The Doctor Will See You Now – With the Help of 24 Hour Online TeleMedicine From American Well #ad

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Doesn’t it always figure that you get sick when your doctor’s office is closed? And seriously, who wants to sit in the waiting room at the ER for hours on end when you’re not feeling well? Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s anything but fun.

Imagine if there was a service that would allow you to connect with a healthcare provider in your area for those non emergency health concerns – right from you home?

There is!

American Well is the modern day version of the old fashioned doctor’s house call. By using the new app, you can connect with physicians in your area and have a live video visit right from your mobile phone or computer.

My husband Chris had a chance to check out the app over the weekend and was pretty happy with it. It was super easy to use and the best part was, he never had to leave the couch.

1. Set up an account.

Creating an account is easy, and literally only takes a minute. Once your account is created, your information is stored safely and securely for all future online visits.

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2. Select a doctor.

The app will show you doctor in your state. You can view their profiles and background, which will help you make your selection.


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3. See a doctor.

Once your account is set up and you’ve chosen which doctor you want to see, it’s time for your live visit.


Chris’s visit lasted for about 10 minutes or so and during that time, the doctor went over his history, answered his questions and made a diagnosis. It wasn’t required in Chris’s case, but the doctors can prescribe medications if needed and if so, they are sent right to the pharmacy of your choice.

So now you don’t have to sit in the emergency room for half the night and you certainly don’t have to stress out because the kids are sick on a Sunday when the doctor’s office is closed for the day. Just download the American Well app and video chat with a doctor 24 hours a day. It’s such a relief to know that you can get medical help anytime you need it…right from the comfort of your own home.

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American Well is available on Apple IOS and the Google Play Store. For a limited time, my readers can save $20 off the regular price of $49 using the code: LOVEAMWELL20. So for $29, you can see a medical professional right in your home.

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