YOU Can Play Minecraft in a Boston Movie Theater

At any given time around my house, you’ll hear words like Iron Ore, smelting, Creeper, spawning, nether-portal and parkour. If you have kids obsessed with Minecraft like my boys are, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Imagine how excited those little Minecraft fans would be to get the opportunity to play the game on a big screen in a movie theater.

**Thanks to Super League Gaming for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

That’s exactly what Super League Gaming gives kids the chance to do. Super League Gaming is the first in-theater gaming league set inside major movie theaters across the country. It gives gamers a chance socialize, move around the theater, and compete in a recreational setting.

Every week gamers bring a laptop and friends to a nearby Regal, AMC, Cinemark or iPic. Super League creates the best entertaining gameplay experience – ever. And they are coming to Boston this month!

minecraft boston

Super League’s summer tour is already underway. They have been busy visiting 23 markets across the country since mid June and they will be in Boston this month! Limited seats available per theater, so if you want your kids to get the chance to attend, buy your tickets now.

Here is the Boston Schedule:

Aug 17: Boston AMC Boston Common 19

Aug 18 : Boston AMC Braintree 10

Aug 19: Boston AMC Liberty Tree 20

Each event runs from 4:00pm – 5:35pm. 100 minutes, that’s it! Parents can accompany their children to the event for free.

minecraft theater

Super League gameplay is a fun mix of builder battle, creative construction, and arena-style mayhem. The finale is an awesome coliseum last-man standing carnage. The top players are shown at the end, highlighted on the Super League leaderboard.

So you’re still not sure about all of this. Watch this video and all your questions will be answered:

[embedded content]
There is no age minimum for the event – the only requirement is that you know how to play Minecraft.

Know before you go:

1. You should come to the theater with your FULLY CHARGED LAPTOP!

2. Come with Minecraft version 1.8 or above already loaded on your computer.

3. Make sure that Minecraft works on your device BEFORE you come to theater.

If there are any questions or your child needs help during the event, the Super League Action Squad is there to help. They will jump right in and help however they can.

Kids will have a blast playing Minecraft with other fans of the game!

Do you want to check it out? Each daily, Summer Tour gameplay event is $20. You can buy your ticket here.

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  1. Janine Huldie

    My older daughter loves Minecraft and would love this if we lived closer.

  2. aimee (@HouseofFaucis)

    What the heck! My daughter would love this! She is addicted to have it on the big screen.

  3. Ai Sakura

    that is so cool!! My nephew will love this since he’s such a huge Minecraft fan!Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Catherine S

    It is way cool. My 18 year od would go nuts. He is always playing Minecraft.

  5. Theresa

    Allison would flip to play at the theater! Looks like a lot of fun for Minecraft fans!

  6. Nicole Lutzy

    The the photo’s of the kids in the post, they look like they are having a blast! My boys would love this too!

  7. toughcookiemommy

    Oh my goodness, our boys are obsessed with Minecraft too. They would lose it if they knew they could play it on a big screen like that.

  8. Liz Mays

    This would be such a cool experience for them. It’s really that they invite parents to come along too.

  9. mummyburgessKay

    My daughter isn’t old enough for Minecraft, but I hear a lot of my students discuss it! I’m sure I will have all this to come! x

  10. Joanne T Ferguson

    How much fun would this be! I have never heard of playing this sort of game in a movie theater!

  11. Theresa

    I know! I hope the craze makes its way to Indiana! My daughter would be the first in line!

  12. Amy G

    OMG. My son would love this. Looks like a blast!

  13. becca112971

    OMg my son would love this. What a cool interactive way for kids to have faun.

  14. indah nuria Savitri

    oooh my…Bo was running to me when I said minecraft while reading this post :)… it’s sooo coool..

  15. Alli

    I can only imagine the thrill of playing in front of that big screen! I’m going to pass this info onto my son.

  16. Jessica Beal Harlow

    I’m completely familiar with a lot of those terms! lol My nephew is always spouting Minecraft! I know he would be ecstatic to go to Summer League Gaming event! Maybe his favorite aunt will come through for him! lol

  17. musingmainiac

    My kids would die! They are huge Minecraft nerds!

