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Why You Should Go Camping with Your Family

When was the last time you went camping with your family? If you haven’t gone in a while – or you’ve never gone, this summer may be the best opportunity to go! I recently enjoyed my very first camping experience and I wanted to share some of the reasons why I think you should go camping with your family. After all, you only live once, so making memories with the people you love is what it’s all about!

**Disclosure: My family was invited as guests of GoRVing and Kampgrounds of America (KOA) to spend a weekend of fun at the Mystic,CT KOA. As always, all opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

Since I had never been camping before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after my first time last weekend – I am now a firm believer that camping is good for the soul. As a novice when it came to camping, the lovely park model cabin that we got to stay in couldn’t have been a better way for us beginners to camp for the first time.


And guess what? These park models are actually recreational vehicles (RV’s), which are built on wheels so that even though they are intended to stay in one place, they’re portable. If you are new to camping, these are a great way for families to get try camping for the first time. I bet once you try it, you’ll be as hooked as we are now.

Have a look inside the cabin we stayed in:

Park Model Cabin 1

As you can see, it was extremely comfortable. There’s air conditioning, indoor plumbing, a television, a working kitchen complete with a fridge & microwave, comfy beds and most importantly you can make your morning coffee because it has a Keurig!

Camping was such an amazing experience for us. It’s a great way to disconnect from those electronics that we all have such a hard time putting down and just spend some quality time with each other. If you’ve never gone camping before, trust me, you’re going to love it. When you see your kids put those iPods down so that they can go for a bike ride, you will be convinced.

Here’s why I think your family will love to go camping:

Indulge in the Experience

There is nothing in this world quite like camping. One reason you should go camping with your family is because it’s unlike any other experience in the world. Spending time outdoors and enjoying nature can’t be done inside your house.

Appreciate the Outdoors

Maybe you spend a few hours outside every week, maybe you don’t. However, camping with your family allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors. Spending time outside in the sun, playing games, cooking over the open fire, and just enjoying what nature has to offer is something your family needs to experience this summer.


Life Lessons

There are some life lessons that can’t be done indoors. Spending time camping with the family allows plenty of life lessons to be learned. For example, learning how to start a responsible fire or cooking without electricity. You can’t my drift, right? Every child and adult needs to experience a new life lesson from time to time.

Enjoy the Campfire

Every person should experience a camp fire. The smell of campfire smoke on your clothes will bring back many nostalgic memories later in life. Hotdogs, s’mores, and campfire stories can only be appreciated when you’re out camping with your family.

Making Smores

Quality Time Spend Together

In a world where everything is electronic, it’s wise to take some time out to spend with the family. Putting away the phones, tablets, and Internet for a few days can only bring about good things. It might actually be a wakeup call for your family, when you see how much time is being spent on these devices. It’s a given that when you’re not distracted by something, you’re more likely to indulge in the experiences around you. Camping with the family is one way you can truly spend quality time together without those major distractions.

Did you know that an RV vacation can cost a family of four up to 59% less than other forms of travel. Think about all the money you spend on airfare and hotels alone – not to mention the cost of attractions once you get to your destination. Plus, destination camping is huge right now. When you take an RV, you can bring all the comforts of home – including your pets! RVs make stress-free trips for owners who don’t want to board their pets and for the pets who don’t like to be left behind. There’s plenty of space to store pet food and toys in an RV.

One of the best parts of an RV getaway is that you get to decide when and where to go and what you want to take with you. You don’t have to worry about baggage fees and you’ll never have to run to catch your connecting flight (been there and it’s NOT fun). In an RV you can hit the road & enjoy the view. You can even make unplanned stops along the way when something catches your eye. It’s all up to you.

There are over 16,000 campgrounds in the US, including more than 400 KOA’s. While each campground is different, at many of them you will find pools, playgrounds, dog parks and more. The KOA we stayed at had an awesome pool, a kiddie pool, a playground and a jumping pillow – just to name a few things.

