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What To Pack For a Day at One of the Disney Water Parks

We are major Disney fanatics in our house. We seriously love all things Disney and every year our family visits Walt Disney World in Orlando. Actually we just got back from our 2016 Walt Disney World vacation about two weeks ago. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I definitely know my way around the parks. Normally when we go to Walt Disney World, we get the Park Hopper ticket which allows us to go in and out of the 4 parks, but doesn’t include the two water parks. This year we got the Water Parks and More option, so we were able to go to the water parks as well. The “more” part of the Water Parks and More option included mini golf. Our family took advantage of the “more” this year as well, but really enjoyed our time at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, too.


Since we stay on Disney property, we don’t rent a car and rely on Disney’s bus transportation to get us where we wanted to go. Since it takes time to get from our resort to where we’re going, I like to be prepared with everything I need for the day and that especially goes for one of the water parks.

Here is my list of items to bring with you to the waterpark in order to have a great time with the family:

1. Towels
When you visit either of the two Disney water parks, you can rent towels there for $2 each – or bring your own. If you are looking to save a little cash, I recommend bringing your own towels. Whether you bring them from home or buy them in one of the gift shops down there to keep as souvenirs, you should plan to bring your own.

2. Snacks/Waters
As with all Disney parks, you can bring your own snacks/lunch/drinks with you – the water parks are no exception. You can buy food at the water parks at the multiple snack stands or quick service lunch locations, but if you want to save some money, bring your own with you.

3. Water shoes/flip flops
In Florida it gets hot. Very hot. By mid-afternoon you could very easily burn the bottoms of your feet by walking on the pavement barefoot, so make sure you have appropriate footwear with you.

4. Sunblock
This one is a no-brainer, but if you happen to forget your sunscreen at home – you can buy some at the water parks.


5. A Change of Clothes
No one wants to ride home in a wet bathing suit, so a change of clothes will eliminate an uncomfortable ride back to the resort.

6. Sunglasses
It gets bright out there, so don’t forget shades for the whole family.

7. Cash
If you are staying on the Disney property, you will get MagicBands and if you are on the Disney Dining Plan, you are able to get food/snacks at the waterpark by having your food purchases deducted from your plan. If you are just going to one of the Disney water parks for the day, bring some cash with you for locker rentals or any food purchases you might want to make.


8. Portable phone charger
If you think you might drain your phone battery by posting pictures of your fun to social media all day, remember to bring a portable phone charger with you so that your phone doesn’t die midway through the day.

9. Huggies Little Swimmers for your littles
Huggies Little Swimmers are made with unique absorbent material that won’t swell in the water and they have stretchy sides for a great fit in and out of the water! Huggies Little Swimmers have extra-protective leak-guards designed for water play that lock-in the mess. They have easy-open sides to make water side changes a breeze, so you can get back to having fun in the sun. Plus they come with adorable designs featuring your child’s favorite Finding Dory characters from this summer’s movie.

If you have little ones who are not potty trained yet, Huggies Little Swimmers are a must-have for a day at one of Disney’s water parks or a quick swim at the pool back at your resort.


There’s definitely something to be said about being prepared and with a minimal amount of planning, you can have a really successful day at the water park.

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  1. Alli Smith

    My family loves all things Disney. I remember going as a kid and we took our kids often and now we’re taking the grandkids every year. I’ll have to remember your tips the next time we visit Disney World.

  2. Jenn Mitchell (@comebackmomma)

    Great tips. I did not know you could bring your own snacks. That is always so helpful to save money.

  3. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    We’ve been to Disney several times, and we love it. It’s so much fun, the kids still love to go even though they’re older now.

  4. Colleen Lanin

    We absolutely ADORE Disney. We’ve only been there a couple of times, because we live so far away, but we have memories that we’ll always treasure. We’re currently trying to get together another trip there.

  5. Enricoh Alfonzo

    Sunglasses to look cool haha. I would love to visit Disney’s water park, love those photos. We have a place similar called, Warm Baths. Brings back such awesome childhood memories. Looks like the boys had just as much fun as we did back then.
    Your list is spot on, sunblock is most important for me because without it my skin gets darker than ever lol!

  6. jennifer

    This list is so important and money saving too! Disney water parks are the greatest, as are their parks but it can really add up if you forget a couple of these items!

  7. Paula Schuck

    Disney literally has everything for family fun! We’ve been to Disney several times, but we’ve never done the water park thing.

  8. Pam Wattenbarger

    Great tips for what to bring to a Disney water park. This is a useful list for just about any waterpark. Definitely don’t want to forget the sunscreen.

  9. Amanda Love

    These are all you’re going to need, without a doubt. I always make sure I have an extra set of clothes for the kids aside from what they have. You can never be too sure! It’s also important to pack a bottle or two of water!

  10. Pam Wattenbarger

    Packing extra water is definitely a good idea. You don’t want everyone to get dehydrated and cranky.

  11. Jacqui - @TradesofJacqui

    I’ve never been here, but, these packing tips are great! Thank you!

  12. rachel ferrucci

    Disney water parks are so much fun! We always make a day to go there when we visit. Huggies are always in our bag

  13. Rebecca Bryant

    These are great tips for what to bring. I second and third the flip flop advice it gets hot here. You look like you had a grand time again this year.

  14. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    We have been planning to visit Disney within the next few months. This is a great list of things to bring along!

  15. lisa

    This is a great list of things to bring to any water park really. Snacks and spare everything is a must!

  16. Vicky

    We have been to Disney world lots of times but never gone to a water park. This will come in so handy for us when we take the plunge!

  17. Brandy

    Going to a Disney water park sounds like so much fun! I Would absolutely love to bring my kids to Disney some day.

  18. tara pittman

    Now I want a Disney trip. I went to here many years ago and loved it.

  19. Jeanette

    How did I not know that Disney had a waterpark? I seriously need to get out more. I love water parks!

  20. Debra

    We have always avoided the Disney Water parks thinking we had some closer to us. Then a couple years ago we gave in and went and it was AWESOME, I now wouldn’t miss them! Great tips!

  21. Heather

    Sounds like a good time. Never been to Disney World, but hopefully one day we’ll make it that way. We need to make a Disney trip this summer before my youngest starts kindergarten. It’s what we did with my oldest.

  22. Sarah

    What a great post to share to help others know what to pack for a day at one of Disney’s water parks! Looks like you all had a blast!

  23. alissa a apel

    Those are great tips. I’ve never been there, so I’d have know clue what to pack, or bring with me.

  24. Wildish Jess

    I’ve been to Disney World more times than I can count but I’ve never been to the water park side.

  25. Melanie Smith

    Disney water parks are always a great idea! Thank you for these tips!

  26. Liz Mays

    If you’re buying them anyway, it’s a great opportunity to enter the giveaway. Somebody’s gonna win, right?

  27. Liz Mays

    These do sound like important things to bring along. I’d definitely consider picking up a pair of water shoes.

  28. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    Portable phone chargers are a must these days. I have one I leave in my purse, another in my laptop bag and one in my car. Yeah, a bit obsessive but I never know where I am going to be these days.

  29. Christine - The Choosy Mommy

    We went to Blizzard Beach a couple years ago and it was so much fun! Even the little ones loved it. I can’t remember us paying to rent towels though – or even taking our own. Is this something new?

  30. Cindy Ingalls

    Disney has so many things to do and see, but being prepared for the things you will need can really help make your trip more fun.

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