  18. Nicole Lutzy

    Oh boy my 2 boys would flip over this! I wish they had this down here in Florida, I would never get them to leave!

  19. Jeanette

    My son is all over Minecraft. He would totally love doing this. We live pretty far away from this and he might be a little young, but I will have to check and see if this is happening where I live.

  20. crystal

    I’m sure it’ll catch on. The kids are going to love this!

  21. Christy Maurer

    That is so cool! Minecraft cracks me up with the zombies lol. I have never played, but I’ve watched the boys I babysit play it.

  22. Jennifer

    Holy moly! My niece and nephew would lose it. They’re addicted to Minecraft.

  23. Christy Maurer

    I have seen people use Minecraft for school lessons too! It does seem to be a craze that is here to stay.

  24. Tammy A (My Life Abundant)

    My son and grandkids would love to do this. What fun!

  25. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I think my kids’ minds would literally be blown if they got to do this. That is so awesome.

  26. Heather

    This is a cool event for all of the minecraft fans.

  27. Ourfamilyworld

    Yup! For Minecraft fans like my kiddos. They’d be so thrilled to play in on a big screen.

  28. littlemisscant

    My kids would be all over this like a dirty shirt… can you just dump them off and leave?

  29. tamaralikecamera

    Ooh, that’s not even that far for me. Scarlet hasn’t discovered Minecraft yet but I can imagine it would be right up her alley.

  30. Jacob Fu

    NICE! I have a lot of friends who would love to do this. I wonder if they’ll have any on this side of the country.

  31. Alicia

    This looks like it’d be awesome for gamers who love Minecraft! I have never heard of this in a theatre before. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  32. Jeanine

    I have two boys who love mine craft. They’d love this. I know nothing about it but seems fun!

  33. milenabarrett

    My boys are big Minecraft fans. This could be trouble! LOL!

  34. Heather

    We know nothing about Mine Craft, but I’m sure my kids will get into it one day. It does sound like a lot of fun for older gamers.

  35. Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

    OMG my son would go INSANE for this! I wonder if they have this where we live? This is like that best thing ever for a Minecraft addict!

  36. Catherine S

    This is such a neat idea. I wish they did this in my area my son would love it.

  37. Planet of the Apels

    OMG my kids would be in Minecraft heaven. Mica loves it. Isaak likes it. Isaak would like to know how to play, but doesn’t. They talk about it all the time.

  38. Anne, Mommy Has to Work

    That is awesome! I wish they had something like that around here.

  39. tiarasandtantrums

    ha! all my kids went though this phase as well. They are a bit past minecraft now though

  40. carissagarabedian

    I love this idea, I have sent an email to them asking them to come to Richmond too, my son would love this! I hope your kids have fun!

  41. Helene Cohen Bludman

    That’s a great idea. I’m sure it’s tons of fun for the kids.

  42. Kathy

    This is awesome! I haven’t played Minecraft yet, but I hear it’s very big out there. My brother plays it all the time, so I’ll have to let him know about this!

  43. Betsy Segars

    So much fun! I wonder if they’re doing anything like this in the Dallas area.

  44. crystal

    That’s so much fun. I know my kids would love to be out there having fun and playing Minecraft.

  45. Lisa Jones acouponaddict

    OMG This Is AWESOME, My Son Is A Big Fan Of Minecraft He Is Going To Go Crazy If They Do This In FL!!!! I Can’t Wait To tell Him.

  46. Julia

    lol, my husband and kids are crazy about minecraft. Love this!

  47. rika

    everybody loves minecraft.. my sister plays this game so much! Glad my kids are still toddler.

  48. Liz Mays

    What a fun way for all the kids to get together to play their favorite game. My nieces and nephews are so into this game.

  49. Amanda

    oh my gosh my kids would go crazy over this! How fn to play with so many other people at once.

  50. Simply Stacie

    Wha????? My daughter will freak out! She’s a huge Minecraft fan. I know she’ll be asking us to go on a trip to Boston.