One of the things I loved about our weekend camping was that everyone we saw was just relaxing and having fun. There were kids out riding bikes, participating in some of the activities that the campground hosted, sitting by the fire or just spending time together. In the 48 hours I was there, I never turned on my laptop once despite the fact that there was wifi available.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a major shout out to Omaha Steaks for sending over a feast fit for a king for our dinner one of the nights we were there. They sent over steaks, burgers, sausages, franks and lots of desserts for us and everything was just delicious. I had a bison burger, a ribeye steak & a tasty caramel apple tartlet for dessert – it was all amazing.

KOA Omaha Steaks

The best place to learn about RV types, sizes, costs, rental options, recipes for the road and more is www.GoRVing.com. You can learn more about KOA Campgrounds are www.KOA.com.

Going camping with the family is a must-do activity this summer. Gather up the snacks, camping supplies, and spend a weekend camping and getting back to nature. Disconnecting from the world and focusing on your family is something you’ll never regret!

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  1. Joanne T Ferguson

    I think going camping with the family is spending quality time together! No distractions with phones, tv’s, computers or games! There is nothing like lighting marshmallows on a fire to create lifetime family memories!

  2. My Journey With Candida

    We didn’t go camping, but we did cook marshmallows out with our Grandson. He had never had them before

  3. Dawn McAlexander

    We have a fire pit at the side of our house. We love to roast marshmallows out there!

  4. kristimaloney

    This looks like a great place to stay. We might go camping this summer in our pop-up. It really is fun for kids (especially!) They will have fond memories of it for years to come.

  5. Liz Mays

    You’re so right about the kids. The memories would be priceless!

  6. Rosey

    I used to love to go camping. My grandparents always took us when we were kids.

  7. My Journey With Candida

    We used to go camping when I was younger too Rosey. Now I am more of a glamper.

  8. Liz Mays

    I think, and I do mean THINK, that I could go camping with that particular set-up. I’d never do a tent, but this is more like glamping which I MIGHT could do.

  9. Stephanie

    If camping involves a cabin, a TV, a toilet, and an air conditioner, I’ll go. I never really understood how it could possibly be fun to give up things that I pay to have because I want them, like electricity and hot water. Camping is a mystery to me!

  10. Michele

    I agree totally–I like the comforts of home if I am to go out camping.

  11. alissa4illustration

    My boys love camping either in a tent, or a cabin! I did have a slight problem last year. It started to rain, and smoke was coming in the cabin. My allergies and asthma went CRAZY all at once. I was thinking I may need to go to the hospital. My inhaler wasn’t doing a thing. Somehow I got through it. I love hiking, cooking over a fire, and many campground have other things to do. Our KOA had mini golf, swimming, paddle boats, the pancake man, video games, night movies and more.

  12. Crystal

    We were camping last weekend, and my daughter’s breathing still isn’t quite right. Without having allergies or asthma myself, I forget how much things like campfire smoke can affect you.

  13. [email protected] Crafty

    We go camping every summer, but we are tent campers. I’ve never done a KOA campground but that be fun for a longer trip!

  14. Nicole Lutzy

    We have camped too but not aat a KOA location. I am going to see what locations are near us and have a camping outing!

  15. Kim Orlando

    My memory of this trip is the happy families – lots of laughter in the air (could have been the jumping pillow), kids on bikes being chased by invisible soldiers, dads with kids on their shoulders and s’mores. It was refreshing and calming. I will not wait another 20 years to do this again!

  16. Wendy

    We used to camping at my father’s gun club when I was a kid. Still love the smell of a campfire. One of the best smells in the world to me. Great memories setting up the tent! LOL.

  17. My Journey With Candida

    Campfires are the BEST!! Even if you can’t get out camping… Our backyard works just fine.

  18. alexisakamom0616

    Now I would definitely do that kind of camping!

  19. mykidsguide

    We’ve never tried camping. It sounds so much fun and I would like for us to try.

  20. parentwithoutamanual

    I’ve hated camping for pretty much my entire life. Between going potty outside in the freezing cold while it is raining and a spider the size of my face in Canada, I’ve pretty much stayed away from camping since I became old enough to choose to stay home!
    However, if I could be in a cutesy little house like that with running water, I might just give it another try! That area sure looks gorgeous!

  21. Heather

    This is my kind of camping. No thanks to tent camping and no bathrooms!

  22. Michele

    I always said that the only way I would go camping is if they had indoor plumbing and a roof over my head! I think you just shredded my excuses to little bitty pieces. Even I could get into camping as long as I could stay in that overnight!

