Strawberry Banana Mason Jar Mix

Strawberry Banana Mason Jar Mix

I am a major snacker. I love to eat in general, but sometimes I would much rather sit down with a snack than have a meal. That’s especially true when I am watching a movie or even blogging. Some days I feel like I snack all day long and since I try to keep track of my calorie intake, healthier choices have been where it’s at for me lately. This strawberry banana mason jar mix is literally the easiest snack you will ever make.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Plain popcorn
  • Dried cranberries or dried cherries

Strawberry Banana Mason Jar Mix5

  • Freeze dried strawberries and bananas

Strawberry Banana Mason Jar Mix1

  • Kashi brand Heart to Heart cereal

Strawberry Banana Mason Jar Mix4

Mix ingredients together in a bowl and transfer into to mason jars. That’s it.

Strawberry Banana Mason Jar Mix3

It sounds awesome, right? And it doesn’t get much easier than that.

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

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  1. Kecia

    We made healthy “mixes” for our 4 year old all the time. We usually add nuts and dark chocolate chips. Never thought to put them in a mason jar though!

  2. yumeating

    My mothers motto when I was a kid – Keeping things classy, one mason jar a a time.

  3. Demetra @SweetSavant

    That looks so good. I wish I had some of that on our Spring break road trip. My favorite snack is a mix of cashews, almonds and dried cranberries.

  4. Terry My Journey With Candida

    This would be great for a road trip. We are going on one tomorrow.

  5. Rosey

    That does look delish, and easy. Nuts are my favorite healthy snack, but fruit is a super close second (most any kind will do!).

  6. The Harried Mom

    That looks good. And totally a non-guilty treat!

  7. @SensiblySara

    I’m a snacker, too. Carrots, grapes or boiled peanuts are my usual go-tos. That mix looks good, though!

  8. Alicia

    Cute idea!My favorite healthy snack is strawberries, blueberries, and green grapes!

  9. Ricci

    This looks solo good!! And I could take that to work with me too, great recipe!!

  10. alexisakamom0616

    OMG sign me up, I want that! I so love a good Mason jar gift!

  11. crystal

    Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up, isn’t it? This would be great!

  12. Becky Fry (

    oh, that looks really good! My boys would love that for after school snack!

  13. Sandy

    Looks yummy and healthy! I love mason jars, too. I have them all over my house..LOL!

  14. Terry My Journey With Candida

    My Daughter has old mason jars in her kitchen for decoration. Really cute.

  15. Terry My Journey With Candida

    We do a lot of snacks here, only I have them all in jars separately. We mix them into a snack bag and take them with us.

  16. LyndaS

    It does sound awesome. What a healthy snack mix that I don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying!

  17. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    Now this looks amazing! But you know me, I love all things strawberry!

  18. Amber Edwards

    now that is a snack I can dig into and enjoy. I love adding freeze dried fruits to my snacks and cereals!

  19. Scott

    It looks like a super-healthy alternative to what I’ve been snacking on. Problem is I’d have to hide it from the kids – they’d steal it!

  20. Emerald

    Yummy! I just love cranberries and this recipe is super simple to make!

  21. meagan

    I’m a big snacker as well! This would work perfect for a quick breakfast!

  22. becca112971

    This is an awesome healthy snack. I would eat this for sure.

  23. Jennifer

    That looks delicious! There’s nothing better than something that’s healthy AND tastes delicious. I’m not a rabbit food fan.

  24. harriet

    I am really into using jars for salads and snacks. It is a great way to reuse cool looking jars. Your snack looks really yummy.

  25. jbresheffield0718

    That looks really good, a snack my kids would love minus the freeze dried fruit. We actually picked some up at Publix the other day and none of us could get past the texture. I have a texture phobia, it freaks me out! But everything else great!

