What You Should Have in Your First Aid Kit

Opened First Aid Kit

When someone thinks of a first aid kit, perhaps only band-aids come to mind. However, a first aid kit is much better off if it has more of the necessities in it. Summer is here and it’s time to ensure you have everything you need in your first aid kid. Here are some ideas:

25 adhesive bandages in various sizes
If you are like me, you go through A LOT of them, so if you are prepared with different sized band-aids, you will be covered for boo-boo’s of all sizes.

Antiseptic Wipes or Alcohol Pads
It’s important to clean the wound before you put on a bandage and keeping wipes in your first aid kit will help you do this quickly and easily.

Antibacterial Ointment
Whenever your child gets a cut or an open wound, it’s important to clean it before putting on a bandage. Using an antibacterial ointment such as Neosporin can help clean the cut and keep the bacteria out.

Not every wound requires bandages, you will want to have some dressing on hand, just in case you need to wrap a bigger wound.

Liquid Bandage
Sometimes your kids get a boo-boo in a spot that’s tough for an adhesive bandage to stick to (think elbows and even knees), so a liquid bandage will protect the wound and more importantly, stay in place.

Adhesive Tape
There may be an incident where you need to “tape” something to the wound, such as dressing. Making sure you have a roll of adhesive tape in your first aid kit.

Latex Gloves
Whenever you’re handling someone else’s blood, you don’t want to have to handle it with your bare hands, which is why latex gloves are a good idea to have in your first aid kit.

The above mentioned items to have in your first aid kit are genius, but here are some other items you may want to consider putting in it.

  • Breathing mask
  • Instant cold pack
  • Thermometer
  • Scissors (for cutting your gauze dressing)
  • Medicine spoon
  • Anti nausea or anti diarrhea meds
  • Sterile eyewash
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tweezers (for removing splinters)
  • Cotton balls/q-tips
  • Safety pins (to help make a makeshift sling by pinning clothing)
  • Anti-itch lotion or cream (for relief of insect bites)

Having the right items in your first aid kit can truly be lifesaving. The best part of making your own first aid kit is that you can cater it to your family’s needs.

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