  23. Debra Fazio-Rutt

    It looks like you had so much fun! I would love to do this with the kids. I’m not much of a tent person – but a little cabin would be perfect!

  24. Theresa

    We toy with the idea of camping every now and again. I have such great memories of camping with my family when I was little!

  25. Tonia Sanders™ (@TheChattyMomma)

    I absolutely love KOA campsites. They’re so clean and convenient for campers who don’t own RVs.

  26. Debbie L.

    We camp alot and all the KOA’s we have stayed in have been very nice. There is one in Deadwood SD that is fantastic!

  27. The Trophy WifeStyle

    Ok now this is my kinda camping! I love cabins and RVs… Tents however… I will never understand why that is fun to some people lol….

  28. Tiffany

    Oh gosh, do not show this to my husband! He’s been dying to go camping and I’m afraid of bugs and snakes!

  29. Rebecca Swenor

    Camping with the family is so much fun and it is an awesome family experience indeed. I have forever wanted to rent a cabin with the family in the woods. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Sara-Jayne

    I LOVE modern camping! We are off to an Eco-Dome glamping site in September. It’s not like the old days in a canvas tent, but I adore this new way!

  31. Crystal

    My friend scoffed when I brought portable chargers for our devices when we went camping. I’m all for being one with nature, but I also really enjoy a camping trip without completely roughing it.

  32. Jerusha

    I loved camping when I was growing up and I’m thrilled it’s a tradition I can embrace with my kids! Surprisingly cheap and lots of opportunities for fun outside… It’s something I look forward to all year. – Jerusha

  33. Chubskulit Rose

    We haven’t done any camping yet, we are waiting till the kids get a little bigger. This looks like a fun time with the kiddos.http://www.cottrillseyeview.com/

  34. Krysten

    That cabin is SO cute, what a great place to stay! Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

  35. Russ R.

    We could use a similar concept here in my country. I don’t think we have much of these cabins here so camping would be the traditional kind. Camping though is an awesome family activity – relaxing, fun, and it’s the kind that promotes togetherness & bonding because there are so many activities that everyone can do together.

  36. paula

    This is my kind of camping. I would happily stay in a cabin at a spot like this. It looks clean and it’s so much more civilized than the tent style camping that some prefer. Those steaks and smores look great!

  37. Marie Shaff

    I have not been camping since I was a kid, and then it was in a tent. My niece has been wanting to go camping and I started looking into it. KOA looks like a great option, I will have to include them in my search.

  38. My Journey With Candida

    My Grandson is wanting to go camping. We are takine him, his sister and mom and dad to Canada next year on a camping trip. We will see how it goes.

  39. Jaime

    This is NOT the same kind of camping we did last year. This actually looks really enjoyable and comfortable!

  40. Russ R.

    Camping is always going to be one of the most exciting family bonding activities. And, with a place as nice and as comfortable as this, camping becomes even better. BTW, I love all those grilled goodies that you made.

  41. Sandy D. (@dacotahsgirl)

    Camping {for me} is great when you have a cabin, toilet, air conditioning….etc…haha! I can camp out and rough it, but I just prefer not to..haha!

  42. Crystal

    My sister proudly wears a shirt that says, “My idea of camping is when room service is late.” She’s actually pretty good at roughing it, but it’s a funny shirt.

  43. becca112971

    My idea for camping includes air conditioning and room service. I don’t do tents and snakes.this cabin however is so beautiful I would do that type of camping.

  44. Mitch

    Thanks for this info. This would work for us city folk. Having an RV that looks like a bungalow with the same amenities is what I would need! And a barbecue!

  45. helenalemon

    I haven’t been camping for a few years but I love camping in all its forms! This RV hook-up sounds great, tho, I AM getting older, so the sleeping on the ground and slaving over a fire is not as appealing as it once was!

  46. way2goodlife

    It does sound super amazing – love the camp fire and the offline time for sure

  47. Anna

    Growing up we always went camping as a family, we moved from tents into an RV when we got our first indoor dog and we loved it! I can’t wait until my little one is here so our family can go together!

  48. Christy Maurer

    That cabin looks very nice! I would camp if it were in something like that! I’m not a tent person!