  26. SexyMoxieMama

    Great idea! This is a super simple and easy recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Jeanine

    Um that’s brilliant! What a delicious looking snack! I love it. I will have to hunt down freeze dried banana and strawberry to try this. Yummy

  28. Freda

    That looks so yummy! I love apple slices with peanut butter!

  29. Catherine S

    This looks so yummy. This would make a great snack for the kids on game night. Thanks for the recipe.

  30. tammi

    Oh wow, that is the perfect snack, Just the right amount of sweetness!

  31. Allie D.

    This looks like an awesome snack. Typically a healthy snack that we eat are usually fruits. We are a huge fruit loving family. This is a great way to add variety!

  32. mrenkema79

    Well, that looks amazing! and so simple!

  33. Jacqueline

    I love a good trail mix. The mason jar is gorgeous for pictures, but I’d probably just toss mine in a plastic container. The recipe looks wonderful!

  34. Heather

    It looks pretty! I love snacks or meals that look pretty. I am a snacker too and this would be a lot better for me than some of the things I choose to snack on.

  35. JessicaACassidy (@wifetoalineman)

    I am snacking with popcorn while am blogging right now. I also love banana/strawberry in a smoothie. I missed my smoothies too.

  36. MomMaven

    This is a great snack idea. I have tons of mason jars leftover from my son’s wedding.

  37. Michele

    That does sound like a healthy snack! I have been known to snack instead of having a meal–no good I know-but such is life! What I have been snacking on-today anyway–grapes and matzoh with cream cheese w/chives–Hopefully I will make dinner for myself tonight!

  38. Kim Delatorre (@shopwithmemama)

    Great idea and sounds so yummy! I love that you put it in a mason jar!

  39. Dawn

    That. I need that! It looks delicious, and yeah. I think you’ve probably made the easiest recipe ever.

  40. Carol Cassara (@ccassara)

    Way clever and now I am jonesing for some!

  41. Katherine

    This looks delicious! I love anything that’s easy

  42. Alissa Apel

    I’d love this. I can’t get my kids to like dried fruit as much. It looks like such a great snack!

  43. 1heart1family

    OMG! That looks so good (and so easy to make!) I work all day in my car and don’t have time to eat. Instead I try to snack. This looks like a delicious one!

  44. Carol Bryant

    I love the different things I learn from your blog daily and now this looks delish and easy to do – yum and thanks

  45. crystal

    That sounds so good! I love freeze dried fruit. I have a tendency to overbuy when it comes to produce, so I’m happy that it doesn’t go bad as quickly.

  46. Penelope

    How cute would this be at a Strawberry Shortcake party? I know my kids and I would gobble it all up.

  47. crystal

    Mine would also. It’s nice that they can have a snack that isn’t terrible for them.

  48. martinkadelux

    My toddler would love this! I am always looking for great snacks for her!

  49. Christina Bustad-Boyer

    I love love this idea! I love anything that involves Mason Jars and this is too cute!

  50. Pam

    This looks yummy! I love easy snacks like this, and anything in mason jars.

  51. cristine

    Such an easy, fun idea – plus it’s great to take as on the go snack

  52. thelesleyshow

    That is a super cute idea and I may have to use this for a wedding shower I’m helping with, her colors would work good with this idea.

  53. Kelly Hutchinson

    I love this idea! I adore dried cranberries and if you added some almonds to this, it would be perfect for me!

  54. Roz K. Walker

    This looks so easy and yummy. I’m always on the look-out for healthy snacks, so I’ll be adding this one to my list.

  55. Nina Say

    This is totally something I could snack on and not feel guilty AT ALL. Thank you for the inspiration!

  56. Marcie W.

    I like the sweet and slightly salty combination of this mix. What a great after school or movie time snack!

  57. Vidya Sudarsan (@IDP_Vidya)

    This looks delicious and I love that it is guilt-free too!!

  58. Bonnie @ wemake7

    This is so cute and great! We are ditching all the crud and bad snacks so this is perfect.