  51. Patrice M Foster

    My kids would love this bring laptop computer say it’s not so. Fun activities teens will like.

  52. Kelly (@KickingWKelly)

    This is a fantastic way to get my gamers to meet other kids. They are big Minecraft players as well.

  53. kitchnwhisperer

    I know how much kids love this game and what a fabulous time they will have meeting other kids.

  54. Kiwi

    Minecraft must be a serious game! I keep hearing about it but its must be a super big deal where now you can play it in a movie theater?? Innovative!

  55. Amber Edwards

    My kids would flip out over being able to play minecraft in a theater! That would be so much fun for them

  56. Claudette Esterine

    That would sure be fun for those into minecraft!!!

  57. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This is a good idea for kids to enjoy their game and meet new friends. The excitement of having the game on a theater screen adds more to the fun!

  58. Aubrey

    My kids love Minecraft. I bet they would love this.

  59. Angela

    My son would have really enjoyed this when he was younger. Heck, I be he still would!

  60. Shann Eva

    We haven’t entered the video game phase yet, but when we do, I’ll check if they do this near us.

  61. Autumn @Mamachallenge

    That sounds like a lot of fun! My son just discovered Minecraft and I am sure he would really enjoy an event like that.

  62. Karen Coutu

    How cool is this?!! I never knew this existed, nevermind that it was coming to Boston. I’ll have to tell my husband and children about this. All 3 children love Minecraft!

  63. purpledani9

    This is hilarious and pretty neat!

  64. Felicita Moncada

    This is seriously pretty cool! Wish they had these sort of things when I was younger! My son would love this! I hope it comes to my city so he can participate!

  65. Lois Alter Mark

    Wow, I bet kids love this! What a fun idea!

  66. rika

    pretty neat.. i think my son will love Minecraft

  67. Donna

    I heard about this the other day. What an amazing thing for Minecraft players to be able to do!

  68. Seattle Travel Blogger

    This sounds like so much fun! I know a lot of people that would love this.

  69. Christa

    My son would LOVE to do this. I wish we were still in NY then the trip to Boston wouldn’t be that big of a deal! So fun!

  70. prettyopinionated

    My son would love to play Minecrafts. it look like so much fun. i know he would surely love to watch this

  71. CandyO

    WOW!! This is super cool! My son would have a blast!

  72. katehardin

    Very cool and fun for kids. My is not quiet old enough to be into games like Minecarft but if she is anything like me she will be into something like this.

  73. Dawn

    This looks like something my daughter and her friends would like! I wish we had something like this near home.

  74. Carolyn

    My kids are not into this yet. But it looks awesome and you are lucky to have that near where you live.

  75. Ann Bacciaglia

    The little guy i babysit would love this. He is a fanatic for Minecraft.

  76. Tammy Roy

    My kids would love this. I will have to see if we have this in our area.

  77. Pam

    Wow, this is fabulous for all of those people that love minecraft. That would be very cool and a fun way to play that game.

  78. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    I’ve always wondered what it would be like to play a game on a giant screen!

  79. catherine c.

    it was a great movie . my son would surely love this . he’s an minecraft fanatics . getting excited for that movie

  80. Mykidsguide

    This is going to be so fun for the kids. It’s different when you play it on a huge screen.

  81. Elizabeth O.

    It would be nice to just sit down and play the game with fellow gamers! This is really a great idea and it helps people interact with others with the same interest!

  82. Rosey

    Well that would be cool. My son would be all over this, maybe all three of my sons would like it, lol

  83. michelle bowman

    This is great now my son and I have the time for bonding playing minecraft. He will definitely love this. better to mark my calendar and schedule my things before 4 pm onwards.thank for sharing!

  84. lisa @bitesforbabies

    That is seriously cool! My students are crazy over Minecraft and they would LOVE this!

  85. amushro

    OMG! My son would go crazy over this! I need to see if this in our area too!

  86. Wendy

    My friend’s son went and he loved it! He is a avid gamer and loves everything computers. He can’t wait to go again.