  49. Jeannette

    I’m gonna be honest…I’m not really the camping kind. I like my modern ammenities. But this looks like something I could totally do and have fun while doing it! Maybe I’ll have to rethink my stand on camping.

  50. Alli

    I was prepared to tell you how much I hate camping – as in tent camping – but I think this just may be doable. A bathroom and running water is a must for me, so this I could do.

  51. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I can get behind this kind of camping. I love those cabins. I’m not really so much about tents on the hard ground.

  52. kristi

    We have camped off and on through the years but are getting tired of tenting and not interested in buying a camper, the park model you mentioned looks like a good solution for us!

  53. Nicole

    I’m so glad you had a great first experience camping! That will make it easier to go again next time. And a steak dinner, that’s awesome!My family enjoys camping – we just got back from a fun trip to Colorado.

  54. Michelle F.

    Looks like an amazing experience. I would definitely love to go camping that way.

  55. [email protected]/wp

    Do you have any idea how much those cabins cost per night?

  56. thechinahutch

    I agree 100% we live in Wyoming so there are so many places to see, We have an RV and we try to camp as much as we can, sitting around a camp fire in the wood Pure Bliss!!

  57. lisa

    My kids love camping. We go every year and everyone has a great time. We bought a camper to make it more enjoyable!

  58. Stefanie

    I love camping and everything this post was about! This makes me want to eat a smore right now! hehe

  59. Boho Chic (@TotallyTerris)

    Being comfortable while camping is really important to me due to back surgery. I bought the grands a tent so their parents could take them but as for me, I want all the comforts of home when camping. Thanks for sharing, it looks like a fun time.

  60. Holly @ Woman Tribune

    I have been camping exactly once in my life, and the best part was when we left in the morning. We didn’t have a cabin like this, though, or electricity, or a soft space to lay our heads. If we do it again, we need to do it like you did. I can do that!

  61. mabi

    I’ve been talking about going camping for the last couple of years, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet. I’m determined to make it happen this fall.

  62. Mama to 5 BLessings

    Our family loves camping. I have never stayed at t KOA site yet but I think I need to book a trip o their grounds!

  63. linds

    You are so right. Valuable family bonding time

  64. Sandy KS

    My boyfriend has never been camping. I have went years ago. i have always enjoyed it and want to do it again some day. I know my boyfriend will love it.

  65. [email protected]..andDadtoo

    My best friend and her family just started camping so Rob and I have been talking about joining them. I think it would be a lot of fun. Also, smores are the best campfire food, LOL.

  66. Amanda Love

    I’ve never been camping and would love to do it one day. Seems like you all had fun!

  67. Jenn

    Now this is my kinda camping! We used to go when I was a child and loved it but did not like the roughing it part lol

  68. Catherine S

    Camping is so much fun. I need to take my son camping he has never been.

  69. Amy Desrosiers

    I have never been camping but if I had a place like this to stay I would. It looks so fun and totally cozy.

  70. Jeanine

    Oh how fun! I haven’t been camping in YEARS. I would love to take my kiddos. I bet they’d have such a blast!

  71. Jessica Beal Harlow

    We love camping, but I’m sad to say it’s been almost 6 years since we’ve been! My youngest has never been and is desperate for camping s’mores. lol We actually have a KOA about 30 minutes away that we really need to check out. Thanks for the inspiration! I think we’ll make a trip this summer!

  72. Karen Dawkins

    My daughter and I camped in Florida just last week. It was her first time, but I grew up doing it. I loved spending some time with her sharing memories from my own childhood. Hopefully, the men will get to join us next time (they couldn’t get off work).

  73. Jason Young

    Wow. That’s camping with style. My family and I love going camping. tens, caravans, camper homes. We’ve done them all. Glad to discover this blog.

  74. traceyzimmer

    I think my kind of camping would be in a cabin versus a tent. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  75. Carly Brydon Anderson

    Camping is definitely a great way to enjoy time with your family. We can’t wait to go camping for the first time as a family this summer!

  76. Ashley

    I love going camping! It takes a lot more prep work with kids but it’s worth the effort!