  59. Digna

    That’s a great idea. Good use for the mason jar. We have a few of those laying around from our state store.

  60. toxict15

    Oh I am adding this to my list of snacks for my long work days! Thanks for sharing

  61. thriftyjinxy

    Oh, yum! This looks so yummy – and cute enough for a gift too. My favorite healthy snack is almonds.

  62. Theresa

    I never thought to add dried fruit into popcorn. That sounds like a really tasty snack idea!

  63. yumeating

    I love that Mason jar recipes and their use are so popular now. When I was a little girl we used them for so many things, mostly to drink out of, and it had this stigma attached to it that you were poor because your family had to reuse the canning jars.

  64. Amanda

    What an easy snack! And so delicious too!

  65. upliftingfam

    This is a great idea. I’ll have to try this mix.

  66. Kimberly Bergeron

    I love using mason jars. I make a lot of individual pies in mason jars for picnics. It’s a huge hit!

  67. Dawn

    This looks tasty! I love using mason jars!

  68. Stacey- Travel Blogger

    I love strawberries and bananas! I will have to try this out.

  69. Mystarlight

    I have just started using mason jars and I love this idea! Looks like a delicious snack!

  70. Brett

    This sounds so good! I have lots of healthy snacks, like apples and PB, popcorn, nuts, but this one is going to be tried next!

  71. [email protected]

    I love to snack on bananas and apples.

  72. Aubrey

    Looks like a tasty and healthy snack. Easy to eat on the go.

  73. Laura O'Neill (@LauraOinAK)

    That does sound like a wonderful snack. Popcorn is a favorite of mine.

  74. kmstayathomelife

    This looks like a great snack for kids!

  75. Terra Heck

    That looks delicious! And everything always looks cuter in a mason jar.

  76. Alysia from My Domestic Dish

    I love that cereal!! I am a huge fan of the Kashi line altogether, I think. This sounds like a great snack and something we need to look into here. My girls keep busting into the “snack drawer” because they can now climb a chair and reach it.. it’s like a treasure chest for them….
    so I’ve got to make sure that the only things in there are all healthy.
    Great idea!!

  77. Kero Pinkihan

    how lovely! also makes for a great snack when on roadtrip. My favorite healthy snack lately is a handblended frozen ripe bananas.

  78. Aida Ingram

    Can I just tell you this is something I am going to try. I love this! Healthy and awesome.

  79. Britney Mills (@princesscowboys)

    What a great combination! My family would love this!

  80. Becky | The Cookie Rookie

    Yum! I love simple and delicious recipes like this!!

  81. Chubskulit Rose

    I love to snack as well. My favorite are combination of nuts, kashi cereal, and fruits! I love dried cranberries too.

  82. Lalia Frolick

    My son LOVES all things strawberry banana. I think he’d love this. I’d probably try substituting the Kashi cereal with some honey nut O’s or something, though. I’ve never been a fan of any Kashi product I’ve tried—and I’ve tried a few!

  83. Sarah Bailey

    Oh my goodness this looks delicious – what a lovely treat! x

  84. Anne |

    That looks really yummy. My kids are MAJOR snackers too!

  85. Mama to 5 BLessings

    That looks like a nice healthy snack! My kids would love this!

  86. Mama to 5 BLessings

    This sounds yummy. Where do you get your freeze dried strawberries.

  87. Agata @ BarkTime (@AgataPokutycka)

    Lovely healthy snack; thank you for the inspiration

  88. Marina John

    What a Great idea this is! This looks amazing!

  89. Jillian Fisher

    This looks so yummy!! I love this idea !

  90. Alison @ Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

    I tend to like to “graze” all day when I’m at work and this looks like it would be perfect to sit on my desk for those times. A much healthier option than my candy drawer!

  91. Lisa Rios

    Looks great and delicious! Both Strawberry and banana are my kids most favorite fruits. I bet kids would definitely love this yummy snack. Will have to try this for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  92. Amanda

    I love making things in mason jars! This looks so yummy, strawberries are my favorite.

