time. For a while I used Four Square but since its changes I have gone back to Yelp and I am glad I did. I also use Gas Buddy and Google Maps. These are available on iPhone, in case anyone was wondering. I will have to look to see if Wave is available. Sounds cool. I think Sit or Squat and Hotel Tonight are too. I know Spotify is cause I use it all the time.

  79. Debbie Denny

    oh those are some great ones. That bathroom finder could be real useful.

  80. HilLesha

    I couldn’t live without Spotify. Listening to music on the road is a must!

  81. Emerald

    Thanks for tips on the apps! I need all the help I can get on road trips!

  82. Agata @ BarkTime (@AgataPokutycka)

    We are hopping to go to sea-side during May Bank Holiday, I am really looking forward to our trip.

  83. Ourfamilyworld (@OurFamilyWorld)

    Guess I need to start downloading. I Love the traffic app idea. Getting caught in traffic is no fun

  84. Christie

    Sit or Squat as been a lifesaver for us! One of my fave apps ever

  85. April G

    I love GasBuddy. I’ve used most of these apps. They certainly make travel easier.

  86. Erica

    Thanks for this great roundup. I don’t a lot of traveling during the winter but now that spring is here I’ll be traveling a lot more!

  87. Bonnie @ wemake7

    Traveling is so crazy for the 7 of us. Seems like we always forget something. These app sounds awesome. I’ll have to use some of these the next time we are on the road!

  88. candyolivares

    What a fabulous list!! I love updating my phone with apps to help us while we are out joy riding.

  89. Stephanie Pass

    My husband LOVES Waze. He uses every day on the way to work. I have tried Hotel Tonight, but haven’t had much luck with it. My go to hotel app for the very last minute is Hotwire. We have gotten some amazing deals.

  90. Paula Schuck

    These look like great apps. I will have to remember them for our next road trip. I am sure there will be a few over the summer.

  91. jessicasimms

    Wow duh! I don’t know why I haven’t heard of these apps before they would help me out so much on my next road trip. Thank you!

  92. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    I’ll have to check out some of these apps. I’ve used waze before but wasn’t a fan. I like it in theory but didn’t find it overly helpful or easy to use.

  93. Rebecca Swenor

    These are awesome apps to use while traveling indeed. I didn’t know there was so many and they will for sure come in handy. Thanks for sharing.

  94. Lexie Lane

    I’ll definitely check these out! I have AroundMe downloaded already and now they tell me the weather every day which is great!

  95. Amanda

    Spotify is one of my favorites! I love that you can listen to any song, any artist or genre at anytime. It’s perfect for those dead zones on the highway.

  96. Gabriel Bregg

    Gas buddy is amazing. I’ve had it save me $.25/gal or more on road trips on many occasions. Google maps is another must have no brainer also.

  97. Modern Pilgrim

    I HATE packing but maybe the uPackingList can help change that. These are really cool app suggestions. We traveled a lot before we had our baby so hopefully we will get to do that again soon. Thx!

  98. indah nuria Savitri

    a big fan of waze :)…it’s interactive, too…so we know exactly what happen at one spot with the help of others

  99. Stefani Tolson

    I have a couple of these on my phone but want to download a couple more. I need that gas app!

  100. Lenze

    I love Gas Buddy! It’s an awesome app!

  101. Alison

    I am so going to check out the packing app! I always seem to forget thing… like one time my own underwear. Haha. I can remember everyone elses items but my own. Waze is a rocking app. I also love Yelp for checking out restaurant reviews. I’ve found some awesome places because of that app that we wouldn’t have found otherwise!

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