  77. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    That’s pretty nice! I didn’t know KOA had cabins – I thought you had to bring your own camper LOL

  78. aimeefauci

    We LOVE KOA’s. We go RV’ing and try to stay at one every time. They are so clean and everyone is always so nice.

  79. Melissa Pezza

    This looks like it w as be a great place to camp. I’m not really a fan of the hard ground, but I could definitely do an RV!

  80. Nicole Lutzy

    Looks like an amazing place to camp. The cabin looks like it has everything you need for an enjoyable stay!

  81. XmasDolly

    I love these kind of vacations. I wish I could go on more of them. Indiana Beach rents cottages that looks similar to these, and so does Cedar Point. Cedar Point is the best of course, but there is more bugs. That’s my down fall I HATE BUGS! Glad you had a nice time.

  82. Maria

    I have never been camping, but love the idea of spending down time relaxing.

  83. Maria Lianos-Carbone (@amotherworld)

    I’m not a lover of camping – but a cottage like this with a nice bathroom and bed, I can manage lol.

  84. Marina John

    Camping is soo much fun! We haven’t been in far too long.

  85. Dawn McAlexander

    I used to go camping a lot when I was younger. I haven’t been in years, though. I would love to go again soon!

  86. Gabriel

    We love camping – I did it with my dad and grandpa as a kid as they are some of my fondest memories. Love making those new memories with my kids.

  87. Marcie W.

    We have yet to go camping as a family but it is something we all fully intend to do in the near future. I think it is a wonderful way to bond and unplug.

  88. coolchillmom

    We can’t wait for the weather to be cooler to go camping. We are set on discovering KOA!

  89. Caroline

    For me going camping is in a tent! Going for a weekend with the family in a cottage is a great way to have fun, reconnect and forget about work and everything else.

  90. Jesica H

    I love camping, however we haven’t done much of it since we had kids. This looks like a really good, kid friendly option! Thanks for the wonderful summer idea!

  91. Dina

    I love that cabin. When I think of camping I remember a tent. I would totally camp in that cabin.

  92. Elizabeth @ Being MVP

    Now this is my idea of camping. I am so a cabin type gal!

  93. Crystal From Tidbits of Experience

    Although this is not what I consider to be camping, this still looks like a great way to get out with the family and enjoy a nice vacation together. That cabin looks really nice.

  94. touristmeetstraveler

    I love camping a lot, it’s such a fun activity to do with the family. I remember always doing so in the summer, but it has been a while.

  95. Dawn

    This is the kind of camping I can totally get behind! Especially down here in Florida where the only thing bigger than the bugs are the gators.

  96. MIckey

    We love camping! We’ve gone RVing, camping outside and staying in cabins. The kids love it!

  97. pamatiw

    This is my way of camping. More my style as I get older. Use to do the tent thing but I am not sure I could get up off the ground anymore after a night of sleeping on it. Everything looks wonderful.

  98. moesly15

    My idea of camping includes a swimming pool, king size bed and hot tub. This gal has never been and never will go.

  99. Saidah Washington (@ApronsStilletos)

    I’ve been thinking about camping in our backyard to get the kids used to the idea. Now I’m even more motivated to do it.

  100. Kim Delatorre (@shopwithmemama)

    Wow. I am so impressed by that cabin! Looks really comfortable and that fire, I need to go camping!!!

  101. Dara

    Love this! we recently decided to purchase an RV and travel with our family, we are looking forward to taking our home with us, and are looking forward to our new camping adventures next month!

  102. Debi- Lifestyle Blogger

    We love camping. We go all the time. I have always wanted to go in an rv.

  103. Amanda

    I’ve never been camping before. Mainly because I don’t like the idea of sleeping outside. This looks like a fun option for people like me!

  104. thelesleyshow

    I could do this! This is camping that I think I can handle. LOL At first when I saw the big pictures I thought, “no way” but now that I realize that I’m sleeping indoors, I’m cool.

  105. tina

    I’m not a camper. Actually, I don’t remember ever being camping. My husband used to say my idea of camping is the Holiday Inn!! I think your adventure would be right up my alley, though, because you were actually part of civilization! I’m glad you had a great time!!

  106. martinkadelux

    This is totally glamping! I’ve never been camping outside of a tent and a little area in the woods- this looks so fancy!