  93. katrinagehman

    this is an awesome idea. i love mason jars. I have been looking for new ideas

  94. meunfinished

    That’s a cool recipe: simple and quick to make! Thanks!

  95. toughcookiemommy

    This snack looks so good. I love all the fresh fruits that it contains.

  96. mmgmom

    I love to eat alot of fresh fruits. This snack looks yummy can’t wait to try this one out.

  97. roselynn787

    This looks absolutely delicious, I’m a big fan of strawberries. I really never knew how much mason jars were used for recipes, but it makes sense since they seal in the freshness so well.

  98. miranda (myrabev)

    Oh I like this snack, I am still working on my favourite snack since they are just too many but I will definitely try this one

  99. Holly @ Woman Tribune

    That looks so damn good! I, too, am a snacker and I want to devour 5 of those right now.

  100. Pam

    That is really a healthy snack and it looks great too. I love dried cherries to snack on.

  101. amushro

    Healthy, adorable, and yummy! This looks like the perfect snack!

  102. vanessa: briteandbubbly

    What a great and tasty mix. I’m definitely going to try this as it looks like a great snack for my family.

  103. Michelle Varga (@dustbunniesblog)

    I love the combination of ingredients you put together here! This would be a great snack for my son!

  104. Debra

    This looks so delicious! My girls would love this!

  105. Ann BAcciaglia

    My favourite snacks are sweet and salty. This looks like a snack that I would love. Strawberries and bananas are such a delicious combination.

  106. indah nuria Savitri

    love the mason jar and the healthy snack you pour into it :)..happy snacking..

  107. Krystal's Kitsch

    Mason jars make everything more fun. I’m way into the fruit and strawberry combo!

  108. Ann BAcciaglia

    I love how adorable the snack looks in the mason jar. Great idea.

  109. dickvincedorry

    This is such a tasty and healthy snack idea!

  110. Ashley

    We have another month of school left and I am so done trying to make new and yummy snacks! This helped a lot!

  111. martinkadelux

    This is the perfect on the go snack! My daughter LOVES to eat anything from a mason jar… my sweet little hipster!

  112. Janeane Davis

    This looks like a really delicious snack. Putting it in the mason jar adds a nice extra touch to the treat.

  113. Kerri

    This looks like a great alternative to other snacks. Something healthy and fun!

  114. maggiesblog2

    This souands really delicious! I don’t know how healthy it is, but I love Cajun trail mix!

  115. Ai Sakura

    What a delightful treat! Putting them in mason jars helps to control the portions too. Great idea!

  116. Christie

    My kids would totally eat that up. Fruit and popcorn are 2 of their faves

  117. Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations

    Amazing. My kids would go gaga for this. Me too, actually.

  118. Stefani Tolson

    This looks really good. I love the flavor combination. YUM!

  119. Erin @ Sugar Crumbs

    Oh yummy! This looks like the perfect treat for a summer party! Which obviously means I need to plan a summer party!

  120. Melanie (@melaniemiddle1)

    This looks divine. I love dehydrated strawberries. This is perfect for the kids too. Healthy and yummy. Can’t beat that!

  121. Carly Anderson (@lipglosscrayons)

    What a great idea! I bring a snack to work each day, will have to try this one!

  122. Sarah Marturano

    What a great idea! Yummy and healthy. Sounds like a win win!

  123. Shannon Gurnee

    This mix looks and sounds super yummy! I want to munch on some right now! Thanks for sharing.

  124. jshallow01

    Where do you buy freeze dried strawberries? I would like to make this for my kids.

  125. Lavende & Lemonade

    Such a fun, healthy snack! Great for the kids

  126. Mommy Peach

    I love Mason jar SNacks too becaue they’re pre-measured and easier to hold while you’re snacking. This is the perfect combination.

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