  87. Jonathan Key

    My son would love this if we lived closer! How fun!

  88. Jaime

    We have never played Minecraft BUT as a gamer, I would LOVE to play any one of my games in a theatre like this! That’s AWESOME!

  89. Penelope

    I love this, Minecraft is so fun!

  90. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    That sounds like such a fun way for kids to enjoy Minecraft. Definitely fun to share it with other gamers and fans.

  91. yumeating

    Kiddo loves Minecraft and has filled me in over the years on all the terms. She would probably love this if they had it around here.

  92. Paula Schuck

    This is a fantastic idea. I hope it catches on and spreads to other places. My kids would love this.

  93. The Trophy WifeStyle

    I know nothing about minecraft except for every kid over the age of 5 that I know is totally obsessed! So cool that kiddos can now play of the big screen!

  94. michele d

    WOW! The idea of going into a theater and playing Mindcraft is pretty awesome I might say. My son would love doing this.

  95. Penny Struebig

    Oh my goodness — if you were a Minecraft player this would be so fun. Great idea for the movie theater to host something like this. I bet it’s a huge success.

  96. Maria-Teresa A.

    What a fun idea! I’ve never seen this before but I bet my nephews would love this!!! Kinda wishing I had this as a kid…

  97. Melissa Smith

    My oldest two LOVE Mincraft! They would probably spazz if they ever got to do this where we live!

  98. rane25

    I haven’t play this game .. but I’ve heard alot about it! It sure would be awesome to play it on a Large Screen with other Gamers .. really awesome

  99. Erin

    I’m just not cool! I’ve never played Minecraft before and don’t know a lot about it. But that totally sounds like a fun event!

  100. Bismah Abdelgawad

    Looks like so much fun!!! My boys are still too young to get into playing Minecraft. Once they are a little older I am sure they will enjoy it so much.

  101. Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    Oh wow! This looks so much fun, my boys are Minecraft lovers too!

  102. The Pink Caboodle

    Wow! This looks like a fun time with the kids!

  103. 3sonshaveie

    This is great! Wish they had that here because my son would go nuts over this

  104. Boho Chic (@TotallyTerris)

    It would be awesome to play inecraft with other fans of the game. The kids got me interested in this game and i’d really have a blast.

  105. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like it would be fun for any gamer. I know my kids would have love doing this every week when they were younger. I will have to share this with my sister for her son who is a gamer. Thanks for sharing.

  106. toxict15

    What a dream for minecraft fans! So cool

  107. Adrienne

    What a cool way to bring Minecraft lovers together. I’ve still never splayed this game, but I’ve heard so much about it!

  108. Agata @BarkTime

    Wow, this sounds like a fantastic event to attend and I bet older kids would love it!

  109. Debbie Denny

    That is a cool thing to do. Bet it really has lots of people doing this.

  110. Babita

    This sounds like such a cool event. If my girls were crazy about Minecraft, I am sure they would have loved to participate.

  111. vanessa: BriteandBubbly

    My teen used to love Minecraft. This sounds like great fun for kids who love it. What a creative campaign!

  112. LifeAsAConvert

    My kids would have a blast! They love minecraft.

  113. Travel Blogger

    How cool would that be?! Talk about an immersive experience!

  114. katrinagehman

    my oldest daughter loves minecraft, such a fun game.

  115. Jennifer Mercurio (@DoubleDutyMommy)

    wow, that’s so . I have a few friends whos kids are obsessed with Minecraft. I will for sure have to tell them about this event

  116. Shell Feis

    That is SO cool! I hope they do something like that in Vegas soon, my son would love that.

  117. SavvyMomNYC - Ker (@SavvyMomNYC)

    Interesting! I bet it is so much fun to play on the big screen.

  118. kristimaloney

    My boys still play Minecraft on occasion. They would absolutely love this!!

  119. Rorybore

    oh my word….. my two oldest would never leave that theatre. will they order pizza during the event? ha
    and now they have discovered something else called Terraria and I don’t think I will ever get my TV back now.

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