  107. Ellen ThatChicMom

    We go camping every year and we love it. Camping is such a great family experience.

  108. Debbie Denny

    This little cabin is awesome. I would like to camp this way.

  109. NPC

    We are planning to go camping this summer. In a cabin like this actually!

  110. Danielle H

    So when I read your title I was thinking “no way, not in a million years, I’m not sleeping in a bag on the ground in a small little tent” & then I saw the cabin! I think I’d view this as “glamping” & I’m totally up for it!

  111. Sherryl Wilson

    This type of camping.. sure thing. I am not a tent camper at all. Actually I am not a summer camper either.. love the cold weather, less bugs.

  112. Beth Williams

    I’ll be heading to a KOA site at the end of next month! Excited to give it a go!

  113. Heather

    Camping can be So much fun. I hope we can go sometime soon.

  114. Jenny Temcio

    That cabin looks nice. I like that it’s little yet spacious! It seems like a good place to camp.

  115. Priscilla Hedlin (@WheelchairMommy)

    We have a pop up and we are planning trip that keeps getting pushed out. Smores is on the to do list!

  116. The STay-at-Home Life

    Camping is so fun. We spent part of our honeymoon renting a cabin.

  117. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    It’s important for kids to interact with nature! They can learn so much just from seeing where the different kinds of plants and animals live!

  118. lpayoute

    air conditioning, indoor plumbing, a television never been camping but this kind of camping i could do.

  119. Ann Bacciaglia

    This cabin looks like a great place to go camping. I am not able to sleep in a tent. I would love to stay here.

  120. gingermommyrants

    Our family loves to go camping. It is always fun to rent an RV and hit the road. I would love to stay in a cabin sometime.

  121. Debra

    We love to take the family camping! It is the best!

  122. asbestrecipes

    Mu husband loves camping me not so much but I play along this place you suggest looks cool =)

  123. Kiwi

    When i was younger my cousins from NY came to ATL on an RV and I always wanted to take a trip in one. I still havent as an adult one day I will!

  124. Seattle Travel Blogger

    I’m surprised with how much space the cabin has! I have always adored camping and spending time in the outdoors.

  125. upliftingfam

    I would love to go camping. It has been a super long time. I stayed at a Koa in new Mexico that had cabins. They were super nice. I would stay there again in a heartbeat.

  126. Maria

    I would absolutely LOVE to go camping with my family some day. I have never gone before, and can’t wait to experience this new adventure for myself.

  127. ronleyba (@ronley_ph)

    Haven’t experience camping before. Hopefully, my kids can. I want them to experience it, without gadgets and even electronics.

  128. Dogvills

    I love the idea of sleeping close to nature. I’m sure my kids will love this.

  129. Catherine

    I definitely agree about getting away from distractions and spending time together.

  130. Elizabeth O.

    Camping sounds too fun. We might do that this summer.

  131. [email protected]

    Oh wow! Now you’ve made me miss my RV! KOA is one of my faves for pulling up to camp for overnight or longer. And those park models are great!

  132. vegetarianmamma

    Disconnecting, especially as a blogger is so important! I love camping in little cabins like that. We’ve done it several times and love it. My favorite part is the bonfire!

  133. Rebel Sweetheart

    Your cabin looks really comfortable, and the amenities are pretty much complete. I wouldn’t mind camping if I were to stay at a place like this.

  134. Allison

    Camping is on my to-do list! I would love to plan a trip for early fall – I can hear the smores calling my name!

  135. Emerald

    oh my gosh! this is my kinda camping…without all the bugs, safely tucked inside a cabin at night….lmbo!!!

  136. Tonya Blackstone-Coleman

    I admit, I haven’t been camping with my family yet. I used to go as a kid, but not yet as an adult. That cabin is awesome! I could totally go camping that way!

  137. Erin (@SugarCrumbs)

    We havent been camping as a family yet but we’re starting this year with a backyard campout. I’m just as excited as the kids, lol!

  138. Debbie L.

    We love to camp – we are heading out next week on a week long trip. Camping is so much fun.

  139. Eliza Ferree

    Wow, we went to several KOA’s as children and loved them. I loved that the coordinator of the park would have all types of games/activities lined up to roughly 10 or 11 pm and things for the beginning of the morning. Gave everyone something to do and you got to meet new friends. My kids haven’t went camping nearly as much as I did as a kid, not even close. We’ve done camping in the backyard but once I move I’m determined to go camping, fishing, etc. I think it’s important to make the memories. We’ve stayed a few times at cabins on the beach but to me that will never replace the KOA experience. Looks like you had a lot of fun there.

  140. Lynndee

    That’s a nice one because you get to stay in a cabin. We’ve never tried camping yet. We would love to though one of these days.

  141. censie

    WE love cabin camping Havent attempted tent camping with the kids yet!

  142. michelle co

    I have always wanted to do this but can’t find time. Looks like you had a blast.

  143. Erinn S

    We just bought an RV so we can camp more often in any weather.

  144. beckysbestbites

    I haven’t been camping in years, but now I want to go!! What a great way to disconnect and spend precious time with your loved ones!!

  145. Nile Flores

    lol… Isn’t this a form of glamping. Sorry, it’s a term I recently was reading about. Clmping sure has changed for the old days.

  146. SixFeetUnderBlog

    Looks like a great place to stay at. I haven’t been camping forever.

  147. SexyMoxieMama

    I love camping. We recently bought a new tent and I cannot wait for my kids to try it out. But RV, car, and cabin camping is awesome too.

  148. Stephanie Pass

    I’m dying to take my kids camping, but my teenager is terrified. Some of the best times of my childhood were when we went camping.

  149. Marina John

    Enjoying the campfire is one of the best parts of camping! We love s’mores.

  150. brandyellen

    I have never taken my kids camping, was too afraid when I was a single Mom to my 1st born then I was too nervous to take my sons for fear they would wander off. This cabin idea is a much better option for me to take them for their first time camping as a family!

  151. Kero Pinkihan

    Now that’s glamping! We missed camping this year but been doing so for the past four years. Hopefully, when our mountain cabin is done, we can resume sleeping under the stars

  152. Kristin

    What a sweet little cabin! That’s my kinda camping!

  153. Lisa Rios

    I love camping with my family specially on summer vacation time. I think it is the simplest way to get relaxed and enjoy with your family and kids. The pictures you have shared are so pretty and I can guess you had a wonderful time with your family. Thanks for sharing more information about KOA camping.

  154. Babita

    I too have never gone camping before because I don’t like the idea of sleeping in a tent. However, I wouldn’t mind if I got a cabin like that. That is my idea of camping.

  155. chrissy4gordon24

    We have never gone camping together, I’m not much of a camping person but this does look like fun!

  156. jsmakegreengogreen

    I love camping! Living in the city though, I definitely don’t get to go enough

  157. addi ganley

    We haven’t been camping yet. Now that the boys are getting older it may be the right time.

  158. mmgmom

    We haven’t been camping in a while but we do have a tent. I want to go so bad.

  159. Aisha Kristine Chong

    I don’t even remember me camping with my family since my mom isn’t a fan of anything outdoor lol – but we really should though! haha! Seems fun!

  160. Rorybore

    Ha – my family goes camping every single summer. we LOVE it… but it doesn’t quite look like that. We are tent people and there is definitely no Keurig in the morning. LOL
    but whether you are completely roughing it without a comfy bed or electricity like us, or are snug and cozy in comfy cabin; the point is being together and enjoying the great outdoors.

  161. Alison

    I agree – camping is one of the best family activities ever. It’s fun, it gets you away from the “real” world, and it builds so many lifelong skills and memories…can’t beat the memories!

  162. Fariha N.

    We have always done tent camping, but this seems more my style. I love that they have so many things on site.

  163. CandyO

    OMG no way! Those cute little cabins are actually RV’s!! Super cool!

  164. Melissa @ This Girls Life Blog

    We love going camping. We haven’t had a chance to go this year but hopefully before summer is over. If not then maybe this fall, which is our favorite camping time anyways.

  165. Mommy Peach

    Camping is one of the things I would love to do with my family. maybe when our baby is old enough we’ll go camping.

  166. Lexie Lane

    These are definitely all good reasons, but most of all, it’s the best way families can truly appreciate the time they have together. What a lovely cabin! It definitely looks comfortable!

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